San Diego LGBT Judges Attempt to Fix a Judicial Election Against an LGBT Candidate

San Diego County’s June 3, 2014 Judicial Election has opened with drama ordinarily seen only at state levels.  Judicial elections typically occur quietly in the June primaries, well-ahead of the noise that grows before the November general ballot. 
Normally a perfunctory rubber stamp for a sitting appointee or a weak challenge by a write-in candidate, the judicial election rarely gathers the attention of the general population.
All that changed in San Diego, California on Friday February 21, 2014, when the Union Tribune broke the story of why this June’s judicial election is shaping up to be a genuine race to the bench, “Judge candidate feels gaveled down.”  
With all the trappings of Old Chicago style back door politicking and judges intimidating a candidate and her endorsers; their shady purpose is to aid a long-time county judge — with more ethics admonishments racked up than your typical fifty judges combined, Lisa Schall, — to run unopposed for re-election by a strong contender from the federal courts, Carla Keehn.  
According to the article,
“Nicholas Fox, President of THLA [Tom Homann Law Association/local LGBT bar], wrote to Keehn [Board Member of THLA] on Feburay 10 expressing what he called ‘concerns’ he was receiving from Judges Rubin [California Judicial Council Member] and Rosenstein [appointed by Brown in 2012] as well as ‘their colleagues at the Superior Court’ about Keehn’s candidacy [for San Diego County Superior Court seat 20].”
The incumbent judge, Lisa Schall, is the same judge who falsified the judgment in the fall of 2008, in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer; thereby aiding the US Department of Justice toxic tort expert defense witnesses, Veritox (formerly known as GlobalTox), to continue to fleece the United States public with scientific fraud in mold litigations.  All California judges and justices involved in the debacle since, have covered-up that the Schall’s judgment was fraudulent and void; as they continued to use it to try to harass Kramer (me) into silence of their roles in aiding the fraud to continue — without their courts having subject matter jurisdiction.  
My February 24, 2014 letter to THLA, urging them not to suscumb to intimidation tactics and to reinstate their endorsement of Schall’s viable challenger, Federal Prosecutor Carla Keehn. Please see attached to my letter to THLA, the 2008 declaration of former THLA board member and Juror #5 in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, Shelby Stuntz, Esq. Submitted to Schall in 2008 and regarding the false hearsay emails not discussed in trial, but read aloud in the jurors’ chambers causing the verdict for Kelman. Schall refused to even hear oral argument for a new trial.

My February 21, 2014 letter to the five hundred California jurists members of the Alliance of California Judges urging that they rescind their endorsement claimed by Schall to have been bestowed upon her.

Incumbent Judge Lisa Schall [U-T file] — Charlie NeumanIncumbent Judge Lisa Schall [U-T file] — Charlie NeumanIncumbent Judge Lisa Schall [U-T file] — Charlie Neuman

Judge Lisa C. Schall

 Judge David S. Rubin

Rosenstein, 52, has been anRosenstein, 52, has been anRosenstein, 52, has been anRosenstein, 52, has been anRosenstein, 52, has been an

Judge Paula S. Rosenstein

That the civil rights advocacy group, THLA, would violate the rights of one of their own board members, Keehn, under the pretence of promoting civil rights via better relationships with campaign thugs, Rubin and Rosenstein, et. al.; and work to aid the citizens of San Diego to have no choice but to vote for the bombastic Schall — is an undeserved poor reflection on San Diego’s LGBT community. Shame on THLA board members for suscumbing to intimidation and dirty politics; and shame on the judges for collusively practicing it.

Read More at Weightier Matter Carpe-Dicta, “San Diego Judicial Election 2014 Opens With Controversy as Sitting Judges Descend on Talented Challenger’s Campaign Support Base

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