Mold Inspection Reports

2007 Mold Inspection Report – Jefferson Lakes Apts – Riverstone Residential – Louisiana Housing Finance Agency

This Mold Inspection Report was performed during the time this complex was involved in a sale with the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency.

My report (which will be posted soon) was done in 2005.

In March of 2008 a motion for summary judgement was granted to Riverstone Residential because the Judge said we did not show that management knew or should have known of this mold infestation that has been growing in these buildings for years.  More on the history of these buildings and why they are so infeseted with years of mold growth to come.  

The Judge’s wife is the Commissioner of Administration and on the State Bond Commission that in 2007 approved the sale of this complex.

My attorney had knowledge and a copy of this report.  Not that we needed more proof that they had been hiding this for years and still are, but he did not mention this report in court or to me.  Everything has been manipulated (illegally) to keep this from even going to court.  

The supoena for records from the company who did this report was for records from 2005 and three years previous to see when they had tested there before but they sent 2005 and years after. This was the same case with Guarantee Systems, they sent assorted records for 2004 and after.  They have done an unbelievable amount of air and dryer duct cleaning at the complex and this too was done specifically to not provide certain information. 

I posted another instance of manipulation with an affidavit – yes – by my attorney – to avoid providing certain records and will repost it here. 

I will post my repeated questions to my attorney as to why we do not have records for the right years along with his obvious and total avoidance to acknowledge the question or respond.   

To find out that your basic rights can be abused by others and then abused again and then denied by the justice system and your own attorney – and all this after being exposed to that mold infested and toxic apartment (especially with a baby) is almost too much to comprehend.

This cannot just go away.  katy 

This is one part of the report.

These pages show apartments that were visually inspected for mold and the results. 49 out of just the 76 that were actually inspected show VISUAL MOLD in the HVAC system!

Riverstone Residential, after knowing of my 2005 report documenting MOLD denies that they know of mold. And they continue to say there are no reports of mold.

I called the The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency in 2008 and told them of my 2005 IAQ – Microbial – Fungal Report. I did not know this 2007 report was in existence at the time I called. The person I spoke with said they would certainly be concerned about a problem like this. He wanted me to send a copy of my report but I believe they are supposed to investigate reports or complaints without a very expensive professional report which most people making a complaint would not have.

I find it hard to believe that this 2007 report was not known since all were involved in a transaction with this complex.


2007 Mold Inspection Report – More Pages – Jefferson Lakes Apts – Riverstone Residential – Louisiana Housing Finance Agency

This test was conducted in order to facilitate the identification of possible biological agents present on interior surfaces at Jefferson Lakes Apartments 12400 Jefferson Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA. 70816.

These pages from the report contain the type of testing that was done in 6 apartments in the Phase 3 buildings along with the results and recommendations.

The results show HIGH levels (in 3 of the 6 and low to medium in 1) of apparent microbial growth which is not consistent with naturally occurring conditions.

Again, as in the 49 units of the 76 inspected in Phase 1 & 2 that have mold in the HVAC system these do too. Also included are the recommendations of the visual inspection of apartments in phase 1 & 2 buildings that were posted earlier.

Riverstone Residential, after knowing of my 2005 report documenting MOLD continues to deny they know of mold and continues to say no one reports mold!

I called the The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency and told them of my 2005 IAQ – Microbial – Fungal Report. I did not know about this 2007 report when I called and it is hard to believe they did not know about it since they were involved in the sale of this complex when the report was done. The person I spoke with said they would certainly be concerned about a problem like this. He wanted me to send a copy of my report but I believe they are supposed to investigate reports or complaints without a very expensive professional report which most people making a complaint would not have.

People are living there now.

Years of mold growth has resulted in high levels of poisons.

They still allow people to move in even with documented evidence of the TOXIC ENVIRONMENT including INFANTS and CHILDREN.




Apartment Management orders 24 hour air test for mold instead of 5 day so accurate mold levels will not show up

I am posting the information about the type of testing for mold management finally had done in the apartment we were leasing.  This was after they tried to get by with telling us Guarantee Systems (a duct and carpet cleaning company that was at that time cleaning HVAC ducts and dryer vents frequently) would come in and test and clean in an afternoon).  Thirty minutes before they came to do mold testing, Ralph Oby (head maintenance) pounded on our door and shouted “You don’t know who owns this place do you?” 

Notice at bottom of the last page – ***Contract was signed with sample costs equal to $50.00/sample for 5 day lab T/A.  However, Ralph/Connie requested 24-hour lab T/A and new pricing ($87.00/sample) was verbally accepted and agreed on 5/10/05.   A 24 hour air test will usually not show mold – it needs at least 48 hours. 

Notice they did not opt for the visual inspection and photo documentation because it looked like this – photos of mold in apt – and they knew it. 

More information will be posted to show they knew (or should have known of these conditions) – my Microbial | Fungal | IAQ Report (and see court documents – Affidavit – Plaintiff’s 2005 Microbial-IAQ-Fungal Report – Envirotest, Inc – Jefferson Lakes Apts), maintenance records showing years of leaks in the apartment, and the unusual amount of duct and dryer vent cleanings.  Our unethical attorney subpoenaed records from the testing company management used (also the same company that did the testing for units in the complex in 2007) for 3 years previous to the time we were there but records for after that time were sent and this was not corrected.  The fact that this was not the only action on his part to NOT get evidence (see – court documents – Plaintiff’s Attorney Subpoenas wrong Company – No Evidence and Riverstone Residential’s Motion for Summary Judgment – Judge Timothy Kelly – 19th Judicial Court – Baton Rouge, LA) makes it seem there could be other testing done by this company before we were there especially since the employee that did the testing told me he had been to this complex before.  He also took a piece of the wet ceiling and told the maintenance man that there was mold (although this was not the beginning of mold growth – it had been spreading for years).  Unfortunately though, records from 2005 and after included the shocking 2007 reports!  

More to come on the unethical actions by our attorney which are affecting our rights to justice in court.

And now Riverstone Residential is claiming I am harming THEM!  I am posting DOCUMENTED FACTS and they are trying to get away with poisoning us and others and are UPSET that some may choose not to be exposed to toxins!  They forgot to include mold testing reports in their actions seeking to prevent me from posting this information.

I wish we had known about the EXTENSIVE mold growth in these apartments before we spent four horrible months there.  We would have passed.  The high doses of toxins will affect our health for the rest of our lives.          


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  2. kevin lang says:

    Very interesting site that makes me aware that these issues are a worldwide problem.I am an asbestos removal contractor in New Zealand and we have a major leaky building problem here.This makes me wonder when the appropriate authorities here are going to realise about the ongoing problems relating to toxic mold and associated adverse effects on health.I have often noticed that what happens in america normally after a short period of time,tends to happen here.The only difference would be the difference in law concerning liability and government.The whitewash has already begun unfortunately. cheers k m lang

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