San Diego courts caught backdating fraudulent electronic case records.

I cannot even believe how dirty the CA courts are, with no fear of ever being held accountable.  In June of 2018, I caught them backdating fraudulent entries into the electronic case-file (the Register of Action (ROA) and the Case History).

They had to do it in order to criminally renew the void judgment they have been criminally harassing me with for ten years.  The Supervisor of the North San Diego Superior Court records dept told me on August 31, 2018, that they were “directed” to do it.

This is the Void Judgment that I have been screaming about for TEN YEARS b/c it’s the document that they have used to frame me as libeling the owners of Veritox, Inc. (formerly GlobalTox, Inc.) for my exposing their gov’t backed junk science in U.S. Toxic Mold litigations in 2005.

The courts and Veritox’s attorney, Keith Scheuer, created this Void Judgment ten years ago via Mr. Scheuer concocting it and two court deputy clerks falsifying court documents and electronic case files in late 2008 early 2009.

Most people seem to think that the August 2008 jury found that I was guilty of libeling this corporation that is co-owned by ex-CDC NIOSH deputy director, Bryan Hardin.  But the jury found I was NOT guilty of libeling Veritox.   The courts have just been falsifying court documents and electronic records to make it appear that way, including the case’s judgment that they just renewed via fraudulent ROA entries.

Judgments have to be renewed every ten years to remain viable and they have to be supported by the ROA to do it.  So the San Diego Superior court just criminally renewed this one from 2008 by corrupting the ROA with a fraudulent, backdated entry — which means they just took a thirteen year fixed SLAPP suit that began in 2005; and criminally turned it into a twenty-three years fixed SLAPP suit that will keep going until 2028.

They don’t give a damn about justice or the people  — and they know no one prosecutes judges and clerks who case-fix together.  (Just ask Attorney General Becerra if that statement is not correct.  He LIED TO ME ON VIDEO with the Chief Justice sitting right next to him on February 9, 2017 when he said his CADOJ would investigate this ongoing epic crime).

Their audacity is truly amazing.  Even with being caught in June 2018, backdating more fraudulent entries into the ROA before they renewed the void judgment on July 17, 2018, they went ahead and did it.

Why not?  The CA Attorney General’s office is useless at stopping the rampant judicial corruption problem plaguing our courts.  Most people don’t know this, but when judges and branch employees get sued in federal court for case-fixing together — the CA Attorney General become the defense attorney of record.  The CADOJ then uses the public’s tax-dollars to pay for the defense of the public-cheating judges and those who aid and abet them.

I swear on my father’s grave that I think the California judicial branch is more proficient than the Mafia when it comes to organized crime; and the California Attorney General’s office (and your tax dollars) are used to enable them.  No Joke.

So, what is a girl (who can’t stand to watch people lose all they own and some die from the cronyism)  to do?  I guess I will just keep screaming and writing of what feels like a life-sentence of judicial gang banging, until someone grows a conscience and makes it stop.

 We are going again on Oct 5, 2018 because I can under the law.  I am NOT shutting up or putting up with this crime for another ten years while having to watch people lose everything they own and some die from the newly renewed toxic void judgment.

I have asked San Diego Superior Court CEO Mike Roddy and San Diego Presiding Judge Peter Deddeh to get those fraudulent entries out of the electronic record (the Register of Action (ROA) and Case History) before the 5th, so Judge Earl Maas III is forced to lawfully vacate the newly renewed void judgment. This is the fraudulent little document that greatly harms THOUSANDS of people from coast to coast and continues to criminally harass me under the color of law for refusing silence of the relentless case-fixing.

I am not kidding one iota when I say that they can make pedophile priests look like choir boys when it comes to feigning respectability while abusing their power to hurt people and CYA for each other.

Priests can only screw their victims one or two at a time.  In this matter alone, the CA judicial branch has screwed thousands of people at once with one fraudulent court document (and a few fraudulent electronic case entries to hide and enable it).  They just put it in writing that they are going to continue to do it for the next ten years, if someone doesn’t stop them.

Here’s (a minute portion of) the proof:  In the matter of Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc. v Sharon Kramer, Case GIN044539 North San Diego County Superior Court.  Hearing date, October 5, 2018 at 1:30 PM in Dept 28.


18.09.12 Motion

Sharon Kramer


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