On Nov 6th please vote NO retention of five San Diego Appellate Justices


Video: “The Toxic Judgment, Veritox v. Kramer” published on October 4, 2018

by Sharon Noonan Kramer

I am a forty–year resident of San Diego County. I have a degree in marketing and am a medical journal published author re: conflicts of interest when setting environmental public health policies throughout the United States.

In 2005, I published a writing on PRWeb that exposed how junk science (a bogus risk assessment model concocted by dishonest toxicologists) was being mass-marketed into policies for the purpose of causing insurer fraud in U.S. claims handling practices and toxic torts.  It is a multi-billion dollar scam.

The above named justices have worked in concert with other local judges, justices, their clerks and attorneys to frame me for libel for my 2005 writing, to keep the insurer fraud scam going from coast to coast.  Since 2008, the legal document they use to frame me is the Toxic Judgment.

It fraudulently does not state by decree that the 2008 jury found my 2005 writing did not libel the unethical-toxicologists who are the owners of the corporation, GlobalTox, Inc. (now Veritox, Inc.). Nor does the Toxic Judgment state that I was awarded costs as the trial prevailing party.

Veritox owners are the creators of the bogus risk model that my 2005 writing exposed is smoke & mirrors junk science.  They are prolific toxic tort expert defense witnesses hired by attorneys who are retained by insurers throughout the United States. They are federal contractors of the United States Department of Justice & Department of Defense. They are public policy setters.

The next time that their scam (that I exposed in 2005 & the local courts have been framing me for libel to keep it going ever since) was written of, it was on the front page and above the fold of the Wall Street Journal in 2007.

I am one of hundreds of California citizens who worked together from 2016 to 2018 to cause the California legislature to direct the State Auditor to audit the judicial branch’s toothless watchdog, the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP). Many know of judicial crimes (“case-fixing”) going unpunished throughout the state.  The AUDIT began earlier this month.

Demonstrating no fear that the CJP or State Auditor (or anyone else) will ever cause them to be held accountable for case-fixing to cause the continuance of the multi-billion-dollar insurer fraud scam based on Veritox’s junk science; the case-fixing with the Toxic Judgment involving the above named justices, audaciously rages on in the San Diego courts.

In June of 2018, I caught the North San Diego County Court records department backdating a fraudulent entry into the case’s electronic record. The false entry was needed and used to facilitate the renewal of Toxic Judgment, so it can criminally remain in effect for ten more years. This is so the local courts can continue to use it to frame me for libel and harassment on behalf of the owners of Veritox and their attorney clients — who rely on the junk science that I exposed to win their toxic tort cases.

All of the above and more is documented in “The Toxic Judgment“. One may fast-forward and jump around in the above-linked video. Beginning at one hour twenty-four minutes in, one may see the video clip of me orally reporting on February 9, 2017, this ongoing CJP unpunished judicial case-rigging with the Toxic Void Judgment.

Who I was reporting the collusive judicial crime to, is California’s Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue and Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra.  In the public’s best interest, I was trying to stop involved Judge William Dato from being promoted to the position of associate appellate justice in the Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal.

Indicative of how pervasive the problem really is with no fear of ever being held accountable, the Chief Justice and Attorney General cracked jokes about “harmless error” with one of the other local judges involved, Judge Joel Pressman (now retired). The room filled with judges, justices and their clerks laughed hysterically at the poor taste jokes — including some of those named above. This is documented by video clips, too.

Over my objections and with no questions asked of him regarding his role in the ongoing case-fixing with the Toxic Judgment to defraud the public, Judge Dato became Justice Dato on February 9, 2017.  In February of 2018, he was appointed by the Chief Justice and the CA Supreme Court to serve as a Commissioner of the CJP (the state’s toothless and compromised judicial watchdog).

As “The Toxic Judgment” shows, many know of the disturbing above-the-law mentality in California’s courts with no fear of ever being held accountable.  Willful legal errors when case-fixing to knowingly devastate thousands of lives and rob taxpayers in the process, are not funny errors nor are they “harmless errors”. Nor should they be rewarded by voter-retention of judicial office.

We can do better!

Please help to take a bite out of judicial above-the-law mentality in California.

Vote NO retention of the “HI-BAD” Appellate Justices in San Diego

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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