USA Today ~ USDOJ claims crack-down on corporate fraudsters. REALLY? I don’t think so!!!

Sunday’s November 1st USA Today contains an article about renewed ethics in the USDOJ and the intent to hold While Collar criminals personally accountable. From USA TODAY:  “New Justice Dept. policy aims to get tough on Wall Street fraud WASHINGTON

“The Justice Department issued new policy Wednesday that made the prosecution of Wall Street executives involved in financial fraud a major priority, all but acknowledging nagging criticism that powerful corporate figures have escaped criminal charges.”

On Friday, October 30th, I mailed a letter to our new Attorney General.  It is regarding the USDOJ’s Southern California District Office’s (San Diego office) refusal to prosecute White Collar fraudsters who have teamed up with White Coats, Black Robes and multiple “public servants” to commit one of the biggest insurer fraud scams ever perpetrated on the United States public.

The multi-billion dollar scam originated by the owners of the corporation, Veritox, Inc. in 2001.  Two toxicologists applied extrapolations to data from one rat study and professed they had proven microbial toxins in water damaged buildings could never reach a level to harm  Hereafter referred to as the “Veritox Theory“, it has been covered up from being exposed as scientific fraud, since 2005 by corruption in the San Diego courts.  The Veritox Theory was purposed and mass marketed from the very beginning toward increasing corporate profits by spinning science to discriminate against the environmentally disabled in insurer claims handling practices and scientific fraud upon the courts in toxic torts.

One can read the Oct 30th letter to the new Attorney General at this link: “American College of Medical Toxicology, Choose Wisely to Sunset Your Mold Statement”

It strongly appears to me that the new USDOJ ethics standards of holding corporate fraudsters accountable do not apply when the USDOJ itself has Unclean Hands.

Section X of attached EXHIBIT B to the USDOJ letter states on pages 42 and 43:

“From 2004 to date, the USDOJ has hired Veritox, Inc. as expert witnesses multiple times reportedly paying them nearly $1,000.000.00.[145] The Veritox Theory has been repeatedly used by USDOJ attorneys to defeat claims of federal liability caused by negligent maintenance of WDB military housing and various federal buildings. [146] [147]

 Under new leadership, the USDOJ claims to be holding corporate fraudsters personally accountable for harming the United States public by unlawful and criminal acts. [See fn 144] They claim to be cracking down on discriminatory acts by government employees in local jurisdictions who violate civil rights. [148]

Yet the USDOJ’s promises of renewed ethics, of holding corporate fraudsters accountable, and of stopping civil rights violations by government employees, ring hollow. The promises of prosecution for collusive criminal acts appear not to apply when the USDOJ has an ugly stake in the game.

On August 7, 2015, a letter was sent to me from the office of the USDOJ Attorney Southern District of California refusing to prosecute for the collusive fraud upon the court in the SLAPP suits causing mass discrimination of WDB-disabled on behalf of WDB-stakeholders, including the United States government; while violating my right to advocate for the WDB-disabled. [149]

Mr. Kevin Shipp is an ex-CIA agent and author of the book, “From the Company of Shadows”. My fellow-whistleblower Mr. Shipp, provided the following quote for this letter. Like mine, his comments are made to help thwart U.S. government backed fraud, waste, abuse of power, cronyism and rampant whistleblower retaliation/justified fear of retribution over the Toxic Mold Issue – to help save lives. To quote Mr. Shipp:

‘Repeatedly, the federal government has concealed the existence of toxic mold in government buildings and on government bases. Certain agencies have gone as far as claiming personal injury suits for toxic mold and other exposures are ‘classified,’ to keep them from reaching the courts. Similar obstruction is used by the US military to conceal toxic exposure of military personnel and their families. As a result, federal employees and their families have suffered serious medical injury, incurred significant medical bills, had their personal possessions destroyed due to contamination and have been financially ruined. This has become a common modus operandi used by federal agencies to silence plaintiffs in federal toxic torts suits – because it has worked in the past. In many cases, federal employees or service members who file these complaints suffer severe retribution, including demotions and the loss of their career. This has caused several injured federal workers to refrain from reporting their illnesses, for fear of retribution.’ [150]

Whilst only addressing a minor player in the SLAPP fiasco, Sheriff William Gore, the gist of the August 7, 2015 USDOJ letter, is that they refuse to file charges against those who conspired to commit and cover-up the criminal acts in the aforementioned California SLAPP suits.

Paraphrased, the August 7th letter from the USDOJ states that I am more than welcome to try to do the USDOJ attorneys’ taxpayer-funded jobs for them by filing a federal lawsuit on my own and most likely spend the rest of my life (and what little money I have left from being retaliated against for a decade) in litigation, as the fraudsters continue to go unpunished and able to harm many more people. The USDOJ was made aware that jurists’ fraud upon the court in SLAPP continues to cause nationwide financially-motivated discrimination of the environmentally disabled. They were made aware that the fraud was purposed toward the continued proliferation and misuse of the Veritox Theory. They were made aware that my civil rights to advocate for environmentally disabled have been egregiously violated by a decade-worth of retribution by criminal acts in the California courts.[151]

The ‘Thanks for sharing letter’ from the USDOJ is not an acceptable answer when so many lives remain at stake, when my rights along with those of many others are still being violated, and while criminals who have harmed so many under the color of law continue to do so with no fear of ever being held accountable. The USDOJ letter telling me that I could file a federal lawsuit on my own is the epitome of what the saying ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ means.”

Section XI and XII  of EXHIBIT B to my Oct 30th letter to the USDOJ go on to state:



The gist:  I am not shutting up until the USDOJ prosecutes Justice Judith McConnell, Presiding Justice of the California Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal and her compromised peers  for aiding corporate fraudsters at Veritox, Inc, via her decade of case-fixing under the color of law.  Too many lives remain at stake for me to be silenced.

Sharon Noonan Kramer

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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2 Responses to USA Today ~ USDOJ claims crack-down on corporate fraudsters. REALLY? I don’t think so!!!

  1. Dina Padilla says:

    To think we pay theses judges like McConnell and other civil servants like Kamala Harris and Sheriif’s & DA’s out of our very own tax dollars. to do further harm is mind boggling. We are paying these civil servants to hurt & harm whistle blowers as well as the rest of the citizens exposed to mold. So, who in our federal government cares about the effects of mold and the violations of whistle blower and everyone else’s rights?.

  2. Dina Padilla says:

    I wonder how much money Judge Judith McConnell and other judges have accepted from Veritox or other Veritox related actors? How the USDOJ can allow people like yourself to be prosecuted and persecuted is astounding in of itself in a country that espouses freedom and justice.
    The U.S..military does what what ever it wants, and is now pretty much privatized into corporations and so now it is a “citizen” that violates all real citizens rights.. The USDOJ owes every American like yourself to be defended & protected and it does neither. AND government officials wonder why people don’t believe in government anymore. I sure don’t with what has been done to whistle blowers like yourself. But the ugliness of violating whistle blowers started some time back.
    With the state of CA aiding and abetting corporations like Kaiser (a health care corporation that is is supposed to care for patients, HA) that had loads of mold in it’s many buildings in both No. Ca & So Ca, as well as the military that knows it doesn’t have to obey the laws. Then there is the state itself that has moldy buildings that employees still work in. This is what happens when the feds gave control to the states with little to no federal oversight.
    We can thank Congress for all of this, since they created the environment to betray us all with their fast and loose rules for states and employers to undermine our country and it’s citizens all for blood money. and it is, called risk management. where insurance companies run everything and counting on people getting sick form mold while making money off of those claims for the insurance companies other agendas.
    With out federal oversight to enforce the laws,, then this country is lost..We need new leadership from GOVERNOR, SENATOR, CONGRESS on down, in this state, which leads the way for the rest of the country.. I feel like we’re still in the wild wild west, circa 1915. That CA has not really progressed at all.

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