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CDC Autism Researcher Informs Congress of Scientific Fraud in 2004 Medical Journal Publication

Questions of the day: Are U.S. parents justified in their concerns that the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) overstates the proven safety of current U.S. vaccination schedules; and if they are justified, what can and should Congress … Continue reading

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Attorney for US Gov’t’s Moldy Military Housing Manager Attacks Media

May 8, 2013 wtkr.com VIDEO Lincoln Military Housing lawyer attacks NewsChannel 3 investigation in court “Norfolk, Va. – Several military families appeared in federal court on Wednesday at a hearing in front of a judge against Lincoln Military Housing for mold and … Continue reading

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“Toxic Clout” Expose’ On Industry’s Undue Influence Over Gov’t Environmental Public Health Policies

Update on March 13, 2013: PBS Newshour will air the program tonight.  As posted on the UNC-listserv: “I sent out information on this last week, but the segment broadcast was delayed.  Here is the link to tonight’s segment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtHeDX0EoaE   Second one … Continue reading

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Spinning Science by Global Indoor Health Network a.k.a. With friends like this, what mold injured person needs an enemy?

In 2003, the US Chamber of Commerce published a position paper, “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”.  The theme of the paper, which was specifically written to be shared with judges,  is that “the notion that toxic mold … Continue reading

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