HEALTHY INDOORS Magazine publishes its first online volume!

HEALTHY INDOORS Magazine is a free subscription, online publication that is dedicated to advancing the understanding of problems caused and solutions for poor indoor air quality (IAQ).
Susan Valenti and Bob Krell, the publication’s creators, are names many should recognize.  They have both worked in areas of the IAQ issue for over 20 years. 
We were also pleased to see Steve Sauer’s name listed among the contributing authors. We happen to know that Steve can write equally as well as he can play the Blues — and he’s a great Blues musician!
The magazine is really slick in its format and is easy to read.  You can click on a page and then select which font size is easiest for you. 
And of course, we are pleased that Katy’s Exposure Blog is mentioned as reference if you want to know the skinny behind much of the politics in the health marketing side of the IAQ issue. 
We highly suggest that you check it out!  To obtain a free subscription, simply click on the link below.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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