Heading out to San Francisco to #StopCourtCrimes!

Are you going to San Francisco on October 27th & 28th to #StopCourtCrimes! ?  I am!!!  
Many people are going to San Francisco to attend and/or speak at the Judicial Council meeting  Re: rampant corruption in the California courts and the Judicial Council’s deliberate indifference to end it. 
As I understand it, the issue is: Harm done when California’s judges, justices and clerks falsify court documents; and California court officers along with the Commission on Judicial Performance, et.al., circle the wagons to cover up the fraud upon the court.*  Additionally, the issue of jurists refusing to disqualify themselves from cases where they clearly have demonstrated conflicts of interest — and no one policing that, by law, they should be disqualified.
*When jurists and their clerks falsifying court documents, it is legally defined as “fraud upon the court” which is a criminal act.  The jurists have immunity from prosecution for the criminal acts unless they act while knowing their courts do not have jurisdiction.  Even then, when caught in the act sans jurisdiction, no one in California government, including California’s Attorney General, does anything to punish the jurists and clerks, or to mitigate the damage caused by the fraud upon the court. Quite frequently if the harmed party seeks redress of grievance for damages caused by the fraud; they are retaliated against and further harmed by those whose jobs it is to protect the public from crimes. Concealment of fraud upon the court is also criminal. It happens with fairly regular frequency in the California judicial branch in courts throughout the state. 
Center for Judicial Excellence (CJE) is leading the charge in San Francisco.  These people are awesome!  Here’s the Judicial Council’s October 7th reluctant invite for CJE members and associates to speak at the upcoming Judicial Council meeting: The Judicial Council’s 10/3/14 Written Response  Here’s CJE’s September Demand Letter which triggered the reluctant Judicial Council invite: http://www.centerforjudicialexcellence.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/CJ-Demand-Letter-PDF.pdf
Here’s the rules & deadline to submit your request to speak at the upcoming Judicial Council meeting.  Join us Mon. Oct. 27 & Tues. Oct. 28 at the Judicial Council – Sign Up Now to Stop Court Crimes
 In another effort to #EndJudicialCorruption  Campaign For Judicial Integrity (CFJI) is urging all California voters to check “NO” on their voting ballots by the names of the 45 California justices who are running for office retention. This will remove nearly half of the biggest cogs in the dysfunctional judicial machinery. Forty-five of the total 111 California justices are subject to voter ousting on Nov 4th by checking “NO” next to their names on your ballot.  Dr. Richard Fine, Chairman of CFJI, was held in an Los Angeles county jail for eighteen months (2009-2010) without ever being charged with a crime — for exposing LA county judges taking money from litigants who come before them. To date, no one has been punished for the conflicts of interests this causes in court rulings; and the illegal judicial income continues in counties all across the state. In the words of Dr. Fine,

These justices are protecting corruption and bribes. Voting NO ends it.”


And in a third effort to #EndCaliforniaCourtFraud  Judicial Council Watcher (JCW) is urging voters to check “NO” on Nov 4th, by the names of all California justices who sit on the Judicial Council and are subject to voter ousting.  JCW is a blog that is widely followed and contributed to by many current and former Judicial Council staff employees; along with several of the state’s judges. It is backed by Michael Paul. Mr. Paul is a former Judicial Council staff employee who blew the whistle on $500 million missing from the court construction fund in 2010, only to be retaliated against and fired. To date, no one has been held accountable for the missing millions of tax dollars, nor has it been recovered.  The following are the Judicial Council member justices who are dubbed by JCW as “Team George – the Players” and who are subject to voter ousting on Nov 4th:
Justices Terence Bruiniers, Ronald Robie and Judith Ashmann-Gerst.  Justice Ignazio Ruvolo of the Commission on Judicial Performance is also on the ballot.

SHAKE-UP the MAKE-UP of California’s broken judicial branch. On Nov 4th, vote “NO” retention of California’s justices; and ask your friends, family and associates from California to do the same.

If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear a red tee-shirt. You can order one with the logo “STOP COURT CRIMES” from the Center for Judicial Excellence.  Please let CJE know if you are planning to attend as the Judicial Council has requested an estimated head-count from them. Their contact email is: info@centerforjudicialexcellence.org  
Hope to see you there!
SHARON NOONAN KRAMER  Cal-court-harassed Whistleblower of how federal contractors got a scientific fraud mass marketed into U.S. public health policy that it was proven Toxic Mold harms no one; and how it continues via unabated fraud upon the California courts — including by hands of named “Team George” justices, one of whom is the former Chairwoman of the Commission on Judicial Performance and another is the former Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Council.

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