KEEHN/SCHALL Race for San Diego Jurist Seat 20 Kicks Into High Gear

by Sharon Noonan Kramer, Advocate for integrity in health marketing and U.S. courts.
FINALLY!!! Someone is going to do something about the bombastic, compromised and inept Judge Lisa Schall!!
From the Campaign website of Schall’s challenger to Jurist Seat 20, Carla Keehn:
May 7, 2014
Jeff Powers
“No One Is Above The Law, Not Even Judges.”
SAN DIEGO – Four billboards are posted around San Diego alerting the public to the illegal conduct of Superior Court Judge Lisa Schall. 
BILLBOARD LOCATIONS: I-5 @ Balboa, I-5 @ Beardsley, Washington & 1st Ave,    I-5 @ Kalmia 

       Keehn billboards

In 2007, Judge Schall was arrested for driving drunk the wrong way down Centre City Parkway.  She was publicly admonished for her DUI in 2008, but the public was not aware of her conduct prior to her re-election filing deadline in March 2008.
Schall was privately admonished in 1995 as she became embroiled in a juvenile dependency case.   And in 1999 she was publicly admonished for her abuse of the contempt power.  Ninety nine percent of judges are never admonished over the course of their careers.  Lisa Schall has been admonished 3 times.
Running against Lisa Schall is Carla Keehn.
Carla has devoted her life to public service.
She was a captain in the U.S. Army and protected the community of Los Angeles during the LA Riots.
For the last 18 years Keehn has served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney.
Keehn graduated cum laude from Princeton University and also has a JD from Hastings College of Law.  Her opponent Lisa Schall has a degree from Western State, which at the time she graduated, was unaccredited.
*Carla Keehn is available for interviews. 
**Verified court documents supporting these facts available on request”
Or one can read the verified court documents HERE in the voter questions posed to Lisa Schall that she declined to answer in March of this year.

Scan of Schall Envelop

Why we want Judge Schall removed from office, and so should you!
Our questions posed to Schall, that she refused to answer, are below.  Concealment of her unethical conduct and concealment of her falsification of court documents in a Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP), by many of the “all 125 Superior Court judges” now endorsing Schall for re-election; along with concealment by the local Appellate Court justices and the Commission on Judicial Performance, are abetting the continued fleecing of the United States public via insurer fraud over the mold issue.
In other words, Judge Lisa Schall fixed a SLAPP suit and falsified the judgment in 2008 to the financial benefit of the insurance industry and other affiliates of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  All local jurists did a CYA for her felonious court document falsifications while aiding the insurer fraud to continue in courts and claims handling practices, all across the United States to this very day.  (See toxic tort expert defense witnesses & SLAPP plaintiffs, Veritox, Inc. website. Then compare it to the linked evidence below of how the SLAPP was fixed to fleece the public.)
“(Questions 20-22 are from Sharon Kramer)
20.      If a juror’s declaration was submitted to you as direct evidence that prejudicial hearsay documents not discussed in a trial, somehow entered and were read aloud in a jury room of your court; would your response be to refuse to even hear the harmed party’s oral arguments for a new trial?
[Declaration of Juror #5, Shelby Stuntz, Esq, describing (false) hearsay documents, not discussed in the Schall court trial of August 2008; somehow making their way past Schall’s clerk and into the jury room while causing a verdict for Mr. Kelman. Schall refuse to even hear oral argument for a motion made for a new trial: ]
21.     If you were provided no less than twenty pieces of evidence proving that a plaintiff committed material perjury to manufacture a reason for a defendant’s malice in a libel litigation over a writing impacting environmental public health policy nationwide; would your response be that you would “not be drawn into that kind of petty behavior” to make the plaintiff attorney explain himself regarding the material perjury and his repeated suborning of it?
[Bruce Kelman committed criminal perjury in SLAPP to manufacture a needed reason for Sharon Kramer’s alleged malicious reason for exposing Kelman’s scientific fraud upon U.S. courts. Schall refused to be “drawn into that kind of petty behavior” of acknowledging the direct evidence of the perjury. The Fourth District Division One Appellate Court justices and the Commission on Judicial Performance concealed it in 2010 — while knowing they were abetting toxic tort expert defense witnesses to fleece the public with scientific fraud by getting away with committing criminal acts when plaintiffs in SLAPP. ]
22.      As you know, several of your fellow sitting jurists who are now endorsing your re-election, have conclusively committed criminal acts, coram non judice, by continued usage of a void judgment issued from your court in 2008 in the matter of Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc. v. Sharon Kramer Case No. GIN044539
[Schall’s 2008 void judgment as amended three years later in 2011, after the Appellate Justices concealed it was fraudulent and void, and not to be used for any purpose in their 2010 opinion — as several San Diego jurists continued to use it.
a.) As a judicial officer of the court, candidate for re-election to public office, and member of society; what do you intend to do to mitigate the continuing damage caused by your fellow sitting judges using the void judgment that was falsified in your court?
[In 2013 Justice Judith McConnell and Justice Patricia Benke concealed that they had falsified court documents, coram non judice, while relying upon the 2008 voided Schall judgment to feign subject matter jurisdiction from 2008 to present.  ]  
[The lives that continue to be ruined by Schall’s fraud upon the court and concealment/continued usage of her falsified of court documents by her jurist peers. ]
b.) As a judge whose decisions impact the lives of many, do you feel it is prudent to admit error when error is proven to exist?”
OBVIOUSLY, Judge Lisa Schall’s answer is NO!  She only cares about staying on the bench by dubious means while aided by dubious friends, who are also officers the courts.
For more on the subject of what colluding local jurists have been willing to do to fix an election for their compromised judicial peer, Lisa Schall, please see:
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