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How 2 Stop State of CA Assets from Causing Discrimination of US Mold-Sick Military Families

Under California Education Code 92000 the University of California’s name, reputation, and assets are owned by the State of California. The Charter of the UC Regents Health Services Committee (HSC) is to protect the UC name, reputation, and other assets from abusive uses.

In the below video, one can see me asking HSC to calendar and vote to stop the UC name from being misused to promote a litigation defense argument, disguised as legitimate science, in the mold issue. I have asked that they do this to protect our military families from fraud, abuse and discrimination in the moldy military housing debacle via the multiple misuses of the UC name by several government-employed and private sector entities and individuals.

I am pleased to report that the Regents appear to be listening.

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Indoor Air Quality Pros & Environmental Physicians Come To The Aid Of US Military Families.

Five days ago, I posted a blog titled “PLEASE CALL Senators TODAY To Save Our Troops’ Families From the FRAUD In The MOLD Issue”. The gist of the blog is that a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Military Matters Foundation (MMF), is leading the charge to cause real and much needed legislative oversight of the Private-Public Venture (PPV) military housing landlords, their contractors, the DOD, and the military physicians.

On November 22nd MMF sent a letter to the 27 senators of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC). They requested that on this coming Tuesday, December 3rd, that the senators publicly ask seven important questions of the U.S. GAO auditor and the DOD leaders — who will be testifying before the SASC.

The basic gist of what the military families want answered, is:

1) why haven’t the senators, DOD, or GAO acted to stop the scientific fraud in the mold issue that began in 2002 and is used extensively by military housing landlords, DOD miseducated military physicians, toxic tort defense attorneys and others as false proof that the moldy military housing allegedly can’t cause brain injuries; and

2) why are the landlords and their contractors still not being mandated to follow industry standards that are purposed to safely maintain and remediate the military housing.

To encourage the senators to ask the key questions on December 3rd, MMF issued a Call To Action/Petition. What they want (and need!) is for the public and those with superior knowledge of the deep seated problems to support their efforts aimed to cause better legislative and DOD oversight of military housing, housing maintenance, and of military physician education.

IAQ Pros & Environmental Physicians Answer the Military Families’ Call To Action!

In 2016, environmental physicians and researchers were key in causing the military housing landlord, Lincoln Military Housing LLC, et.al., to be held accountable for negligent causation of brain injury — via meeting a courtroom standard burden of proof that moldy military housing can indeed cause debilitating cognitive dysfunction.

This weekend, the environmental medicine professionals answered MMF’s Call. They shared MMF’s Petition/Call To Action on their widely-viewed website, Surviving Mold. The environmental medicine professionals strongly support the need for military physicians to be properly educated of how to recognize, diagnose, and treat sick building related illnesses, including debilitating brain injuries.

Also this weekend, indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals answered the Call. MMF’s Call To Action/Petition may be read on the website of IAQ Radio. IAQ Radio is “the voice of the indoor air quality industry”. Over the past thirteen years they have created an extensive audio library of interviews with experts on the subject of the built environment and health. They are strong supporters that those who are maintaining and remediating the military housing be properly trained and made to adhere to the industry standards established by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

So….the answers of how to protect the military families from fraud, waste, and abuse in the military housing debacle are already there. What’s missing are the questions from senators and answers from the GAO and DOD re: who is not providing adequate oversight which enables the fraud to rage on, and why this is being enabled to continue?


Follow the directions on MMF’s website of how YOU can contact the senators of the SASC and encourage them to ask the needed questions; or simply CLICK HERE to sign MMF’s Petition.

Close to 5000 people have already signed! Will YOU join us to help protect the lives of the families of those who risk their lives to protect all of our families? We need your help before the upcoming Tuesday SASC hearing.

The Petition states: Call to Action- a Change.org petition regarding Military Housing by The Military Matters Foundation

Military bases must remove mold by IICRC S520 standard and licensed professionals

Updated November 26, 2019


Military Matters Foundation
Nov 26, 2019 —

United States military members and their families are being made direly ill from their contaminated military housing. Adding devastating insult to injury, they are not getting medical help from the military physicians that they need in order to recover.

On November 22, 2019 we sent a letter to the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee members asking for clarification of why military physicians are not being properly trained to treat military personnel and their families’ disabilities caused by substandard military housing; and why no one appears to be moving to correct this problem. Reuters has deemed it an “Ambushed at Home”.

We only have a few days before the next U.S. Senate Hearing on December 3rd regarding this problem that is devastating military families and weakening the strength of our military.

Please help us flood Armed Services Committee senators with calls and emails in support of the need for questions to be asked of why military physicians are not being trained how to diagnose, treat, and cure the military-housing-caused illnesses.

Will you make a phone call or send an email to senators to make this nightmare of insult to already devastating injury for our military families end?

It’s easy to do. Takes no time at all. Just open this link to https://www.themilitarymatters.com/ and follow the directions.

Thank you. Military Matters Foundation Team

Please CLICK HERE to sign it!

Thank you,
Sharon Kramer

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PLEASE CALL Senators TODAY To Save Our Troops’ Families From the FRAUD In The MOLD Issue

NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

Military Matters Foundation (MMF) is asking for your voice to protect the families of those who give their lives to protect all of our families. They are asking that over the next three days you contact U.S. senators in support of the need for military physicians to be trained to know how to recognize, diagnose and treat sick-housing caused illnesses.

mmf logo

Military families are becoming gravely ill from their contaminated military housing. They are being retaliated against and ridiculed when they complain. Military doctors are not being trained how to treat them, which causes them to become even sicker.

Their requests for insurance-covered referrals to environmental and functional medicine physicians, who do know how to treat the sick-housing-caused-illnesses, are being denied. This is leaving the injured families to have to pay from their own pockets for needed medical care. Most cannot afford it.

Reuters is calling the multi-billion-dollar fraud, designed for profiting from the squalid military housing conditions, an “Ambush at Home” for our service members and their children.

On December 3rd the Senate Arms Services Committee (SASC) is holding a hearing. They are going to ask military leaders of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor questions of why and how the fraud in the contaminated military housing debacle grew to be so large that it is now crippling troop readiness; and what is being done to correct it.

No senator questions or oversight of the role the mis-training of military physicians plays in enabling the Ambush to continue????

The senators do not appear to be intending to ask any questions of what role the DOD has played via miseducating military doctors with scientific fraud. There is much fraud that has been sold to military doctors as legimitate science. It claims to prove that the military housing cannot cause the debilitating symptoms that the families report, including but not limited to brain injuries.

MMF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. They network with other military advocacy organizations to help the military families who are greatly suffering from the ongoing fraud in military housing maintenance and in military health care.

They sent a letter on November 22nd to all the SASC senators “RE: Ongoing harm to military families caused by lack of oversight of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI)”.

They stated that the military families want the senators to ask the DOD and GAO seven questions. To quote:

Toward achieving the goals of providing safe military housing, needed medical care for military personnel and their families, and for the future strength of the United States military; on December 3rd, please ask Ms. Field [of the GAO] and the military leaders the following:

1. What is the Department of Defense doing to ensure that those responsible for writing military health policies are issuing directives that aid providers in recognizing, diagnosing and treating the various forms of environmental illness associated with sick buildings?

2. Who is ultimately responsible to ensure that military providers are appropriately educated and trained and are subsequently able to perform the proper diagnostic workup on patients with signs and symptoms indicative of environmental illness resultant from exposures in negligently built and maintained military housing?

3. What is currently being done to ensure that military providers are knowledgeable about the scientifically proven ability of Mold to cause debilitating cognitive and neurological injuries?

4. Some military physicians are acknowledging that they do not know how to treat the building related illnesses. They are writing medically necessary referrals to Mold-literate environmental physicians. But their referrals are being denied by MTF commands, despite the fact that TriCare is approving and agreeing to pay for the services. Why are the referrals being denied?

5. Who is ordering the commanders at the MTFs to deny referrals?

6. What is being done to ensure that the cost of medically necessary care, resultant from exposures to negligently built and maintained military housing, is subrogated to the PPV landlords and/or their property casualty insurers?

7. Will a military housing registry, similar to the lead registry, be developed and implemented to track the health issues that have arisen from exposures to Mold, toxic water, asbestos, radon, and soil contamination?

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We strongly believe this requires your urgent attention as it is only continuing to get worse and the health of our military members must be a priority.”

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. They need YOUR VOICE to help to assure that the senators ask these questions. MMF and the military families are asking for the public to call and email SASC senator-members over the next three days (Nov 25th – 27th) and,

“Say your name, the state you are calling from, and if applicable on which base you reside. Then say: I am calling in support of the need for Senator X to ask the GAO and military leaders the questions that were suggested by Military Matters Foundation. Thank you”.

If you email, please cut and paste the following and send it to the senator’s staffers’ email addresses which are provided on MMF’s website.

Subject line: I support the need to ask questions about military physician education

Dear Senator X,

On December 3rd, please ask Ms. Field of the GAO and the leaders of the military, the seven questions that were suggested to you by Military Matters Foundation. Our troops deserve to have their families receive proper medical care that is needed because of the lack of oversight of the private-public-venture (PPV) military housing landlords and their contractors.

Thank you,
and Base (if applicable).

It is simple to do and takes no time at all!  The letter they sent, the senators’ phone numbers and email addresses are provided on the MMF website with their CALL TO ACTION.

One may also find the senate contact info HERE.

If one has questions, they can contact MMF through their website or at this email address: helpmilitaryfamiliesnow@gmail.com 

Follow Military Matters Foundation on Facebook @militarymatters2


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How many U.S. senators does it take to stop the lies about the health effects of mold? Military families want answers.


A little over a year ago, reporters from Reuters began investigating and writing of the lead problems in the private-public venture (PPV) military housing at bases across the country. To their surprise, it wasn’t so much the lead in the housing that concerned the most families. It was the mold and the retaliation experienced when the families complained of being sickened from the moldy military housing. One may read the series of Reuters articles at the link “Ambushed at Home”.

With the media spotlight once again shining on legislative lack of effective oversight of a government agency (this time it’s the Department of Defense and the DOD’s lack of oversight of the private sector military housing landlords and their contractors) the good senators jumped on the opportunity to hold public hearings about the problem. Some have professed to be utterly shocked to learn how bad the problem really is and have vowed to work with the DOD to provide better oversight to correct it. One may watch their public hearings on the subject HERE and HERE.

What they also did was direct the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to investigate where the problems with the landlords and the services provided could be stopped by better oversight of and by the DOD. The GAO report is soon to be publicly released. The Senate Arms Services Committee is scheduled to hold yet another public hearing on the matter on December 3, 2019.

They have titled the upcoming hearing “Government Accountability Office on Privatized Housing Findings to Include Responses from the Military Services on Ongoing Reports of Substandard Housing Conditions and Services”. Those scheduled to testify and to answer the senators’ questions are Ms. Elizabeth Field of the GAO and several leaders of the United States military. One may view the Dec 3rd meeting agenda HERE.

It is highly unlikely at best, that the senators have no idea about the deeply seated lies of the health effects of mold; and how this big lie has been harming the military families and thousands of others for many years.

Anyone who has been involved in the mold issue for very long, knows that it is not plausible that the good senators are just now becoming aware of the problems caused by indoor mold and the fraud in the military housing issue. I have been making trips to DC since 2004 to ask the good senators to stop the fraud in the mold issue. Several others, such as the late Mary Mulvey Jacobson, have been going to DC seeking help to stop it even longer than I have.

My departed friend, Mary, was a fine Irish woman from Boston. In 2006, she and I got close to shutting down the science fraud in the mold issue by causing a GAO audit to be ordered by the late Senator Edward Kennedy. At the time he was ranking member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee (Senate HELP). That final 2008 GAO audit report was titled “Indoor Mold: Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts” One may read it HERE.

Unfortunately, in February of 2007, the follow key element was deleted from the original scope of the GAO audit leaving no one to be held accountable for promulgating standards based on scientific fraud penned by old tobacco scientists with close ties to the CDC, USDOJ, DOD, EPA and prestigious universities throughout the country:

What medical and scientific standards are used in determining the admissibility of evidence of both acute and persistent health consequences resulting from exposure to mold? Which individuals and organizations have promulgated these standards and what, if any, conflicts of interest exist regarding these standards?

This is what has largely caused several of the old tobacco scientists (who morphed into mold experts and high-paid mold litigation expert defense witnesses in the early 2000s) to continue to be enabled to influence federally-backed educational materials that are used to set policies and physician educational materials to this very day. (See 2007 WSJ article about who has been setting the policies based on junk science since 2002 that is used to deny liability for causation of disabilities and deaths from water damaged buildings.)

And so here we are in 2019, eleven years after the last GAO audit report issued of how the federal government mishandles the mold issue, asking the good senators and the GAO again to shut down the fraud and conflicts of interest in the issue, once and for all.

Sadly, early evidence indicates that, once again, the good senators will not stop the miseducation of military physicians. As a result the December 3rd hearing is most likely going to be just another useless taxpayer funded, dog and pony show – where questions which direly need to be asked and answered about the ongoing fraud on the medical side of the mold issue, will not even be asked.

The writing appears to be on the wall.  Ms. Field told me in March of this year that the scope of the current GAO audit does not include examining problems in the military physicians’ education.  As such, they are going to make the same mistakes they have been making for nearly twenty years.  I.e. myopically promote the false concept that all which needs to be done by the United States government is to cause the clean up of the PPV military housing with no questions asked of the life time of illnesses and disabilities that several of the military families will continue to experience forever — from lack of needed medical care.

The military families across the country have the help and support of many of us who have tried to stop the fraud in the mold issue for a long time. They see that us old timers are telling them the truth about the fraud on a daily basis; and they see the impact it is having on their sick families’ lives. They know what questions the good senators need to ask of the GAO and DOD leaders to really shut down the fraud in the PPV military housing disaster; particularly in relation to disabilities caused by mold.

The families are fed up with not being able to obtain proper medical care from the mis-trained military physicians – which helps the PPV landlords, their insurers, and the DOD avoid liability for causation of the families’ building-related environmental illnesses, disabilities and deaths.

Toward the goal of causing the good senators to cause the DOD to shut down the fraud in the military physician education, several individual military housing advocacy groups have put out surveys and/or are making plans to show up in force in DC on the 3rd.

Military Matters Foundation, whose co-founder spoke before the Arms Committee in February of this year, wants the military families to report via survey if they are satisfied with the assistance they have thus far received from their elected U.S. senators; so the senators may understand why the families are still being hurt and the issue direly needs more of their attention.

The Belvoir Housing Advocacy Group out of Virginia in conjunction with Advocates for Healthy Housing out of Mississippi, want the families to report via survey of the diverse and severe symptoms they have experienced after moving into the negligently maintained military housing.

Operation Mission Ready (whose founder won a federal lawsuit by jury trial in 2016 against a PPV landlord for negligent causation of brain injury from moldy military housing) is encouraging all military families who will be attending the Dec 3rd hearing to wear red –as a display of how many are seeing red from the ongoing mistreatment of the military families and the lack of effective legislative oversight which causes it to continue.

Military Housing Advocacy Network, which was instrumental in causing Reuters to begin to write of the lead problem in the PPV housing last year, is still instrumental in helping to cause and shed light on the need for change. Their membership is growing daily.

There are various other groups and individuals who advocate for the military families on local levels at individual military bases. Some also advocate for the health and safety of troops living in substandard barracks (which has nothing to do with the PPV landlords’ negligence. Barrack maintenance and needed health care for barrack-dwellers is overseen by DOD agencies directly)

So…the point of this blog is this: If you are someone who cares about the health and safety of our troops and their families, please call your U.S. senator and tell them to stop avoiding the old elephant in the room; and start asking the GAO and DOD questions about the dishonest litigation defense arguments written into U.S. health policies, practices and physician educational materials.

It is long past time for our nation’s leaders to really provide oversight of this matter and make all of the fraud in the mold issue and the PPV military housing disaster, cease.

Sharon Noonan Kramer

P.S. If one wants to understand how I know so much about the systematic instillation of scientific fraud in physician education and policies over mold-induced illnesses; and how I know that the way it continues is far worse than merely lack of U.S. senators’ oversight; please read the April 2019 Health Impact News article “One Woman’s Relentless Pursuit of the Truth as a Toxic Mold Whistle-blower“.

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