People are dying from Toxic Mold while the beat goes on.

“Whoever Said California Was An Environmental Leader Hasn’t Seen This”  Luis Moreno January 21, 2014
A MUST SEE VIDEO providing the evidence of corruption in government in California leading to deaths!  Brave New Films VIDEO
The FRAUD and COVER-UP of the FRAUD that causes this to continue. This is stated in very direct terminology so there can be no question of just how criminal and deadly this really is:  
In 2003,  the US CHAMBER Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) published  “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”.  (US Chamber Mold Statement)
3D Fraud Danger Crossword onThe fraudulent claim was made within the publishing that it was scientifically proven, “Thus, the notion that ‘toxic mold’ is an insidious, secret ‘killer’, as so many media reports and trial lawyers would claim, is ‘junk science’ unsupported by actual scientific study.
The US Chamber Mold Statement lists four co-authors: Bryan D. HARDIN, Phd; Bruce J. KELMAN, PhD; Correen ROBBINS, PhD, CIH (three co-owners of VERITOX, Inc.); and Andrew SAXON MD of University of California Los Angeles. (see link above for the false statement of authorship)
 The U.S. Chamber Mold Statement was written  only by HARDIN and KELMAN of VERITOX, Inc – formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc. 
The two men were paid no less than $25,000.00 by the MANHATTAN INSTITUTE Center for Legal Policy (CLP) to write the above sentence, to be shared with judges by the US CHAMBER ILR.
Deposed testimonies, billing records and canceled checks for the scientific fraud, prove HARDIN,  KELMAN and the MANHATTAN INSTITUTE CLP, knowingly forged the names of physician Andrew SAXON of UCLA; and of an industrial hygienist certified (CIH) by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), Coreen ROBBINS, as co-authors of the US Chamber’ Mold Statement. 
HARDIN and KELMAN are the only two people who authored and were paid to author the scientific fraud for the US Chamber ILR – no one else.  (see canceled check for $25K consistent with $25K in billing hours of HARDIN an KELMAN in links above)
There was no billing for any time of work by ROBBINS or by SAXON.  SAXON has stated under oath that he did not author it and had not even read the US Chamber Mold Statement, three years after its publication. (See deposed testimonies link above) 
In 2006, SAXON stated, “I’ve never seen that version. I’ll call it the nonscientific piece that has my name on it….I didn’t even know my name was on it.”
nation in mortgage fraudBribed forger and scientific liar, HARDIN, retired in 2000 as a deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. (CDC NIOSH) This link shows the U.S. Chambers of Commerce’s data is now being used for the new 2014 “NIOSH, Workers’ Compensation Program, A Primer for Public Health”.  
This is the same “non-profit” mega-dollar lobbyist who published retired CDC NIOSH employee HARDIN’s paid for hire forgery and scientific fraud in 2003, that has been extensively used in courts to deny liability for injury and death from mold, mycotoxins and other biocontaminants in water damaged buildings. 
Bribed forger and scientific liar, KELMAN, serves as an expert defense witness in mold litigations for the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ).
So does ROBBINS, who allowed her name and CIH AIHA credentials to be fraudulently placed on the US Chamber Mold Statement.  This was to lend false credibility to the bribed fraud of her forging business partners in VERITOX – HARDIN and KELMAN.  
HARDIN, KELMAN and ROBBINS are three of the six co-owners of VERITOX, Inc. (formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc) 
Since 2005, the USDOJ has paid VERITOX over $900,000.00 for their expert witnessing services.
The CDC and the GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE (GAO) are well aware that the federal government is outsourcing control of environmental medicine to industry via their “non-profit” lobbyists and front-men who have committed scientific and academic fraud over the mold issue.
Since 2010 the REGENTS of the University of California have been aware that the taxpayer owned, UC name, is on US Chamber Mold Statement (via the forgery of UCLA SAXON’s name as a co-author). Since 2010 the REGENTS have been aware that the UC name on the US Chamber Mold Statement, has been used as a fraudulent legal document in mold litigation to lend undue credibility to the defense argument when denying liability for causation of infant deaths from Toxic Mold. (see REGENT link for what they know of the UC name being used for insurer fraud in a legal proceeding)
The owners of VERITOX: HARDIN and KELMAN, along with UCLA physician SAXON, are also authors of “non-profit” medical associations’ Mold Position Statements.  In January 2007, they were exposed for their conflicts of interest on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
The WSJ article notes another mold position statement, the American, Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) also having forged physician co-authorship. This time, SAXON was the forger instead of the “forgee” on the AAAAI Mold Statement
Amazingly, the President of AAAAI, Thomas PLATTS-MILLS published a statement in September of 2006, refusing to retract the forged AAAAI Mold Statement parroting the same scientific fraud as the forged (and bribed to write) U.S. Chamber ILR Mold Statement.  
In February 2007, one month after the WSJ article was published exposing much of the fraud including forgery of authorship on medical association position statements portrayed to be the scientific understanding of the “non-profit’s” members; the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee (HELP), specifically deleted the following from the scope of a federal Government Accountability Office audit, which gutted the possibility of anyone being punished for the racketeering:
“What medical and scientific standards are used in determining the admissibility of evidence of both acute and persistent health consequences resulting from exposure to mold?  Which individuals and organizations have promulgated these standards and what, if any, conflicts of interest exist regarding these standards?  
For now nine years, KELMAN, HARDIN, ROBBINS, VERITOX, their California attorney Keith SCHEUER, and leading officers of the California courts have resorted to criminal means of falsifying court documents, and falsifying more court documents, to try to silence me of this massive public fleecing – in the face of all this direct evidence of racketeering to fleece the public. 
They fixed a Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) to make me appear a liar for exposing the root of this fraud in a Writing of 2005, by framing me for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements”. 
I currently have a permanent injunction criminally issued by a dishonest California judge in 2012, whose court had no subject matter jurisdiction. The void order is to  never to “republish” a sentence not even in my 2005 writing.
I ignore the void order as I await the California COMMISSIONERS of the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) to do their jobs of disciplining the eighteen corrupt judges involved in this debacle — including the CJP’s former chairwoman. 
I have not heard from the CJP in several months when they stated they were investigating.  The CJP receptionist keeps promising that the CJP attorney assigned the matter, Karen CLAY, Esq, will be returning my telephone calls shortly. 
CLAY never returns my calls, nor have I received any notice if the COMMISSIONERS are still investigating or have closed the matter.  A response is needed before I can take the matter to Cantil-Sakauye in her capacity as the Chief Justice of California.  (The Chief Justice would have to find herself liable for concealment of fraudulent court documents aiding to fleece the public, in her capacity as the Chair of the Judicial Council)
From my 2005 writing that they wanted hidden from public light of how “respectable non-profits” collaborate with “respectable scientists” and “respectable politicians” to commit fraud in policy and courts on behalf of affiliates of the US Chambers of Commerce; and now want it hidden what the compromised officers of the California courts have done to aid this honest-services fraud to continue while people are dying, by framing me for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements”.
Dr. Bruce Kelman of GlobalTox, Inc, a Washington based environmental risk management company, testified as an expert witness for the defense, as he does in mold cases throughout the country. Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand. He admitted the Manhattan Institute, a national political think-tank, paid GlobalTox [VERITOX] $40,000 to write a position paper regarding the potential health risks of toxic mold exposure. Although much medical research finds otherwise, the controversial piece claims that it is not plausible the types of illnesses experienced by the Haynes family and reported by thousands from across the US, could be caused by “toxic mold” exposure in homes, schools or office buildings.
In 2003, with the involvement of the US Chamber of Commerce and ex-developer, US Congressman Gary Miller (R-CA), the GlobalTox paper was disseminated to the real estate, mortgage and building industries’ associations. A version of the Manhattan Institute commissioned piece may also be found as a position statement on the website of a United States medical policy-writing body, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine [ACOEM]
 I have recently been conclusively libeled and cyberstalked by ROBBINS, Scott ARMOUR, and the “Court Group” to try to make it appear I am lying of the extrinsic fraud in SLAPP aiding a massive racketeering scheme to continue, while people are dying and those who know they should be speaking out of this remain silent. This includes District Attorneys and State and Federal Attorney Generals, whose jobs it is to prosecute for racketeering to fleece the public and for terrorizing of U.S. citizens.
ROBBINS, ARMOUR, Court Group,, do not want the Chief Justice of California Tani Cantil-Sakauye to be forced by the public to answer this question: TOXIC MOLD!  I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public!  (Move On Petition)
The chilling threat made by the Court Group on December 27, 2013, is that corrupt court officers of California will jail me forever in solitary confinement, if I do not shut up.
“…she will only talk to her own 4 walls with the assurance she will not have public contact in the future Isn’t That Indeed the Best Gift the Calif Courts can give The public IE ridding the public of Kramer and her Psychiatric issues. Our Tax Dollars are spent well in doing This; After all She is a very deranged person who needs Confinment with No public Contact Ever again.”
For good cause, I take this collusive libeling and threatening by ROBBINS, ARMOUR and the COURT GROUP, of more bodily harm very serious, and a legitimate threat to my personal safety. 
On January 7, 2014, I went to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to try to stop this relentless terrorizing for my exposing the fraud of the 2003 US Chamber ILR Mold Position Statement and how it came to be, in my Writing of 2005.
Please view the January 7, 2014 VIDEO of me seeking help from the San Diego County Supervisors to protect my physical safety because of all the “political prostitution” I can prove is occurring in the State of California and Washington DC over illnesses and deaths caused by Toxic Mold.
It is billions in fraud involving many “respectable people”; and many disabilities and deaths from exposure to biocontaminants in water damaged buildings. They are covering up the deaths and liability for the deaths by now over a decade of mass marketing scientific and academic fraud in policies and in courts via “non-profits” who influence government policies – and have been harassing me by criminal means for nine years to keep the fraud viable with the aid of corrupt California court officers — who should be thrown off the bench and put behind bars.
Its very scary for me.  Because of the provable extrinsic fraud used in the SLAPP involving leading officers of the California courts and federal contractors; they gave me the direct evidence to show how far they are willing to go to keep the fraud going by the use of criminal means. The latest collusive libeling and cyberstalking by ROBBINS is adding to my fear — because no one will do anything to stop the harassment of me to stop the underlying fraud it is aiding and abetting to continue while people are dying
Among those in government who are aiding this,  is the local “political prostitute” District Attorney, Bonnie DUMANIS, and California’s Attorney General Kamalia HARRIS along with U.S. Attorney General Eric HOLDER – whose jobs it is to stop racketeering which fleeces the public and stop the terrorizing of a United States citizen.
Its the mass silence of those who know which aids this to continue.  Please help me and others to force Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye to answer the question:
TOXIC MOLD!  I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public!  (Move On Petition)
Sharon Noonan Kramer

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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  1. Just because there are so many toxic dumps( with just the military alone), toxic mold proliferates and anyone who knows about toxins & it’s comparable friend, toxic mold, should know it is anything but friendly to the body or the earth! CA. is a very poor steward as indicated by ACOEM 6th edition & the AND the AMA 6th Edition GUIDELINES INTO WORKER’S COMP IN 2005 BY GOV ARNOLD. ONE question Arnold, did your children get exposed in the DOWNEY MOVIE STUDIO? AS MANY OTHER KIDS DID WHILE being “guinea pigs” as in unknowing little actors in the movie production Liminy Cricket where toxic mold was a whole movement in itself. WHY would the state of CA allow harm to any little child much less the whole of the children population of CA?
    MANY DOWNEY EMPLOYEES SUFFERED THE EXPOSURE FOR YEARS AND NO WHERE IN WC is there any compensation for them or their families and oh yes, it goes home to their spouses & kids too. Family members have gotten sick and dead with Kaiser’s buildings on the same toxic dump with toxic mold. I guess our kids aren’t important enough, like the children of the pols & corporate CEO’s, lawyers, doctors, etc.. to live a nice safe & comfortable life, right?

  2. katy says:

    From upon receiving the link to this blog:

    Dear Sharon —

    Thank you for your feedback.

    If you intended to contact Governor Brown to provide feedback on actions he has taken (or may take) as Governor, please visit the official Governor’s website at and click on the Contact tab.

    Feedback provided there is compiled and reported to the Governor.

    Brown for Governor

    P.S. Please consider sharing the website with others and encourage them to donate, signup for updates, follow Governor Brown on Twitter, or join his Facebook page.

    This email was sent to To stop receiving updates on this page, unfollow here.
    Brown for Governor · 2355 Broadway, Suite 407, Oakland, CA 94612, United States

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