Part II Sorge Interview of Fine Re: Massive California Court Corruption

Dear All,
Linked below is a disturbing video interview of a friend of mine, Dr. Richard Fine from Beverly Hills.  The interviewer, Joe Sorge, is sometimes a guest on CNN and Fox.
To make a long story short, if you are a California voter, on November 4th check “NO” next to the name of any and all California justices on your ballot.  Because of the way election cycles run, there currently is a real opportunity to remove nearly half of the conflicted souls from judicial office.  Forty-five out of one-hundred-eleven CA justices are subject to an up or down vote on Nov 4th.
Rampant abuse of judicial power does not occur in a judicial system w/o reviewing courts — meaning voter retained appellate & supreme court justices — covering it up while aiding it to continue.
Watch this video interview! Its an amazing true tale proving just how far down the rabbit hatch that the California courts have traveled!  They locked a man up in solitary for eighteen months – without even being charged with a crime — in retaliation for his exposing their defrauding of the public. If it could happen to him, it could happen to you!
Part 2 Joseph Sorge interview of Richard Fine, PhD & Esq.
Make it stop!  On your ballot, just vote “NO!” to end corruption in the California courts!  Below CAMPAIGNFORJUDICIALINTEGRITYFLYERS in mini-form to easily print and share with others.
Thank you for your help,
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer — Whistleblower of scientific fraud in US public health policy over the Toxic Mold Issue. Framed for libel by leading justices of the Cal courts. Jailed by order of a judge whose court had no jurisdiction for my refusal to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel — and given a false criminal FBI record w/o ever even being charged with a crime.  I will not be shutting up anytime soon.  People are dying from systemic fraud upon the court.
P.S. My planned statement before the California Judicial Council on October 27th or 28th:
     “My name is Sharon Noonan Kramer.   I reside in Escondido, California.   I have a degree in marketing. I am a medical journal published author. The subject of my publications is: the scientific fraud that it has been proven toxic mold in buildings could never reach a level to harm, disable or kill; and how the fraud was mass marketed into United States public health and California workers compensation policies for the purpose of misleading US and California courts to deny liability for causation.
     In my now decade of travel through the California legal system, it has come to my attention many times that jurists and clerks sometimes falsify court documents and electronic records. This act is legally defined as fraud upon the court. It, and concealment of the falsifications, are defined as felonies under California Penal Code 134.[1]   When left unaddressed, the felonious acts can have devastating impact on not only the harmed litigant, but the public and the defrauded judicial system as a whole.
     As such, I join the Center for Judicial Excellence; Barbara Kaufman, Esq; California Governor Edmund G. Brown; and California Attorney General Kamala Harris; in the understanding that the Judicial Council has the ultimate duty to end the practice of falsified court document concealment, in collusive fraud upon the California courts.
     Toward that end and in lawful accordance with California Government Code §77001.5[2], I respectfully request the following:
1.  the Judicial Council promptly establish a committee to hold noticed public hearings whereby citizens may share the direct evidence of falsified court documents/fraud upon the court with the committee members; and
2. the proven falsified court documents then be provided by the Judicial Council to the state legislature and the California Attorney General; and
3. the Judicial Council set clear policy by which:
a.) court employees — including judges, justices, clerks and administrators — who participate in fraud upon the  court, are reported by the Judicial Council to the California Attorney General for punishment of the criminal acts; and
 b.) damages caused by concealment of falsified court documents are mitigated.
     On behalf of the citizens of California and all the United States, I thank you for your prompt attention to this gravely serious matter.”

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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