Bill Cosby, Justice Judith McConnell & Defamation by Seriel Predators

On November 2, 2015, the LA Times published an article titled, “Bill Cosby can be questioned in model Janice Dickinson’s defamation lawsuit, judge rules.”

The gist of the article is that by denying that a crime occurred, Mr. Cosby defamed his rape victim; and by doing so aided himself to be able to continue on with his predatory acts to harm others. An LA judge has ruled that Mr. Cosby, along with his former attorney who aided to cover up the rapes with defamatory lies, can be deposed.

I know how Mr. Cosby’s defamed victim feels.  I know what it feels like to expose well-connected-fraudsters — only to have it covered up by corrupt court officers via defamation to make it appear the fraud one exposed, never happened.

In 2005, I exposed a massive fraud in U.S. public health policy.  It was purposed toward misleading courts to deny liability for environmental disabilities from exposure to biocontaminants in water damaged buildings.  Basically, its a massive insurer fraud scam that is founded on one bogus risk assessment model that has been mass-marketed into policy and to courts by “nonprofit” medical associations.

Several CA justices and judges participated in framing me for libel and falsifying court documents to make me appear to be a liar for exposing fraud.  This was to keep the well-connected fraudsters able to keep going to harm others — just like Mr. Cosby’s rape victim has been defamed to keep his predatory fraud going. (In my matter, the fraudsters are toxic tort expert defense witnesses for the United States Department of Justice)

Last week, I sent the below letter to the main defaming case-fixer, California Justice Judith McConnell.  She is the Presiding Justice of the California Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal (4th/1st) and former Chairwoman of the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP). The CJP is the “independent state agency” which allegedly oversees the ethics of California judges.

I also attached the below letter as an exhibit to the U.S. Attorney General, the Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services, and the Director of the White House Office on Science & Technology Policy, along with the USDOJ Attorney for the Southern District of California. I asked that they intercede to stop the mass-discrimination of the environmentally disabled by the continuing defamation.

I told Justice McConnell to stop acting like she’s “Bill Cosby” and to move to mitigate the damage from her criminal, discriminatory, and defaming acts on her own accord, because the body count from her crimes are still piling up.  One can read the letters here:

The letter to Justice McConnell states:

Justice McConnell,

RE: Recall and rescind the three remittiturs from the SLAPP suits you fixed to frame me for libel and cause the judgments to be vacated/fraudulent liens on my property removed.

Attached is a letter to the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) requesting that they sunset their mold position statement – that relies on a scientific fraud you have aided and abetted to continue by case-fixing from your bench. (2006-2013).

Within the letter I go into great detail of just how hypocritically corrupt the 4th/1st judicial officers are, especially you. I discuss the ten years of discrimination of the environmentally disabled you have caused, nationwide. by  your criminal acts under the color of law.

You took an oath of office to protect the public and the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Yet, with strokes of your twisted pen while trying to make me appear a liar for exposing a massive fraud that harms thousands —  you have physically harmed, disabled and killed more Americans than ISIS could ever hope to in their wildest dreams.

You have the ability to make it stop by recalling the fraudulent remittiturs from the fixed SLAPP suits Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer (2005-2013) and Kelman v. Kramer (2010-2013) of your own accord.

“a remittitur may be recalled on the reviewing court’s own motion, on motion or petition after notice supported by affidavits, or on stipulation setting forth the facts which will justify the granting of the order is now determined by rule. (Rule 25(d), Rules on Appeal; 36 Cal.2d at p. 22.)… Other than for the correction of clerical errors, the recall may be ordered on the ground of fraud, mistake or inadvertence.”

Please don’t act like Bill Cosby and pretend you have not committed crimes until someone makes you acknowledge it. The body count is still piling up from your fraud upon the court.  Please recall and rescind the remittiturs of your own accord.

                                                                                              Thank you,

                                                                                               Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer

Enclosures:   (2)

Proof that you and fellow officers of your court concealed a void judgment in SLAPP.

Letter to ACMT (and others)”

The only differences between the Cosby case and the Veritox, Inc. case (the defaming of me) is that my evidence of the rape of the public and defamation to cover it up is founded upon direct, not circumstantial, evidence.  Yet the USDOJ contractors at Veritox, Inc., along with the complicit California court officers are still able to practice their defamatory acts to aid their predatory acts to continue to harm thousands.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to Bill Cosby, Justice Judith McConnell & Defamation by Seriel Predators

  1. Dina Padilla says:

    It appears that our government both state and federal operate like Bill Cosby. Far too many American citizens have tried to get redress from agencies like the USDOJ and this department that is supposed to take complaints from citizens do not.. Another is to give the American people protection against corporate tyranny and does not. It makes one wonder who is really in charge and why do we pay taxes for such an ineffective government. Our government has been taken over by zealots, crack pots, and religious nut jobs, certainly not anyone with honesty, integrity, morals, ethics, principles or passion for the laws of the our land. So, because it is run by those who undermine our country so the rightwing ideologues can say government doesn’t work, It is that way because the rightwing wants it to be so, so that nobody will believe in government and the rightwing won’t have to obey the laws of our land and get away with malfeasance that they have gotten away with for so long, which is a conspiracy on the people, all for corporations like Veritox to harm many Americans and others. We’ve been taken over for and by corporations like Veritox. and those in Congress & the senate have aided and abetted because all they think about is their status and, power and money. That companies like Veritox will provide via campaign money , company shares & donations. TO those who are supposed to be there for the people. And do not forget the military’s part in all of this, the DOD THAT receives at least 2/3 rd’s of the national budget every year. We need to start voting for people who care about the people rather than ill gotten gains called profit. by the likes of deviant corporations like Veritox. or the DOD…

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