Attorney for US Gov’t’s Moldy Military Housing Manager Attacks Media

court over leopard attackMay 8, 2013 VIDEO Lincoln Military Housing lawyer attacks NewsChannel 3 investigation in court “Norfolk, Va. – Several military families appeared in federal court on Wednesday at a hearing in front of a judge against Lincoln Military Housing for mold and water damage. The families represent just a few of the more than 200 potential cases.” 
Feb 8, 2013  The Military Housing’s Defense Attorney in the video above, left “Cooley LLP to join Proskaeur Ros as the co-head of the firm’s Labor & Employment Practice in Washington D.C. She will also co-head the Whistleblowing & Retaliation practice group.” (Does that say “Retaliation practice group” ????)
Dear God, Buddha, Allah and All the Powers in the Universe,
Please watch over and protect U.S. military children today from the United States government, their contractors and attorneys who feign ignorance that the children are being sickened by chemical biotoxins and other contaminants in moldy military housing. Our government orders our Troops to risk their lives to protect children in the Middle East from chemical attacks. Is it too much to ask that the U.S. government does the same to protect the Troops’ children here at home?
May 7, 2013 VIDEO ~ WTKR  Moldy Living Conditions Still Being Questioned Inside Lincoln Military Housing As Company Heads To Court
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3 Responses to Attorney for US Gov’t’s Moldy Military Housing Manager Attacks Media

  1. katy says:

    Awful tale of lack of concern for the safety of our troops’ families. If it were me who was wondering what could be done, I would contact the attorneys who are representing the military families in the Lincoln Military Housing debacle in Virgina.

    BTW, you are a good writer who has explained the matter well.

    Best of success to you!

  2. carabarber says:

    I am the spouse of an active duty Marine and our family, along with hundreds of others, were persistently exposed to toxic demolition debris blown toward and into our military housing between 2009-2011. 3 months after being assigned to our home on base, the first demolition site next door began, which entailed the demolition of over 200 old military housing units originally constructed in the 1950’s and known to be infested with asbestos, layers upon layers of lead-based paint, toxic mold, overwhelming pesticides and other carcinogens. Within 1 week of the demolitions beginning, countless families in our neighborhood began suffering from respiratory issues, unexplained skin rashes, migraines, nausea, insomnia . . . you name it.

    As soon one demolition site was completed another would begin directly upwind from our military housing neighborhood and this continued for years until, after filing a HUD complaint against the privatized military housing contractor responsible, we were able to relocate to off base housing at their expense in 2011.

    The privatized military housing contractor who managed housing as well as the numerous ongoing demolitions and construction sites on our base was successfully sued for over $100 million dollars just a few years prior to being awarded this military housing contract for the intentional toxic exposures they caused during the same kind of housing demolition and reconstruction project in a different state. Even so, their demolition practices aboard our military base proved even more unsafe than I could have ever imagined! Apparently, they had no concern for our military families and somehow knew they could not be held accountable for exposing our families to the persistent toxic demolition emissions.

    During the 5-6 year housing demolition process aboard our military base, the cases of children living in on base housing being diagnosed with debilitating asthma jumped 80%! If this is not a red flag, I don’t know what is! Despite the overwhelming number of complaints and concerns expressed by military families with documented medical evidence proving the correlation between their health issues and toxic exposures — no one was able to hold this ruthless, greedy and malicious company, Forest City Enterprises, accountable for the overwhelming harm they caused countless military families.

    Due to Forest City’s unsafe and unregulated demolition practices combined with the excessive high wind speeds here on the coast of Hawaii, the lead-based paint debris, toxic mold spores, asbestos & pesticide residue that infested the old military housing was allowed to circulate throughout all base housing areas during demolition and even into all of the new homes that were being constructed nearby. As a result, hundreds of military families living in the new homes Forest City constructed during simultaneous toxic demolitions are now infested with the same toxic mold and other carcinogens! Although not as severe, these families continue to experience the same medical symptoms we experienced during our persistent exposure to Forest City’s toxic demolition emissions.

    Now, thousands of affected military families remain without recourse for the life-long, debilitating medical conditions they have been caused to suffer as a result of Forest City’s unsafe and unregulated toxic demolitions. Even worse, these families will have no recourse for any of the future diseases they will develop as a result of these same toxic exposures.

    Any information and/or guidance you can provide would be immensely appreciated!

  3. I believe this is why my son-in-law was forced to be out of the Beale. AFB after he was allowed to re-enlist for another 7 years with a promotion. All of that came to a halt because their whole family was exposed to a mold bathroom and two bedrooms and reported it to the base. The Air Force sent folks with hasmat suits except for the person who was in charge of the on base rentals. God help these so called military leadership. They are no different than civilian slum lords.
    The same military AF owned these homes and were reselling them to make sure others got sick with new families as in utero or newborns???

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