URGENT! Stop the Fraud that it’s Proven TOXIC MOLD doesn’t harm!

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Dear All,

If you want the discriminatory fraud removed from physician education, policies and toxic torts that it’s proven “Toxic Mold” can never reach a level to disable or kill anyone; then please click on the below link and follow its simple directions by August 9th of how you can help. It’s easy! Takes about two minutes, tops!

Center for Judicial Excellence, Call to ACTION to Stop Court Crime

(please click on THIS LINK to help!) See UPDATE at the bottom of this blog if this link does not work for you. 


On August 10th, the CA Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) is going to vote on whether the CA Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) should be audited. The CJP is supposed to police ethics in the CA courts.  Strong evidence indicates that they are an ineffectual state agency which tends to serve more as a judicial lap-dog than a judicial watchdog.

The reason this CJP audit is of the utmost importance to stop the discrimination of the Toxic-Mold-disabled, is because for six years the CJP has been burying the clear and convincing evidence that their former chairwoman, Justice Judith McConnell, has fixed a Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) (actually two SLAPPS) to aid the fraud to continue that it’s proven Toxic Mold can never reach a level to harm anyone.

Presiding Justice McConnnell is now unlawfully and unethically blocking the ability for back-dated-falsified court documents in the fixed SLAPPs to be vacated in a lower court by refusing to recall and rescind the Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal (4th/1st) fraud-concealing 2010 Remittitur.

She can’t cause the recall of the remittitur w/o spotlighting that she and five fellow 4th/1st justices have been case-fixing SLAPP, burying falsified court documents & burying court clerk mail fraud; by criminal means for now over a decade on behalf of the “We proved Toxic Mold doesn’t hurt anyone by adding math to data we took from one rat study” fraudsters Bruce Kelman, Bryan Hardin and their company, Veritox, Inc. (formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc.)

I have a degree in marketing.  In 2005, I published a writing exposing how the false concept that it was proven Toxic Mold can’t harm or kill came to be; how it was being mass-marketed; and how one could defeat it in court by exposing the exchange of money behind the marketing scam.  I also exposed how one could trip-up a bogus expert defense witness who is a merchant of death, Bruce Kelman, by making him talk about the exchange of money among the pervaders of the fraud. (Needless to say, they wanted me silenced!)

It is this writing for which the 4th/1st framed me for libel — not once, not twice, but three times – for the words “altered his under oath statements“; and then buried the direct evidence of falsified, back-dated and court-clerk-mailed fraudulent SLAPP documents to keep the fraud going.

I have experienced a decade of retaliation that includes but is not limited to false imprisonment, bodily harm, and a falsified FBI criminal record — while they have tried to silence, discredit and scare me into signing a false confession of being guilty of libel, under the cloak of law, for my exposing the Toxic Mold science-fraud-scam that is written into policies; and the scammers in the California courts who keep it going.

We have been able to knock Veritox’s “huge leap” of “garbage science” out of occupational physician education with the help of our friends at U.S. OSHA and WorkCompCentral.  But we need the toothless CJP to be audited to eradicate the fraud completely from ALL U.S. physician educational materials, policies and toxic torts that it’s proven Toxic Mold doesn’t harm.

Forcing the CJP to publicly admonish their former Chairwoman McConnell for concealment, continued usage and blocking the vacating of falsified and back-dated void legal documents in Kelman’s, Veritox’s and their attorney, Keith Scheuer’s, judicially abetted and wrought-with-crime decade of SLAPPs – by audit of the severe problems within the CJP, will stop the fraud.

If you don’t understand the above, that’s okay. You don’t have to understand the details of the Toxic Mold scam or what it means to refuse to recall a fraud-concealing-remittitur, to help.

But KNOW THIS: what it means is that those being discriminated against from coast to coast for saying Toxic Mold has made them extremely ill and can get no help, are in reality the victims of a decade of unrepentant and unpunished crime in the San Diego courts.  An audit of the CJP will help to stop that crime and thus obliterate the discrimination of the Toxic Mold disabled.

Please click on the below link and follow the simple directions to easily help others help the Toxic Mold disabled and dying. We need your two minutes of help no later than August 9, 2016.


Center for Judicial Excellence, Call to ACTION to Stop Court Crime  

(please click on THIS LINK to help!)


UPDATE: Some people are having difficulty with the above links.  If they do not work for you, cut, paste and send this:

Subject: Please Vote to Audit The Commission

Send this message and sign your name:

Please ensure that Joint Legislative Audit Committee votes to pass the request to audit the Commission on Judicial Performance at the Aug. 10th JLAC hearing. The Commission has never been audited in 55 years and it needs to better serve the public. It is failing to protect us against judicial misconduct – less than 2% of complaints filed by the public result in discipline, and 90% are thrown away immediately, without even a follow-up by the agency. They need to be more transparent and accountable. Sincerely,

These are the staffers’ email addresses:













If you would prefer to call, the phone numbers and a script to say are HERE 

Please share this information with others who would like to help us, help you.

Thank you,

Sharon Kramer

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About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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