“Toxic Clout” Expose’ On Industry’s Undue Influence Over Gov’t Environmental Public Health Policies


Center For Public Integrity

Update on March 13, 2013:

PBS Newshour will air the program tonight.  As posted on the UNC-listserv:

“I sent out information on this last week, but the segment broadcast was delayed.  Here is the link to tonight’s segment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtHeDX0EoaE   Second one will air tomorrow night or Friday. Link to this week’s article covering the issue in more detail is at: http://www.publicintegrity.org/2013/03/13/12290/how-industry-scientists-stalled-action-carcinogen

“In a new series of stories called Toxic Clout, The Center for Public Integrity is exploring how the chemical industry operates behind the scenes. We want to shed light on how a cancer-causing chemical compound could escape regulation that EPA scientists say is  necessary. Please tune in to the PBS NewsHour next Wednesday, March 6th, to see a special report produced in partnership with The Center for Public Integrity.”

Read More, including comment of moi, Sharon Kramer, regarding Toxic Clout over the mold issue

“I hope this expose’ includes the role of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) in this fiasco. This “non-profit” trade association of workers comp physicians which influences guidelines for many worker environmental exposures and thus workers comp insurer liability/influence in the guidelines; needs to be publicly exposed for their “error” over this and many other environmental illnesses. Its their journal, JOEM, which published the false Chinese research which was misquoted when translated into English by ChemRisk who was working for PG&E.
When Environmental Working Group and the Wall Street Journal exposed the scientific fraud, ACOEM retracted the paper. Too bad they don’t do that with all publications they have published wrongfully using misleading evidence to promote concepts by industry which downplay probable causes of environmental illnesses. An article by Dr. David Michaels who currently heads OSHA: http://thepumphandle.wordpress.com/2006/12/07/a-chrome-plated-controversy/ .
And a 2007 WSJ article regarding an industry friendly position paper of ACOEM used in court to lend credibility to scientific fraud upon the court that illnesses “Could not be.” caused by toxins found in water damaged buildings. ACOEM refused to retract this piece of “garbage science“. Lives are still being devastated directly because of their refusal to retract and accept accountability for the continued damage, even when publicly outted: http://www.jaroslawiczandjaros.com/Firm-News/Wallstreet.pdf .

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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3 Responses to “Toxic Clout” Expose’ On Industry’s Undue Influence Over Gov’t Environmental Public Health Policies

  1. Everything we ingest via air, food(soil), water, medicines is subject to and from man made poisons for chemical and pharmaceutical profits(among other’s ideas to profit from), including chemtrail output. After seeing checkerboard clouds that don’t move (Sacramento CA.) for over 8 hours a couple of years ago more than once, scares me to the fact that all of us are at GREAT risk. IN the 60’s most of were not inhalers because there was no need of the med existence. But NOW we do?!?
    Do the folks who make all of these poisons breathe the same air, eat the same food, drink the same water? Of Course but why do they think they can poison us with impunity while they them selves are being poisoned also. And what about vaccines that lower babies immune system, and the same ones who allow this via legislation dare to discuss abortion! Mothers are now getting vaccinated while carrying in-utero. This is a vile thing! All of it! All for profits for chemical companies like DOW & Monsanto and pharmaceuticals like Phizer. What the insurance companies like Kaiser making record profits to treat man made diseases! This writer says that there are more ways of committing silent genocide. Then in universities to garner federal money, they create diseases like the plague for who, none other than the DOD! In this case,These institutions are run by the insane asylum patients!

  2. jarett yuknalis says:

    After researching chemtrails,are we to safely inhale the air outside.

  3. In SB899 CA Worker Comp reform( I call it deform because nothing good ever comes out of worker comp first reform since 1989), The AMA 6th Edition quidelines with ACOEM is now in the State of CA and used as law and taught in their universities such as Berkeley to the labor law and Dept. of Industrial Relations. In those guidelines it is stated that mold does not cause illness. This particular AMA 6th Edition with ACOEM was written by PRIMARILY one doctor Brigham. who also wrote a new formulary on how to rate permanent disability. This same ACOEM doctor also had his own lucrative rating business, teaching medical interns how to use this formulary. Since then his lucrative business has taken a giant downturn because of his obvious conflict and truth be known his contributing lie on issues like mold. To date the rating system is not currently used because it cannot be comprehended in actual ratings. That is my conclusion after reading the 88 page IOWA legislative hearing on ACOEM/AMA trying to enact ACOEM /AMA quidelines in Iowa and rightly so, IOWA decided against enacting ACOEM/AMA 6h Edition which inlcudes that mold does not cause illness.
    Why CA, decided on junk sicence that has permeated our universities is criminal because it is allowed the harming to so many. Also mentioned in the legislative hearing was that many injured workers are forced to go on SS & Medicare because insurance companies do not pay out on permanent disabilities, the insurance companies illegally cost shifting the cost of injured workers compensation permanent and medical disability claims to both state and federally funded programs. like SSDI, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-cal, state disability insurance and general welfare. The case made by CASEY YOUNG in the 1990’s when there was the beginning of a huge glut of WC claims, was in the WC book of law, Sheldon St. Claire in gist, saying that WC constitutionally should be expedient so no one ends up on the street. Well, that my friends pretty much says that our legislators and their appointee’s talk is cheap and the constitution don’t mean anything but a phony group like ACOEM sanctioned by the AMA with their junk science does!
    How the AMA colludes with ACOEM that uses over 6000 staffers who are and in and out of the country (they could be floor sweepers for all we know but these folks are connected to large industrial companies like chemical and pharma who have a vested interest in allowing people to get sick on mold) to decide what or what does not cause illness or how to rate any disability is beyond this writer’s comprehension!?! A new bill SB863 took place on 1-1-2013 by Governor Brown, who just passed it and reduced more compensation in WC wages for other injuries that include mental issues and also that NO INJURED WORKER can file a complaint against any doctor who writes a false report. SO! IF a doctor write that you don’t have mold, you cannot challenge this UNKNOWN doctor’s report. This is the gist of the latest reforms (deforms).
    Sharon thankfully was able to assist injured workers who were exposed to mold in a Poway, Ca Toyota business that they did receive temporary disability. That is a monumental feat in workers comp to get something that goes against anything, guidelines by ACOEM/AMA well permaeated and sanctioned in the CA WC vicious system.

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