Blogger Facing Execution For Publishing Truth On Web

Accordng to AOL “Blogger Hamza Kashgari is currently facing possible execution in Saudi Arabia for expressing his personal religious views via Twitter. Not only are Saudi authorities prosecuting Kashgari far too harshly for a couple of nonviolent tweets, they are intruding on his human rights as an individual to voice his opinion.” Sign PETITION to end death calls for Saudi Blogger & Poet.      

      In the United States, in California,  Blogger Sharon Kramer is facing incarceraton, March 2, 2012, also for publishing the truth on the Web.  The actual five day sentence is for allegedly violating a lawful court order and for not removing the evidence from the Internet that the Chief Justice of California, Tani CANTIL-SAYAUKE knows her courts framed a whistle blower for libel while aiding a science fraud to contnue to carry legtimacy in US public health policy.

      The framing occurred over the first public writing of how it became a fraudulent concept in public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm.  Sharon was the author.  Those involved in mass marketing the science fraud are the ones who sued her in 2005, Bruce Kelman & VeriTox, Inc (formerly known as Globaltox).

      In a second case that began in 2010, the court then gagged Sharon from writing of what they did in the first case, how they did it, why they did it and the thousands of lives that continue to be devastated by the courts’ unlawful actions aiding the fraud in policy to continue. By gagging her in the second case from writing the five words for which she was framed for libel in the first, “altered his under oath statements”, they are trying to stop her and others  from shedding light on a massive ethics problem in California’s judicial branch coming from the top down.

      Sharon Kramer could be sentenced to five more days in jail just for these five words being republished in this post.  She is already sentenced to one day of incarceration for someone else, not her, posting the truth on the Internet that is a matter of public record of,

“repost and repost Lets post these words everywhere, on every facebook and blog site, over and over “In the matter of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, Bruce Kelman and GlobalTox, Inc., sued Sharon Kramer for the words, Dr. Kelman `altered his under oath statements’ on the witness stand.”

      It is also a matter of public court records that in 2006 and 2010 the Fourth District Division One Appellate Justices in San Diego, California, crafted their opinions to make it falsely appear that the five words of Sharon’s were an accusation that  Bruce Kelman got caught lying on the witness stand about being paid by the Manhattan Institute think-tank to make edits the the mold position statement of the medicial association, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).  

       Sharon’s writing speaks for itself.  She accurately wrote that Kelman’s company, Veritox, was paid by the think-tank to author the mold position statement of the US Chamber of Commerce (that states it is scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from “toxic mold” are only being made because of “trial lawyers, media and Junk Science”). 

      Sharon accurately stated that ACOEM’s mold position statement was a “version of the Manhattan Institute commissioned piece” that Kelman and VeriTox co-owner, Bryan Hardin, were paid to pen for the US Chamber of Commerce.

       In May of 2011, North San Diego County Superior Court Judge Thomas Nugent unlawfully gagged her from writing the five words for which she was framed, aiding to conceal what they had done in the prior case. 

      Now they want to PUNISH her and intiminate others if anyone exposes the truth of what they have done to frame an honest citizen for libel and the continued harm to thousands of lives because of it. The threat of incarceration on March 2nd is looming because Sharon is refusing to be silenced of unlawful actions of the courts by more unlawful actions of the courts piled on more unlawful actions of the courts. Many others are refusing silence, too.

      BLOG and SUPPORT GROUP owners, Crystal Stuckey of Katy’s Exposure and Kevin Carstens of Sickbuildngs, are refusing to remove the direct evidence of the California courts colluding to defraud the US public by willingly participating in malicious, Strategic Litigations Against Public Participation against Sharon – and then further abusing their positions of authority to try to stop their unlawful actions from coming to public light.

      According to AOL, “It is extremely unlikely that Kashgari will receive a fair trial in Saudi Arabia, where religious scholars have already concluded that he is guilty and should be put to death. Don’t let this journalist be put to death for expressing his opinion!”  The same is true for Sharon in the USA of an inability to ever obtain a fair trial, where Judicial leaders in California have already concluded Sharon should falsely be deemed guilty of libel and put behind bars to conceal that they fixed appellate opinions! 

The Commission on Judicial Performance, established in 1960, is the independent state agency responsible for investigating complaints of judicial misconduct and judicial incapacity and for disciplining judges, pursuant to article VI, section 18 of the California Constitution.The Commission’s mandate is to protect the public, enforce rigorous standards of judicial conduct and maintain public confidence in the integrity and independence of the judicial system. …an effective method of disciplining judges who engage in misconduct is essential to the functioning of our judicial system. Commission proceedings provide a fair and appropriate mechanism to preserve the integrity of the judicial process.

The California COMMISSION on Judicial Performance is the independent state agency that is to police ethics in California’s judicial branch. 

Unfortunately the  Agency is chaired by the first appellate justice who framed Sharon for libel in 2006, JUSTICE JUDITH MCCONNELL  along with two other appellate court justices.                

Three more appellate court justices did the same in 2010, with  JUSTICE RICHARD HUFFMAN. being one of them involved  At the time, Justice Huffman was the Chair of the Executive Committee of the JUDICIAL COUNCIL.  This is the most powerful position for any judiciary to hold in the state of California.    

      Please sign the PETITION today to help keep a Saudi Blogger from being put to death for publishing the truth on the Interent. Tomorrow, please help us to tell the Commissioners on Judicial Performance to send a clear message to their Chair and judicial branch that  California is not Saudi Arabia. 

     The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right of US citizens to speak the truth for the public good without being harassed for years by the courts, bankrupted,  jailed… or executed by a judicial system that is clearly out of control.  Tomorrow, please help us tell the leaders of California’s judicial branch that they are not the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. – and are subject to the same laws that govern crimnal behavior just like everyone else in the United States

      Tomorrow, a petition is forthcoming to the Commission on Judicial Performance to stop the California courts from harassing Sharon Kramer and threatenng to incarcerate her in an effort to conceal that Justice McConnell, Justice Huffman and several of their judciary peers are criminals.  

      Please sign up to follow the Facebook Group, JUSTICE FOR SHARON NOONAN KRAMER and share it with your friends.  Public sunlight is the only way to stop a judicial system that is severely compromised at its helm.

Please sign up to follow KATY’S EXPOSURE BLOG. We’ll keep you posted!

      For a greater understanding of why the California judicia system fears what Sharon has to say and the evidence she can provide that their unlawful actions have endangered and harmed the lives of thousands of US citizens, please listen to the

   IAQ RADIO INTERVIEW of Sharon Kramer,   January 20, 2012

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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4 Responses to Blogger Facing Execution For Publishing Truth On Web

  1. Dana Toliver says:

    Here’s yet another case of injustice:
    Free Robert Green; all he did was pass out leaflets/pamphlets and he has been sentenced to a year in prison!

  2. katy says:

    Yes. The US Chamber of Commerce actually states that it is scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from “toxic mold” are only being made because of “trial lawyers, media and Junk Science”. Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin of Veritox, Inc. were paid by the Manhattan Institute to write those words for the US Chamber. The 2003 paper is titled “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”. It was specifically written with the target market being judges. It cites false authorship of being co-authored by a physician from UCLA, Andrew Saxon. It also cites false authorship of being co-authored by an industrial hygienst, Coreen Robbins. Robbins is also a co-owner of VeriTox and a prolific expert defense witness in mold litigation. Saxon is not an owner of VeriTox, but is also a prolific expert defense witness in mold litigation.

    Although quite involved and written for those in the know, the whole ugly story can be read on Katy’s Exposure under the blog title of “Truth Out Sharon Kramer Letter To Andrew Saxon, MOLD ISSUE” Aprl 2010.

    Its ALL there. Billng records, under oath testimonies, how and why the courts framed Sharon Kramer for libel, who knows about it, who has been profiting from it, etc. Mold attorneys frequently use this post because of all the linked legal documents that show Kelman’s expert witness opinion is garbage that was legitimized by being endorsed into policy by ACOEM and the US Chamber – with the Chamber paper citing false authorship.

    THAT is why the courts have been trying to silence Kramer for years. They don’t want people to know that by framing a defendant for libel and suppressing the evidence that the plaintiff, Kelman, committed perjury to establish malice, the courts have WILLFULLY AIDED SCIENCE FRAUD to continue in courts and policy that has endangered and harmed thousands. Its racketeering BY the courts and it goes all the way up to the CA Supreme Court. Kramer’s writing of March 2005 was the first to publicly expose HOW they marketed garbage science into policy for the purpose of defrauding the public and the courts. The courts framed her for libel for five little words to make it look like all her words were false. Then they gagged her from writing the five words they framed her for, so she couldn’t publicly let it be known what they did. Now, it appears they may lock her up to conceal their criminal behavior.

  3. jWagner says:

    Does the US Chamber of Commerce actually state (somewhere official, lol) that “it is scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from ‘toxic mold’ are only being made because of ‘trial lawyers, media and Junk Science’? LOL !!! Are you serious? This is fodder for Comedy Central! I guess they’ve never heard of “yellow rain”. Tell them to brush up on their history at Quote: “T-2 mycotoxins and Yellow Rain; same destructive neurological, immunological agents found in indoor molds.” And “Inhalation: Declassified reports prove T-2 mycotoxin was biological warfare agent …in aerosol form (“yellow rain”) to produce lethal and non-lethal casualties in Laos during Vietnam War, resulted in more than 6,378 deaths. …Evidence is now declassified, well-documented, but many still try to debate it… T-2 mycotoxin as biological weapon in Kampuchea (1979-81) with 1,034 deaths and Afghanistan (1979-81) with 3,042 deaths….” Do I really need to continue? Some one needs to report that Cali judge and his VeriTox bed buddy to Comedy Central. Hey, it’s free material and it’s hilarious! We could show them pouring mycotoxin syrup on their pancakes and smoking mariji-mold instead of…

  4. Greg Weatherman says:

    Where’s the 1st Amendment? Why don’t consumers have a right to know about legal matters? Why should less than knowledgeable or honest people be allowed to hide among knowledgeable or honest people? What kind of kangaroo court are y’all operating? Are we in a third world country?

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