Film Director Calls for End of Court Crimes by Voting “NO” Re-election of Justices.

AndyOctober 20, 2014.  According to the website of DivorceCorp.Com, “Director Joe Sorge interviews LA attorney Richard Fine, who explains how he revealed bribes being taken by Los Angeles Superior Court judges and the consequences he suffered for exposing these bribes.” Dr. Fine spent over a year in solitary confinement in the LA County Jail without ever even being charged with a crime. This is part 1 of a two part interview.  #stopcourtcrimes! #endjudicialcorruption #endcaliforniacourtfraud

Mr. Sorge would like to know, “Are you voting in November? Are there any candidates talking about judicial corruption? Family Law?” To understand the reason for this important question, see the trailer for the Divorce Corp documentary:

To our knowledge, Andy Ostrowski, U.S. Congressional candidate for the 11th District of Pennsylvania, is only candidate in the entire country who is speaking out of the gross fraud, waste and abuse in the courts – and the retaliation one experiences for exposing it.  See Mr. Sorge’s interview with Mr. Ostrowski:

DivorceCorp.Com says that, You can help end judicial corruption by voting No for any balloted Supreme & Appellate Court judges. We want to hear from you on the Divorce Corp YouTube channel.”   



Nov 4th exercise your right to end California’s judicial corruption.

Vote “NO” to all balloted Supreme & Appellate Court Justices.

Not voting or voting ‘yes’ reinforces corruption. Spread the word!

Richard I. Fine, Ph.D., Chairman (310) 622-6900

Handouts stating the above in printable and electronically sharable format: CAMPAIGNFORJUDICIALINTEGRITYFLYERS



On October 27th, our friends at the CENTER For JUDICIAL EXCELLENCE are Heading out to San Francisco to #StopCourtCrimes!  Please support their efforts, too!

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