“TOXIC MOLD”  The CA Comm on Judicial Performance to be Audited!

This is a HUGE step toward restoring integrity in California’s courts and ridding the judicial branch of unsavory characters!

Today, the California Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted to approve an audit of the California Commission on Judicial Performance, the “independent state agency” charged with policing judicial ethics. 

I thank all of you who spearheaded and helped to cause this audit, from the bottom of my heart.  I’ve been crying tears of joy since the decision to audit became a reality today.

I can’t even tell you what this audit means to me and to thousands from across the US who have been disabled or lost loved ones to Toxic Mold and have been unable to find any help. Most of these people don’t even know what a CJP audit is or how years of unethically unrecalled remittiturs have harmed them. 

In 2005, I published a writing. It exposed how it became a fraud in US policies, physician educational materials and toxic torts that it was scientifically proven Toxic Mold cannot reach a level in water damaged buildings to disable or kill anyone; and how one could defeat the fraud in court by making an “expert” talk about the exchange of money between the players in the scam.

For ten years, CJP’s ex-Chair Justice Judith McConnell and five other justices in the CA Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal have been case-fixing; framing me for libel with actual malice for the words “altered his under oath statements“; and burying falsified & back-dated court docs in the SLAPP brought by the creators of the fraud — to shut me up of how and why it was being mass-marketed for money (lots of it!) and how one could defeat it.  

Make-You-FreeMcConnell has been blocking back-dated-void-on-their-face legal documents from being vacated (by refusing multiple times to recall fraud-concealing remittiturs), so a lower court can’t have jurisdiction, and is blocked from vacating them.  

I prevailed over Veritox, Inc. in a 2008 trial and was awarded costs by ruling. The 4th/1st fraudsters’ repeated refusals to recall remittiturs, hides that they buried the void judgment did not state I prevailed over Veritox in trial, in their  September 2010 Appellate Opinion.  They have been concealing that the void judgment does not state true prevailing parties to a litigation over a matter impacting public health, nationwide.

They can’t recall fraud-concealing remittiturs now, without exposing they have been covering-up fraudulent court documents and case-fixing SLAPP to defraud the United States public for TEN YEARS. 

McConnell has been keeping me under her thumb by refusing to be disqualified upon challenge.  I can’t get the matter out of her control, as she’s blocked the void legal documents from being vacated to keep her and five other 4th/1st Fraudsters’ deadly fraud upon their court hidden from public light.  

Her unrecalled remittiturs (there are three, 2007, 2010, & 2013) are the corroded lynch-pins which the scientific fraud that it’s proven Toxic Mold doesn’t disable, hinges upon to remain viable. Remove those fraud-concealing lynch-pins and the entire scam collapses — leaving McConnell, the other 4th/1st fraudsters, Veritox, Inc., and their attorney, Keith Scheuer, together in a pile of rubble of ruined reputations and careers. Lives will be saved.

For six years the CJP has refused multiple times to admonish McConnell, as her deadly unrecalled remittiturs continue to harm thousands. The continued discrimination of the Toxic Mold disabled is so horrible and sometimes so intolerable that it has caused suicides, and she knows it.  

In December of 2010, when the CJP first began burying the clear and convincing evidence of her SLAPP-fixing, McConnell was Chair of the CJP.

With this CJP audit, we now have a fighting chance to make the CJP publicly admonish McConnell and the other 4th/1st Fraudsters — thereby eradicating the deadly science fraud that it’s proven Toxic Mold can’t disable or kill, from physician education, policies & toxic tort all across the United States.

And that’s just how the Toxic Mold injured will be helped.  


About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to “TOXIC MOLD”  The CA Comm on Judicial Performance to be Audited!

  1. Go get em Sharon. If my case can help you expose the bias and discrimination found in the fourth appellate court case fixing just let me know. My case would have exposed a twenty year fraud but was blocked from being presented to a jury for deliberation.

    God Bless your efforts.

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