CA Atty General Becerra Abets Criminal Cover Up of CDC’s Scientific Frauds in the Mold Issue – See Video

This video is of poor quality because I had to travel to the CA Supreme Court, sit in a room with a court clerk and a deputy sheriff, and record what I could with my cell phone.

The video is clips from the February 9, 2017 confirmation of San Diego Superior Court Judge William Dato to be an appellate justice. Those who confirmed Governor Brown’s nominee are Commission on Judicial Appointments (COJA) panelists Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue, Appellate Justice Manuel Ramirez, and CA Attorney General Becerra.

I spoke against the appointment on the grounds of Honest Services Fraud. Judge Dato was instrumental in creating the void judgment in the matter of Bruce Kelman and GlobalTox, Inc. v. Sharon Kramer. Case No. GIN044539 North San Diego County Superior Court (2005 to when the courts are made to stop framing me for libel with a void judgment).

GlobalTox is co-owned by Bryan D. Hardin, CDC NIOSH Deputy Director (retired). His scientific fraud is used extensively in mold litigations for the defense and has been since 2002. I exposed in 2005 that it is not sound science, but has been extensively marketed as such. They have been enabled to retaliate against me ever since in the compromised California courts, by not just unlawful, but full blown willful criminal acts.

The scientific fraud is an unscientific toxicological risk model created by Mr. Hardin and Mr. Kelman in 2001. The medical journal in which it was originally published states it is now “CONTENT NOT FOR REUSE“. But it is still mass marketed by the CDC and ATSDR via funding its proliferation in journal articles which refer to the original journal article. It is still used by the defense in mold litigations.

I have asked DHHS to stop doing this, numerous times in the past fifteen years, while explaining they are erroneously marketing a debunked litigation defense argument as legitimate science. I have asked numerous U.S. senators to intercede to make it stop, while explaining how the scientific fraud being promoted by government is aiding our troops in moldy military housing to be “Ambushed at Home” — by promoting the false concept that the moldy housing is proven not to be able to have caused their illnesses.

Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer is a blatantly fixed SLAPP suit. I asked Mr. Becerra to make it stop four years ago. He misled me to believe (on video) that the CADOJ would investigate my crime report in earnest. But they never really would.

The obstructed from being vacated void judgment that they continue to use to harass me decrees “NOW THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDICATED AND DECREED that Plaintiff Bruce Kelman recover the sum of $1.00 (one dollar and no cents) in this motion as nominal damages from Defendant Sharon Kramer and costs in the amount of $7,252.65, and that Plaintiff GlobalTox, Inc. recover nothing in this action”.

In addition to mass amounts of fraud upon the court abetting fraud in public health policies that this illegal-legal instrument is being used to conceal; missing from its decree is that the jury found I was not guilty of libeling GlobalTox and was awarded my costs as a trial prevailing party — by ruling only of Judge Dato who left the void judgment in effect in 2009, in violation of Penal Code 134.

The Administrative Presiding Justice of the Fourth District Division One Court of Appeals is Judith McConnell. She has obstructed the vacating of the void judgment since 2010. Even though by law a void judgment cannot be used for any purpose, the courts and GlobalTox continue to use this one to frame me for libel – for my daring to expose how their CDC backed scientific fraud harms thousands.

Mr. Becerra was provided 45 pages of documents that show how the courts continue to frame me for libel by use of an obstructed from being vacated void judgment. Still, he voted to promote one of the involved judges, Dato, to be a justice; thereby abetting the retaliation I continue to experience and the DHHS associated fraudsters that I exposed, to rage on.

The 45 pages may be read here:


​2.) February 2, 2017 Request to Governor Brown cc’d to COJA “RE: Please act to thwart cronyism & unpunished-fraud in California’s courts by rescinding your nomination of Judge William S. DATO to the Fourth District Division One Court of Appeals”

​3.) The Void Judgement

​4.) Judge Tom Nugent unlawfully permanently enjoined me in 2012 from telling what they have been doing to me by criminal means with GlobalTox owners (now for seventeen years). I ignore it and they ignore that I ignore it — because its a known fraudulent attempt to silence me about one of the worst abuses of anti-SLAPP laws to keep scientific fraud in government backed policies and toxic torts to defraud the public.

​5.) February 3, 2017 Confirmation from Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue’s executive secretary that Mr. Becerra received the 45 pages showing how the courts frame me for libel, prior to voting to promote a case fixing judge. 

​One year after Judge Dato became Justice Dato in 2017, over my evidenced objection for case-fixing a SLAPP suit with a void judgement to defraud the public; Justice Dato was appointed by the Chief Justice to serve on the California Commission on Judicial Performance, the state’s judicial ethics watchdog.

GlobalTox, Inc. changed its name to Veritox, Inc. in 2005. It was acquired by J.S. Held in 2018. Mr. Kelman and Mr. Hardin are Senior VPs of Toxicology at J.S. Held and continue to serve as expert defense witnesses in toxic torts. They continue to influence federal policies.

J.S. Held was acquired by Kelso & Co. in 2019. According to Kelso’s website, “J.S. Held is a leading specialty consulting firm with a focus on the insurance claims management sector. The company provides insurance carriers and loss adjusters with specific domain expertise that leads to more accurate claim outcomes. J.S. Held offers specialized services across six key verticals including building consulting, forensic architecture and engineering, environmental health and safety, forensic accounting, surety and construction advisory.”

Below is a link to a letter sent to EPA on 10/29/2020. It is from the Environmental Defense Fund, Earthjustice, Natural Resources Defense Council, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Union of Concerned Scientists. They objected to Mr. Hardin being appointed to the EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act, Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals.

The integrity-in-science organizations wrote of being aware that Mr. Hardin has a twenty year history of influencing federal policies to lend undue credibility to his toxic tort expert defense witnessing; and that he does not disclose the income he generates from influencing environmental health policies for profit as an expert defense witness in toxic torts. SACC-Nominations_NGO-Comments_Final.pdf (

Their references include the evidence of a twenty year history of Mr. Hardin doing that exact thing in the mold issue when marketing scientific fraud into public health policies in support of what could best be described as “an illicit interstate enterprise with peculiar sway over the California judicial system”. The organizations cited my research about Mr. Hardin via citing a medical journal article I co-authored, as source reference no. 33. I wrote the sections about Mr. Hardin’s dishonest work in the mold issue.

If Mr. Becerra did his job as CA Attorney General — prosecuted rather than abetted the judicial case-fixing of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer — the scientific fraud in the mold issue that I exposed seventeen years ago would be eradicated. SLAPP parties to the fixed litigation, Mr. Hardin & Mr. Kelman, would most likely be in jail today along with their CA attorneys and several judges, justices, and clerks — rather than Mr. Hardin being considered for appointment to an EPA toxic substance advisory panel.

On October 2, 2020, a fellow good government advocate and I sent a letter to then VPOTUS candidate Kamala Harris (now former U.S. Senator and former California Attorney General). We asked Ms. Harris one simple question, to which we have yet to receive a reply. The question was (and still is):

If elected Vice President of the United States, what will you do to encourage vigorous prosecutions of U.S. court officers who deliberately violate rights of individuals through knowing abuse of legal proceedings?

On the Ides of March, 2021, the United States Senate ruled by “Unanimous Consent Agreements” that it is “Ordered That with respect to the motions to invoke cloture on the nominations of Xavier Becerra, of California, to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary…the mandatory quorum calls required under Rule XXII be waived. (Mar. 15, 2021.)”

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  1. Other governments are now far ahead of the US in recognising the reality of mould and biotoxin-related illnesses. For any doubters, I suggest reading this initial consultation paper from Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). They point to a “growing body of evidence” and are now funding further research into understanding Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

    That so many sick individuals have been denied insurance and proper healthcare for so long is an atrocity.

    Biotoxin-related illnesses in Australia––Health and medical research needs (NMHRC):

    Click to access NHMRC-Biotoxin-Related-Illnesses-Consultation-Paper.pdf

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