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UK Guardian and Scientists say “Attacks paid for by big business are ‘driving science into a dark era”

        What the scientists in the UK Guardian article describe as industry’s attack on science and the mass marketing of misinformation in policy, is EXACTLY what the California courts have been aiding to continue by their less than stellar behavior in the ongoing … Continue reading

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Blogger Facing Execution For Publishing Truth On Web

Accordng to AOL “Blogger Hamza Kashgari is currently facing possible execution in Saudi Arabia for expressing his personal religious views via Twitter. Not only are Saudi authorities prosecuting Kashgari far too harshly for a couple of nonviolent tweets, they are … Continue reading

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Sharon Kramer Notice To Court Of Inability To Adhere To Unlawful Contempt Order, Sentencing Feb 10th Kelman v. Kramer

SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO, NORTH DISTRICT In the Matter of Bruce J. Kelman v. Sharon Kramer The Honorable Thomas Nugent Presiding Sentencing of Sharon Kramer for Civil Contempt of Court February … Continue reading

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Interview Regarding Being Jailed For Exposing Unholy Union Of US Chamber & Cal Court Leaders, On Internet

IAQ RADIO INTERVIEW OF SHARON KRAMER,  JANUARY 20, 2012  Website owners are refusing to remove the evidence from their sites of how the California courts have gone out of their way to frame a US citizen for libel as they suppressed … Continue reading

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Pardon Our French, But S’entendant pour frauder le public est criminelle. Justices Judy McConnell, Dick Huffman, Ron George & Co. You’ve Been Caught RED HANDED Colluding With The US Chamber of Commerce To Defraud The Public By Criminal Means…..

…..and as hard as you try; you can not use the California courts and the Court Case Management System (CCMS) to bully us into silence and conceal or what you have done. We are always direct here at Katy’s Exposure. … Continue reading

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