Help Dr. Fine & CFJI to End California Court Corruption

#stopcourtcrimes! #endjudicialcorruption #endcaliforniacourtfraud Big%20CFJI%20Flyer-page-001[1]
 (above Flyer in sharable pdf format)
Last week we blogged of just a few of the many organizations who are working through various efforts to stop systemic crime in California’s judicial branch — Center for Judicial Excellence (CJE), Judicial Council Watcher (JCW) and the Campaign For Judicial Integrity (CFJI).  Toward that end, one can read HERE & HERE why it is important to Vote “NO” public-office re-election for the 45 balloted California justices.
Please help CFJI Get The Word Out to your friends, family, neighbors and associates to Vote “NO”. Distribute the below mini-flyers over the Internet and in-person.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to Help Dr. Fine & CFJI to End California Court Corruption

  1. Mary Bullock says:

    I support Richard Fine a 100 percent As you know we are in similar situations. I t is no secret that the EEOC is corrupt. The EEOC along with the Cal. State Bar made the most outrageous comments about me that they suspended my license. The timing of this was critical: It happened at the 11th hour of my EEOC hearing in an attempt to make me look like a horrible person. I had no due process rights, they never interviewed me, my witnesses or examined the documents I held which would have found me innocent. Stay tuned as I am attempting to clear my on or about the first week in November. Thank you for your support. MEB

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