Voice of San Diego ~ Should Lisa Schall Win the Race for Worst Judge in Town?

by Sharon Noonan Kramer, Advocate for integrity in health marketing and the courts.
On May 1st, the Voice of San Diego published an article titled, “San Diego’s Post-Kreep Judicial Landscape: A Reader’s Guide”  The article is regarding the upcoming June 3rd San Diego County judicial elections.  But the real gist of the article appears to be about an entirely different race:
Who is currently the Worst Judge in San Diego County?
It would appear that the Voice’s vote for Worst Judge might just well go to incumbent Judge Lisa Schall.  She is running for re-election to Jurist Seat 20 against challenger, Federal prosecutor Carla Keehn. To our knowledge, 2014 is the first year that the voters have had the opportunity to vote Schall out of office, since no one has ever run against her in her nearly thirty years on the bench.
To quote from the Voice of San Diego:
“This time around, San Diego will have to settle for a candidate who’s…an incumbent with a drunk-driving conviction who was also admonished by a state commission for incorrectly putting a woman in custody for five days….Meanwhile, the Bar Association ranked three of the four incumbent judges as “Well Qualified” and the last, Stern, as “Qualified.” Of those four, Schall – ranked as “Well Qualified” – is the only one who has been called out (and not in a good way) by the state Commission on Judicial Performance. Schall was first appointed by Gov. George Deukmejian in the 1980s and says she is facing her first contested race. According to court records, Schall received a private admonishment in 1995 related to her involvement in a juvenile dependency case. Then in 1999, she was admonished for “an abuse of the contempt power” after incorrectly ordering a woman into custody for five days, according to a copy of the admonishment.
And about a decade later, Schall was again admonished by the commission after she was arrested and found guilty of drunk driving. According to a copy of that admonishment, Schall had a blood alcohol level of approximately 0.09 percent after she drove on the wrong side of an Escondido highway….’Ninety-nine percent of all judges get through their entire careers with nothing and that’s how it should be,” Keehn said. “This is the first election to hold Judge Schall accountable not just for her three judicial admonishments, but her criminal conviction.”
We at Katy’s agree with Keehn’s assessment.  We happen to know first hand that Schall is a felon and that she is a “Well Qualified” candidate in the race for Worst Judge in San Diego — maybe even the United States.  In 2008, a judgement document was falsified in her court over a matter impacting U.S. public health and safety.  Continued usage of the frauduelnt and void legal document by Schall’s fellow jurists, coram non judice, is aiding in the continuance of the fleecing of the US public by toxic tort expert defense witnesses of the U.S Department of Justice — Veritox, Inc. formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc.
The collusive concealment of the Schall felony judgment falsification continues to harm the lives of thousands.  See 2007 International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, LaDou, Kramer et.al. regarding the owners of Veritox and the mass marketing of their scientific fraud upon U.S. courts by “non-profit” US medical associations, the US Chamber of Commerce and by the misuse of the imprimatur of the University of California.
Its billions of dollars in fraud (that’s “billions” with a “b”) that continues because other San Diego judges and justices, who also appear to be strong contenders of Schall’s in the race to the bottom, have and continue to cover up for Schall’s fraud upon the court by falsifying even more court documents . This, with their courts having no jurisdiction and they not being concerned one iota of prosecution for their felonies.
The local jurists’ lack of concern of punishment for their felonious document falsfications, appears to be justified.
This is  because if a race for Worst San Diego County Government Official included the District Attorney race; candidate for re-election, DA Bonnie Dumanis, would be a strong contender.  She and her deputies have repeatedly refused to prosecute Schall and local jurists for felony court document falsifications, even though Dumanis knows they’ve been doing it for years in the Veritox matter, while acting without subject matter jurisdiction and thus having no judicial immunity from prosecution…..but only if the local DA wasn’t heavily involved in “political prostitution” while they all aid Veritox and cohorts to continue to fleece the United States public.
On March 7th, Schall sent out an eblast offering to answer voter and potential endorser questions. We, as strong endorsers of her candidacy as San Diego’s Worst Judge, took her up on her offer. We asked voters their questions and then sent over 20 of them to Schall on the voters’ behalves.  Her response: “Return to Sender“.
So…on June 3rd, if you would like to vote for Judge Lisa Schall as the Worst Judge in San Diego County, then put a check mark next to the name Carla Keehn on your voter ballot for Jurist Seat 20.
If you’d like to cast a vote for Bonnie Dumanis as the most politically compromised DA in the history of San Diego County, then put a check mark on your ballot next to the names Bob Brewer or Terri Wyatt for San Diego District Attorney.
For a greater understanding of Schall’s viable contenders in the race for Worst Judge in the county, please read the following articles:
February 24, 2014 Union Tribune “Judge candidate feels gaveled down
February 28, 2014 San Diego Free Press “Thou Shalt Not Challenge a Sitting Judge
March 6, 2014 California Court Monitor “Judicial Intimidation On Display in San Diego
For directions of how not to make financial contributions to Dumanis’ bid for re-election as San Diego County’s  compromised District Attorney, please contact your local FBI office.
If you would like to just pretend that you are helping to take a bite out of fraud in US public health policies and courts; then just sit back and continue to say nothing of what you know of the SCHALL and VERITOX falsified court documents; concealed as being fraudulent and void by several court officers and other complicit politicos including District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.


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