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How Riverstone Residential gets Litigation Dismissed – False Documents

This work order was made to fit the dates that Riverstone Residential prefers. Even if this leak had been repaired on the date they show it would have been a week and a half later than when they were first notified. They should have at least made one to show the repair work done on the date reported! Just a suggestion for future litigation.

We notified them of the leak “raining” down into the living room from the upstairs bath on April 6th. On April 20th I called the office because they still had not come to repair it. A few hours later when they still had not come we contacted them again. The head maintenance man then came to the apartment along with another maintenance employee who mentioned this is where a previous leak had been and we now know from maintenance records there have been leaks for years. Mr. Oby (the head of maintenance) asked if we had a document stating they had been to our apartment on April 15th. We had no such document because no one came that day and even if they had what was the point because there was no repair work. They cut a hole in the ceiling and the smell from mold was horrible. My daughter left with the baby the next morning when they came back to finish and I stayed in the other bedroom having become suddenly ill.

This leak was not the cause of a little mold growth in that apartment. It had been growing for years. This just confirmed the extensive mold problem along with the smells we noticed before and the mold growth that had started covering the vents. Yet a motion for summary judgment was granted and I was told by my attorney that the attorney for riverstone told the judge (who according to our attorney said he did not even read everything we submitted to him) that one could leave a wet wash cloth on the floor and mold would start to grow. Whatever.

We have a witness this work was done on April 20th & 21st.

Depositions from Mr. Oby and Connie Cambell the manager show they can’t get their dates straight.

More to come.

2 Responses to Other Documents – Records – etc.

  1. mike rudt says:

    riverstone residential falsely charged me on move out. I have video documentation and will file on them in small claims court in modesto ca. They do not discriminate, they do it to everybody.

  2. Mobatti says:

    They do the same in CALIFORNIA………I wish we could gwet a lawyer for a class action law suit….

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