PLEASE CALL Senators TODAY To Save Our Troops’ Families From the FRAUD In The MOLD Issue

NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

Military Matters Foundation (MMF) is asking for your voice to protect the families of those who give their lives to protect all of our families. They are asking that over the next three days you contact U.S. senators in support of the need for military physicians to be trained to know how to recognize, diagnose and treat sick-housing caused illnesses.

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Military families are becoming gravely ill from their contaminated military housing. They are being retaliated against and ridiculed when they complain. Military doctors are not being trained how to treat them, which causes them to become even sicker.

Their requests for insurance-covered referrals to environmental and functional medicine physicians, who do know how to treat the sick-housing-caused-illnesses, are being denied. This is leaving the injured families to have to pay from their own pockets for needed medical care. Most cannot afford it.

Reuters is calling the multi-billion-dollar fraud, designed for profiting from the squalid military housing conditions, an “Ambush at Home” for our service members and their children.

On December 3rd the Senate Arms Services Committee (SASC) is holding a hearing. They are going to ask military leaders of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor questions of why and how the fraud in the contaminated military housing debacle grew to be so large that it is now crippling troop readiness; and what is being done to correct it.

No senator questions or oversight of the role the mis-training of military physicians plays in enabling the Ambush to continue????

The senators do not appear to be intending to ask any questions of what role the DOD has played via miseducating military doctors with scientific fraud. There is much fraud that has been sold to military doctors as legimitate science. It claims to prove that the military housing cannot cause the debilitating symptoms that the families report, including but not limited to brain injuries.

MMF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. They network with other military advocacy organizations to help the military families who are greatly suffering from the ongoing fraud in military housing maintenance and in military health care.

They sent a letter on November 22nd to all the SASC senators “RE: Ongoing harm to military families caused by lack of oversight of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI)”.

They stated that the military families want the senators to ask the DOD and GAO seven questions. To quote:

Toward achieving the goals of providing safe military housing, needed medical care for military personnel and their families, and for the future strength of the United States military; on December 3rd, please ask Ms. Field [of the GAO] and the military leaders the following:

1. What is the Department of Defense doing to ensure that those responsible for writing military health policies are issuing directives that aid providers in recognizing, diagnosing and treating the various forms of environmental illness associated with sick buildings?

2. Who is ultimately responsible to ensure that military providers are appropriately educated and trained and are subsequently able to perform the proper diagnostic workup on patients with signs and symptoms indicative of environmental illness resultant from exposures in negligently built and maintained military housing?

3. What is currently being done to ensure that military providers are knowledgeable about the scientifically proven ability of Mold to cause debilitating cognitive and neurological injuries?

4. Some military physicians are acknowledging that they do not know how to treat the building related illnesses. They are writing medically necessary referrals to Mold-literate environmental physicians. But their referrals are being denied by MTF commands, despite the fact that TriCare is approving and agreeing to pay for the services. Why are the referrals being denied?

5. Who is ordering the commanders at the MTFs to deny referrals?

6. What is being done to ensure that the cost of medically necessary care, resultant from exposures to negligently built and maintained military housing, is subrogated to the PPV landlords and/or their property casualty insurers?

7. Will a military housing registry, similar to the lead registry, be developed and implemented to track the health issues that have arisen from exposures to Mold, toxic water, asbestos, radon, and soil contamination?

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We strongly believe this requires your urgent attention as it is only continuing to get worse and the health of our military members must be a priority.”

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. They need YOUR VOICE to help to assure that the senators ask these questions. MMF and the military families are asking for the public to call and email SASC senator-members over the next three days (Nov 25th – 27th) and,

“Say your name, the state you are calling from, and if applicable on which base you reside. Then say: I am calling in support of the need for Senator X to ask the GAO and military leaders the questions that were suggested by Military Matters Foundation. Thank you”.

If you email, please cut and paste the following and send it to the senator’s staffers’ email addresses which are provided on MMF’s website.

Subject line: I support the need to ask questions about military physician education

Dear Senator X,

On December 3rd, please ask Ms. Field of the GAO and the leaders of the military, the seven questions that were suggested to you by Military Matters Foundation. Our troops deserve to have their families receive proper medical care that is needed because of the lack of oversight of the private-public-venture (PPV) military housing landlords and their contractors.

Thank you,
and Base (if applicable).

It is simple to do and takes no time at all!  The letter they sent, the senators’ phone numbers and email addresses are provided on the MMF website with their CALL TO ACTION.

One may also find the senate contact info HERE.

If one has questions, they can contact MMF through their website or at this email address: 

Follow Military Matters Foundation on Facebook @militarymatters2


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