Notice of Intent to Sue Cal Commissioners on Judicial Performance for RICO with MCCONNELL, HUFFMAN, SCHALL, VERITOX, Inc.

February 13, 2014
Addressed and mailed to individuals serving as (COMMISSIONERS) of the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) and Staff Counsel Karen Clay, 455 Golden Gate Avenue #14400, San Francisco, California 94102-3660
RE:  NOTICE OF INTENT to file suit. COMMISSIONERS’ and CLAY’s letter dated February 6, 2014, makes false statements in furtherance of concealment of judicial unethical and criminal misconduct, coram non judice, in the matter of Kelman & Veritox v. Kramer 
Commissioners and Ms. Clay,
 I am in receipt of your February 6, 2014 letter indicating that individuals who are serving as COMMISSIONERS will continue to refuse to adhere to the constitutional mandate of disciplining former CJP chair, Justice Judith (MCCONNELL), and former Judicial Council (JC) executive committee chair, Justice Richard (HUFFMAN),, for judicial misconduct of document falsifications; concealment of falsifications; and continued usage of void documents, coram non judice; in furtherance of fleecing the United States public with federal contractors/toxic tort expert defense witnesses — the six owners of (VERITOX), Inc.
 Your obfuscating letter of February 6, 2014, offers no legal justification for blatant dereliction of duty. It is inconsistent with the facts in evidence. It violates article VI section 18 of the California Constitution.  As the COMMISSIONERS are well aware, “Acts in excess of judicial authority constitutes misconduct, particularly where a judge deliberately disregards the requirements of fairness and due process.” Gonzalez v. Commission on Judicial Performance, (1983) 33 Cal. 3d 359, 371, 374.
California Penal Code 134 states that falsifications and concealment of falsifications of court documents are felonies. It is proven beyond any doubt that this has occurred, when no subject matter jurisdiction existed. The undeniable judicial misconduct certainly warrants discipline by individuals appointed to the California “independent state agency”, the CJP, in furtherance of integrity in the courts.
December 2010, COMMISSIONERS Failed to Punish Fourth District Division One Appellate Justices For Concealment and Usage of Falsified Court Documents
The February 6, 2014 CLAY letter states that in December of 2010 — while Fourth District Division One (Appellate Court) Presiding Justice MCCONNELL was chair of the CJP — that the COMMISSIONERS reviewed the matter and found no judicial misconduct in the case.  The COMMISSIONERS, including MCCONNELL, have been provided the direct evidence numerous times, before and after December 2010, that:
1.)  the 2010 Remittitur issued from MCCONNELL’S court is fraudulent; and
2.)  it was used to cover up that MCCONNELL and Justices Cynthia (AARON), Alex  (MACDONALD) concealed known undisclosed parties on  appeal in the 2006 anti-SLAPP opinion – as they fixed the opinion to make the false finding of libel while concealing Plaintiff Bruce J. (KELMAN) committed perjury in his declarations; and
3.) in their 2010 appellate opinion, the 2008 Judgment was concealed as fraudulent and void in MCCONNELL’s Appellate Court by HUFFMAN, Justice Patricia (BENKE) and  Justice Joan (IRION); and
4.) KELMAN, plaintiff counsel Keith (SCHEUER), and Judge Thomas (NUGENT) then used the 2008 Void Judgment, beginning in November of  2010, as the foundational document in a second harassing case to try to silence me of the extrinsic fraud, with the court having no subject matter jurisdiction.  
So there can be no question that the COMMISSIONERS have been made aware and understand what is at stake for the public from their failure to act: In a relevant part of the link that the COMMISSIONERS were provided on February 5, 2014 where they allegedly viewed the videos and saw the direct evidence of me being collusively libeled, stalked and threatened by VERITOX, and the Court Group, (see fn 23):
“What is particularly heinous about this matter, is that the plaintiffs in SLAPP, Veritox, serve as expert defense witnesses for the United States Department of Justice in mold litigations throughout the county; and are the authors of the fraudulent proof of lack of causation of illness for the U.S Chamber of Commerce and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). How these two organizations were connected by mutual relationship of having Mr. Bruce J. Kelman and Mr. Bryan D. Hardin of Veritox, Inc., author fraudulent position statements to mass market scientific fraud harmful to the public, was the subject of my 2005 writing.
If the case fixings of the SLAPP suits were acknowledged, the USDOJ and others would no longer be able to employee Veritox as expert witnesses against sick military families and other federal employees.  They would be legally recognized as dishonest experts, for their illegal and criminal acts when plaintiffs in SLAPP.”    
I refuse to spend the rest of my life being character assassinated, financially ruined, stalked by well connected criminal liars; and living in fear for my physical safety by hands of those who commit collusively criminal acts under the color of law.  You are going to have to answer the question, Why haven’t you punished former CJP Chair MCCONNELL for falsifications and continued usage of falsified court documents, coram non judice?   
NOTICE OF INTENT in its entirety with links to the corroborating evidence.      


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2 Responses to Notice of Intent to Sue Cal Commissioners on Judicial Performance for RICO with MCCONNELL, HUFFMAN, SCHALL, VERITOX, Inc.

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  2. C.H McClure says:

    Be brave, we are behind you. For ALL that is hidden shall be brought to light.

    This is corruption at it’s best. JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL.

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