More Scrutiny for UCLA’s School of Medicine. Governor Brown asked to independently investigate himself.

On April 25, 2014 the Los Angeles Times published an article titled. “More Scrutiny for UCLA’s School of Medicine”. The gist of the article is of how industry is having far too much financial influence when selling garbage science to the public via the use of the prestige of the University of California (UC) imprimatur.
It seems a pinhole of light might be shining through the thick door behind which an inferno of industry funded UC frauds have been burning for years. The LA Times article states, “…the $10-million, mid-trial settlement this week between the UC system and the former head of orthopedic surgery at UCLA [Dr. Robert Perdowitz] has prompted a consumer group to seek an independent investigation by California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris or Gov. Jerry Brown.”
Sounds good, but I happen to know that calling for an “independent investigation” of the UC system by Governor Brown and Atty General Harris would be like calling for an “independent investigation” of the recently sunk South Korean ferry by the ship’s captain and his first mate. That disaster, too, appears to have been caused by financially motivated bad practices which put the safety of the public as a secondary consideration.  Modifications to add 117 more passenger cabins to the ship raised the ferry’s center of gravity.
The center of gravity in the UC system lays in the California governor’s office. The Governor of California is always the President of the UC Regents. That would currently be Regent-Governor Brown. The Regents oversee entire UC system.  A long-term regent is Richard Blum.  He is the husband of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.
If one reports scientific fraud involving industry and the UC system and retaliation by hand of California government employees for exposing it;  Harris will blow you off as the fraud and relentless retaliation plays on by her friends and political allies.  (See Kamala Harris endorses Bonnie Dumanis for re-election as San Diego County District Attorney, March 14, 2014)
I personally know that Governor Brown and Kamala Harris already know of UCLA and UC Regents generating income while defrauding the public on behalf of the interests of industry; and of retaliations against California whistleblowers to cover up the frauds and fraudsters. I’ve been living the nightmare for daring to expose a massive UC and US Chamber of Commerce joint fraud, for now nine years. 
In 2003, the UC imprimatur was forged on a US Chamber of Commerce medico-legal policy paper. Two toxicologist who have never been affiliated with the UC were paid by a think-tank to write it. This was for the purpose of lending undue credibility via the prestige of the UC imprimatur on the publication, when selling scientific fraud in U.S. courts over the mold issue.  Since 2004, every government official I have encountered from coast to coast, while trying to stop the fraud, the damage to the public and the relentless retaliation I have experienced for daring to tell the truth of it, passes the buck, including Brown and Harris. (See Truth Out, Sharon Kramer letter to Dr. Andrew Saxon of UCLA, April 2010. It’s not light reading!)
In February of this year I was directed by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to file a complaint with Harris against San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and Sheriff William Gore. I had complained of the two to the Supervisors in January for their aiding and abetting fraud by local court officials  to conclusively cover up scientific fraud via the UC imprimatur being forged on a US Chamber publication by expert defense witnesses for the USDOJ, two owners of Veritox, Inc. 
Local jurists, including the former chair of the CA Commission on Judicial Performance Justice Judith McConnell and former chair of the CA Judicial Council Executive Committee Richard Huffman, fixed a SLAPP suit brought by those who forged the UC name on the US Chamber medico-legal policy paper, Veritox owners Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin.  Hardin is a retired US Assistant Surgeon General and Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
San Diego court officers, including six local justices and their clerks, falsified court docs, concealed parties to the malicious litigation (Hardin, retired US Asst Surgeon General) and plaintiff perjury (Kelman’s to make up a needed reason for my alleged malice while exposing his fraud) to make me appear to be a liar for exposing the fraud — while aiding the fraud and UC profits from it to continue) (See Governor (Regent) Schwarzenegger picks Tani Cantil-Sakauye for California’s Chief Justice, July 2010, for the politics behind the politics)
I’m a 58 year old wife of 31 years — who happens to have a degree in marketing and can spot a spin a mile away  In March of 2012, I went to jail for two days in San Diego, California, by order of a court with no subject matter jurisdiction (Judge Thomas Nugent’s) for refusing to sign a piece of paper saying I’m lying about the massive fraud and the relentless retaliation I have experience by CRIMINAL MEANS of officers of the Cal courts.
While falsely imprisoned for two days by felonious directive of Nugent, I was given a false criminal FBI record by subordinates of Sheriff William Gore for alleged civil contempt of court. (alleged civil contempt is not criminal — even when a court has jurisdiction – which this one didn’t because of prior falsified court docs in Judge Lisa Schall’s court in 2008). For six months, I was told by Gore’s subordinate, Deborah Duncan, that the San Diego Sheriff Department computer system would not allow for the removal of my false criminal record.
The additional felonious act of libeling a US citizen with a false federal criminal record by the local Sheriff, was to cover-up for MANY San Diego black robed fraudsters covering up for the UC white coated fraudsters, covering up for US Chamber affiliated white collared fraudsters — who have been covered for by compromised politicians from coast to coast — as the UC Regents have profited handsomely.
DA Dumanis will not prosecute Sheriff Gore or the local corrupt jurists who committed felonies with no subject matter jurisdiction and thus no judicial immunity. Gore, who Dumanis will not prosecute, has contributed to Dumanis’ re-election campaign for DA and has publicly endorsed her. (And you thought only Mexican nationals have reasons to pay to see Dumanis stay in political office?)
Dumanis endorsed Judge Schall for re-election in February of this year. Schall was the trial judge who falsified the 2008 judgment in the SLAPP suit by the forgers of the UC name on the US Chamber medico-legal publication.  Dumanis un-endorsed Schall in March of this year when media attention on Schall’s less than stellar judicial career and the unethical campaign tactics by her local jurist peers on her behalf, began to surface. (See “What’s the Difference Between a Governor Brown Appointed San Diego Judge and a Koch Brother?”)
Harris, who is also running for re-election, just like Regent Governor Brown, will not investigate Dumanis who will not investigate Gore, nor Schall, nor the Appellate Justices for falsifying legal documents while conspiring to defraud with the US Chamber — as the UC Regents profit handsomely.  Its like these “public servants” think they live in their own little world and have no concerns about laws and the thousands of little people harmed when they cover-up for each other aiding industry to fleece the public — with use of the little people’s tax dollars. 
What’s been going on within the UC system for years and covered up by politicians and judges on behalf of the interests of industry is literally a criminal conspiracy to defraud. When are high paid prostitutes within the UC system going to be made to stop killing people for money?  The deception is intricately systematic, runs deep and impacts the lives of all U.S. citizens.  It is well oiled machine which is funded with federal money.  Much of it occurs by directive coming from Washington, DC, with the input from industry lobbyists and their private sector medical proponents. (See the above link for the road map of how industry’s interests make their way into the UC system and other universities with the use of federal money)
I wrote the following several months ago. Open the links below. They are the direct evidence of the UC Regents, UCLA, US Chamber,, colluding to defraud and the retaliation, character assassination, and harassment of me to keep the fraud going via falsified court docs in the San Diego SLAPP suits — while the Regents profit handsomely.
USDOJ’s witness Veritox took Manhattan Institute’s  bribe. They forged UCLA doctor authorship as the US Chamber lied.  Feds, Politicians, Regents, Cal Court leaders came along for the ride, and mass silence as defense can’t conceal it.
Veritox’s extrapolations alone are not scientific proofExpert witnessing that they are, causes cost-shifting by spoof.  Falsifying court docs in Cal SLAPP puts culpability through the roof!! The admission of the document frauds will seal it.
Needless to say, I seriously doubt that Regent Governor Brown and his first mate Harris, will be calling for the “independent investigation” of anyone associated with this latest UCLA debacle.  But at least a pinhole of light is beginning to shine through because of a brave whistleblower, Dr. Robert Pertowitz, refusing to remain silent.  Now where’s my ten million dollars for doing the same?
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer, Advocate for Integrity in Health Marketing
Next Post coming tomorrow: Complaint to the Commission on Judicial Performance against San Diego sitting judges, including a Governor Brown appointed one, for colluding to attempt to fix an election for incumbent Judge Lisa Schall — while the Regents profit handsomely.



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