Justice Judith McConnell grow a conscience. People are dying from your fraud upon your court.

November 11, 2015

Mailed to:

Presiding Justice Judith McConnell – PERSONALLY

Re: Recall and rescind the Veritox, Inc. SLAPP suit remittiturs of your own accord.  People are dying from your decade of fraud upon your court. I am not going to stop asking until you agree stop the deaths by admitting your fraud upon the court – or someone makes you admit it.

Justice McConnell,

Thank you for directing your clerks to put it into writing on November 9, 2015, that you again refuse to stop the deadly and discriminatory harm to thousands of Americans. The harm is caused, not by your court, but by you as an officer of the court case-fixing SLAPP suits purposed toward aiding a massive insurer fraud scam (the Veritox Theory[1]) to continue in courts and claims handling practices all across the nation.

The reply letter I received came from a clerk in the 4th/1st.[2]  However, as you know, the letter I sent on October 30, 2015 (with the attached evidence of material court document falsifications in SLAPP and resultant deadly discrimination of the environmentally disabled) was not addressed to the court.  It was addressed and sent to you, personally, requesting that you “grow a conscience”.[3]

As you know, it is a felony under California Penal Code 134 to falsify and conceal falsification of court documents. As you know, jurists such as yourself who conceal falsified court documents while their courts have no subject matter jurisdiction and/or are acting in an administrative capacities, also have no judicial immunity from prosecution for the criminal acts to defraud.

With your repeated refusals (dodging) to acknowledge your personal concealment of known falsified court documents, are you saying that:

1. you believe yourself, Justices Patricia Benke, Richard Huffman, Cynthia Aaron, Alex MacDonald, Joann Irrion and several San Diego Superior Court judges to be above the law when collusively working to manufacture and conceal falsified court documents in SLAPP?

2. you believe you and your jurist peers are too big to jail for aiding a multi-billion dollar insurer fraud scam by fraud upon your courts?

3. you are a willing participant in the massive insurer fraud scam founded upon a scientific fraud (Veritox Theory)?

4. you believe because Mr. Bruce Kelman, Mr. Brian Hardin and their corporation, Veritox, Inc. are toxic tort expert defense witnesses for the United States Department of Justice that they, too, are above the law when committing criminal acts as plaintiffs in the California courts?

5. you do not care that your criminal acts over the past decade have aided to harm, devastate and shorten the lives of thousands?

What are you saying with your repeated refusals and dodges to follow the law to stop the deadly harm to Americans; and to stop the relentless retaliation of me under the color of law for exposing it? What gives you the legal right to continue to refuse to recall and rescind remittiturs when the evidence is clear you are covering up court document falsifications in SLAPP[4] which aids a massive, deadly and discriminatory insurer fraud scam to continue?

Attached hereto again is the voluminous evidence of the discrimination of the environmentally disabled and dying that you have caused and continue to cause by your unrepentant case-fixing.  In relevant parts of the again attached exhibit, the following is accurately stated and clearly evidenced as true:

(Page 26) “As a mere example of what the Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal (4th/1st) justices knew they were aiding to continue by concealing Mr. Kelman’s perjury and multiple court document falsifications in SLAPPs, is my January 2010 Reply to the 4th/1st Query.[93] It states,

When this Reviewing Court acknowledges what legally cannot be denied: Kramer’s overwhelming, uncontroverted and irrefutable evidence that seven judges and justices ignored Kramer’s overwhelming, uncontroverted and irrefutable evidence of Kelman’s perjury on the issue of malice and ignored Kramer’s vast evidence of Scheuer’s willful suborning of Kelman’s criminal perjury; then seven years-worth of scientific fraud perpetrated on US Courts over the mold issue by the US Chamber of Commerce et al, will immediately cease by the acknowledgment that their author of their scientific fraud has no qualms about lying under oath to the courts and strategically litigating..”

In the process of case-fixing SLAPP for mass insurer fraud while causing discrimination of the environmentally disabled, they also egregiously violated federal law and my civil rights to lawfully advocate for the environmentally disabled without criminal retaliation by compromised court officers and their clerks, aiding corporate fraudsters and their attorney. [94]”


(Page 27) “Additionally, as a result of California court officers collusively fixing the first SLAPP suit and their clerks falsifying multiple court documents and electronic case records, Mr. Kelman and Mr. Scheuer began recording tens of thousands of dollars of fraudulent liens against my property in 2009 by use of a 2008 court-issued fraudulent abstract of judgment. The abstract shows a date of judgement entry of September 24, 2008. This is not possible and there is no notice of entry of judgement for that date. [95] [96]

The faces of the abstract and resultant lien from the first SLAPP provide direct evidence that interest miraculously (and criminally) accrues from a date before costs were submitted by Mr. Scheuer on October 14, 2008. The abstract and lien differ from the face of the equally fraudulent void judgement, which shows a date of entry of judgment as December 18, 2008. There is no notice of entry of judgement dated December 18, 2008, because it did not happen. The judgment document from the first SLAPP is a fraud.


(Page 32) “Their fearless crimes with no concern of being held accountable appears to be justified “I am above the law” mentalities. From 2010 to 2013, leading California justices (who oversee cases in the 4th/1st and who fixed their appellate opinions beginning in 2006 while suppressing the evidence of Mr. Kelman’s perjury and falsification of multiple court documents) repeatedly refused to recall the remittiturs and vacate the void judgements in both SLAPP suits. [104]

To date, no one in government will punish the gang of black-robed hooligans who operate out of San Diego and whose ring-leaders have basically run the California judicial branch (into the ground) for years.[105] [106] [107] [108] [109] This, while the Veritox Theory has played on to harm thousands directly as a result of years of criminal acts in the San Diego, California courts.”


(Page 35)  “When I tried to stop the harassment and stop the damages on my own, I insisted in 2013 that 4th/1st Appellate Court Presiding Justice McConnell prove her court’s subject matter jurisdiction before I would file an opening appellate brief.  She simply ignored the evidence that her court’s jurisdiction had been challenged in the second SLAPP. Justice Patricia Benke simultaneously refused to recall the fraudulent remittitur and vacate the void judgment from the first SLAPP. That void judgment was the document McConnell was relying upon to feign jurisdiction in the second SLAPP. While suppressing the direct evidence that her court did not have subject matter jurisdiction, and thus I could not file an opening brief until she proved it did, she chose instead to simply issue a third fraudulent remittitur from her court dismissing the case, coram non judice.[129]

It was shortly after this that Judge Robert Dahlquist issued the thinly veiled threat in March 2013 that should I motion again for the falsified court documents/remittiturs/judgments to be vacated, Mr. Scheuer’s motions to have me deemed a ‘vexatious litigant’ would stand a good chance of being granted, coram non judice. I got the message loud and clear. Scheuer’s 2013 vexatious motion was denied ‘without prejudice’. [See fn 103]”


(Page 38) “In July of 2012, Judge Thomas Nugent issued a void permanent injunction to cast doubt that I was telling the truth of the case-fixings purposed to fleecing the public with the Veritox Theory. Making it appear that I was lawfully found guilty of libel and that my 2005 writing was maliciously false; Judge Nugent bestowed upon me a distinction that I believe makes me one-of-a-kind.

I am most likely the only United States citizen to have a void permanent injunction, issued from a court with no subject matter jurisdiction, to never republish a sentence that I never published in the first place. Lawfully published here is the sentence for which I am ‘permanently enjoined’ to never ‘republish’ by a judge whose court had no subject matter jurisdiction because he knowingly used a prior void judgment to feign his court’s jurisdiction:

‘Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand’ while he testified as a witness in an Oregon trial.’ [130]”


(Page 42) “Corroborated by evidence, Mr. Kelman, Veritox and their attorney Mr. Scheuer, clearly possess ‘Toxic Clout’ [142] making them ‘too big to jail’ by the USDOJ [143] for criminal acts in SLAPP to defraud the public.

This appears to be because of all of the fearless California jurists and other public servants who would need to be jailed alongside them for the case-fixing and cover-up by criminal means [144] – or – because the USDOJ uses the Veritox Theory to defeat liability for WDB disabilities of federal employees and THEIR families.

From 2004 to date, the USDOJ has hired Veritox, Inc. as expert witnesses multiple times reportedly paying them nearly $1,000.000.00.[145] The Veritox Theory has been repeatedly used by USDOJ attorneys to defeat claims of federal liability caused by negligent maintenance of WDB military housing and various federal buildings. [146] [147]

Under new leadership, the USDOJ claims to be holding corporate fraudsters personally accountable for harming the United States public by unlawful and criminal acts. [See fn 144] They claim to be cracking down on discriminatory acts by government employees in local jurisdictions who violate civil rights. [148]

Yet the USDOJ’s promises of renewed ethics, of holding corporate fraudsters accountable, and of stopping civil rights violations by government employees, ring hollow. The promises of prosecution for collusive criminal acts appear not to apply when the USDOJ has an ugly stake in the game.

On August 7, 2015, a letter was sent to me from the office of the USDOJ Attorney Southern District of California refusing to prosecute for the collusive fraud upon the court in the SLAPP suits causing mass discrimination of [water-damaged-building] WDB-disabled on behalf of WDB-stakeholders, including the United States government; while violating my right to advocate for the WDB-disabled. [149]”


(Page 56) Self-evident that scientists and physicians being forced to pay much money to be board certified by ‘nonprofit’ medical boards is clearly not ‘a reliable indicator of proficiency’; or that required periodic re-certification will aid to ‘demonstrate command of a body of knowledge that is essential to current professional practice’; the [October 2015 Environmental Health Perspectives] EHP “Standards of Knowledge…”  was co-authored by Mr. Kelman.

In addition to being a long-term and prolific toxic tort defense expert witness, a creator of the greatly flawed and widely mass-marketed LNT Veritox Theory, a paid-for-hire science fraud author for industry lobbyists, a hired gun of insurers and the USDOJ, and a criminal perjurer & recorder of fraudulent liens in California courts — all for the purpose of profitably abusing the science of toxicology to discriminate against the environmentally disabled – he is also a Diplomat and board member of the “nonprofit” accrediting board, [American Board of Toxicology] ABT.[184] Thus, a criminal is writing the standards for toxicological practices in the United States. Why?

Criminal Kelman’s two co-authors for the EHP ‘Standards of Knowledge..’ are an employee of the DOD and an employee of a pharmaceutical company. [See fn 184] Thus, a criminal is writing the standards for toxicological practices in the United States with a United States federal employee. Why?


(Page 66) “Life has certainly been no walk in the park for the past ten years, because I dared to expose how the LNT Veritox Theory of Mr. Kelman’s and Mr. Hardin’s was mass-marketed into policy and courts by compromised “nonprofit” medical associations; along with the building-related stakeholder industries, government agencies, and PAC-funded-politicians for whom the ‘learned medical bodies’ shill.[203]

Under the color of law, I have been systematically character assassinated, driven into poverty, had my career ruined by falsely being deemed someone who lies, jailed, bodily harmed, cyberstalked, given a false criminal FBI record, have tens of thousands of dollars of false liens recorded against my property, and permanently enjoined by a court with no subject matter jurisdiction to never republish a sentence I never published in the first place. It was all to make me appear to be a liar and a lunatic for exposing how a massive fraud, the Veritox Theory, was mass-marketed to discriminate against the WDB environmentally disabled, and it has been covered-up by corruption of leading judicial officers in the California courts — for the sake of the all mighty dollar.

Until Justice Judith McConnell Presiding Justice of the California Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal grows a conscience and recalls the three fraudulent remittiturs from the SLAPP suits brought by Mr. Kelman and Veritox, purposed to try to silence me of the massive damaged done by use and proliferation of the Veritox Theory, Mr. Kelman and the ilks of Veritox will continue to generate income from selling the false concept that it is proven [chronic inflammatory response from wdb contaminants] CIRS-WDB and [environmental intolerances] EI are only figments of people’s imaginations. The broken bodies and broken lives will continue to pile up in the wake of Mr. Kelman not being punished as a criminal when a plaintiff in SLAPP.”

At 3 o’clock on Saturday, November 14, 2015, I am giving a presentation at a medico-legal conference “State Of The Art In Mold, Wet Buildings & CIRS”. The gist is of how your decade of fraud upon your court continues to injure, disable and kill many U.S. citizens by your aiding and abetting the proliferation and usage of the Veritox Theory (aka the heart of a deadly insurer fraud scam);  and of how no one in government will punish you for your criminal role — to stop the deadly scam.

For a mere $99, Justice McConnell, you can listen to my presentation live at the following link: http://survivingmold.cleeng.com/state-of-the-art-in-mold-wet-buildings-cirs-sponsored-by-crbai/E651731905_US

This letter to you, personally, may be read online at Katy’s Exposure Blog with links to corroborating evidence under the titled, “Justice Judith McConnell grow a conscience. People are dying from your fraud upon the court.”  Short link: http://wp.me/plYPz-3Yq

See Katy’s Exposure blog, “American College of Medical Toxicology, Choose Wisely to Sunset Your Mold Statement”, for (some of) who else knows within government that your acts over this matter are demonstrative of a severely compromised California Justice.  Short link: http://wp.me/plYPz-3VW

You are tax-payer-funded to be a public servant.  Yet, it there was ever a compettion of Judith McConnell and Bruce Kelman vs. Bill Cosby for predatory narcisists’ ability to feign respectablity; I feel certain that you and Mr. Kelman would win, hands down.

Recall and rescind the fraudulent remittiturs from Veritox’s SLAPP suits against me and cause the void judgment to be vacated.  By law, there is no statute of limitations on the recalls and rescissions. Thus, there is no legal excuse for you to avoid admitting that you have acted as a menace to the exact society that you are paid to serve — in the capacity of a compromised California Justice who has practiced politics – not law – from your bench.

Please grow a conscience and recall/rescind the remittiturs.  People are dying from your fraud upon the court when fixing Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation and trying to cover it up by a decade of criminal means.


                                                                                            Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer


Your latest refusal to follow the law (while abusing your court to do your bidding, yet again) dated November 9, 2015

My letter to you, personally, dated October 29, 2015 with the direct evidence that you know you are concealing the criminal origins and usages of void judgments in SLAPP.

Letter to the American College of Medical Toxicology that was enclosed in my 10.29.15 letter to you showing you know how many people are being disabled and discriminated against directly because of your case-fixing SLAPP suits in furtherance of a massive insurer fraud scam – the Veritox Theory.


[1] Veritox Theory – a flawed risk assessment model that has been mass marketed by “nonprofits” as current accepted science in furtherance of insurer fraud –the mainstay of the defense in mold litigation since 2002
[2] Nov 9, 2015 letter from 4th/1st  Court shielding Justice Judith Judith McConnell from having to personally answer for her personal fraud upon the court in SLAPP to defraud the United States public.
[3] October 29, 2015 letter addressed to Justice Judith McConnell with direct evidence of her concealment of void SLAPP judgments purposed toward aiding the continuance of a deadly insurer fraud scam (the Veritox Theory).
[4] Yellow post-it court notice attached to the 2008 falsified judgment in the matter of Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc., vs Sharon Kramer, North San Diego Superior Court GIN044539, mailed from the court in January 2009.  Note the file stamp meaning this was provided as evidence to the 4th/1st Court of Appeal. The appellate justices concealed the Penal Code 134 violations by clerks of the court. Mr. Kelman and his attorney, Mr. Scheuer, then proceeded  to use the fraudulent court document as the sole foundational document to a second SLAPP trying to silence me of California case-fixing purporsed toward profitable insurer fraud, nationwide. (GlobalTox is now Veritox, Inc.)


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