Interview Regarding Being Jailed For Exposing Unholy Union Of US Chamber & Cal Court Leaders, On Internet


JANUARY 20, 2012 

Website owners are refusing to remove the evidence from their sites of how the California courts have gone out of their way to frame a US citizen for libel as they suppressed the evidence the plaintiff committed perjury to establish needed reason for malice over a writing impacting public health policy – and then gagged the citizen from being able to write and evidence what the courts have done. 

When the citizen, Sharon Kramer, refused to be silenced by unlawful court order and placed the evidence on the Internet of what the courts have been doing – and know they have been doing, the courts then held her in Contempt of Court and sentenced her to jail if the evidence of court corruption, “Speak With One Voice” , is not removed from the Internet by February 6, 2012.

The plaintiff in the case, Bruce Kelman, is an author of fraudulent medico-legal policy for the US Chamber of Commerce (2003) over the mold issue. Mrs. Kramer is the catalyst for a Federal GAO Report (2008) which removed the Chamber’s false science from federal policy.

The uncontroverted evidence in the court record of Kelman v. Kramer, Case No. 37-2010-0006-1530, North San Diego Superior Court is that the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court, in the prior related case, FIXED their opinions (2006 & 2010) to falsely find Kramer guilty of libel and suppressed the evidence Kelman committed perjury to establish libel law needed reason for malice.

As a result of the website owners refusing to remove the evidence of the California judicial branch leaders colluding to defraud the public by aiding Kelman with malicious litigations against Kramer; a never impeached US citizen is going to go to jail for daring to speak and evidence the truth on the Internet.



JANUARY 20, 2012 

Show’s Promotion: “Sharon Noonan Kramer has been found to be in contempt of court and will spend at least five days in jail this February. This week we will talk to Sharon and ask her to explain how things got to this point. According to Sharon her goal continues to be ‘to remove the false concept from policy; state & federal agencies and physicians’ offices that it has been scientifically proven Water Damaged Buildings do not cause illness beyond the respiratory system in prior healthy people’.  How did her passion for this cause lead to facing prison? Join us and find out.”

Alliance For California Judges Quote: “We are loyal to the laws of the United States and to the laws of California and to the public. Our oath of office is not to an individual or to a judicial organization. The failure to understand this basic concept has caused much mischief.”

Bruce Kelman wants Sharon Kramer jailed for five days if Katy’s Exposure blog owner (who is not Kramer) does not remove a December 2011 POST of US citizens, scientists and physicans requesting that OSHA and the EPA CIAQ issue a public health advisory over the mold issue. This citizen request was also a suggested action by the Federal GAO audit of the mold issue.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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3 Responses to Interview Regarding Being Jailed For Exposing Unholy Union Of US Chamber & Cal Court Leaders, On Internet

  1. katy says:

    The way you can help Sharon is to get this information out as far as you can. If Sharon does not take the posts regarding this matter off of my web site by February 6, 2012; and an additional post in which the Chief Justice of the Ca is shown to have be provided evidence that one of her Juridical Council members falsified court documents (among other court criminal actities of the case), the courts are going to send Sharon to jail. She does not own this website and does not have ultimate say what gets posted and what gets retracted. So the courts are going to send her to jail for not doing something that is not in her control to do. They want the evidence off of the Internet that the Chief Justice knows her courts framed a defendant for libel, suppressed the evidence the plaintiff committed perjury and then gagged the defendant from being able to write the exact words for which she was framed.

    Get the information out far and wide. Sunglight is the only thing that will stop the corrupt courts of California from incarcerating Sharon to conceal their criminal activities, since no one will take action to stop them including the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

  2. How can we help Sharon?

  3. biotechharm says:

    This just makes me SICK to my stomach! Where is the justice here? Kramer has done nothing but speak the truth and expose the corruption in the Judicial System.
    We, the American public, have Constitutional rights? DON’T THINK SO.
    Does anyone have any doubt that mold causes severe diseases as well as death?

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