People’s Comments on CA Judicial Council Website Re: What THEY Know THEY Must Do to STOP Public Fleecing over TOXIC MOLD

People’s comments as posted on the California Judicial Council’s Website October 27, 2013, with clear direction of what the  members of the Judicial Council (JC), including the Director of the Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC) must do to STOP! the fleecing of the United States people over Toxic Mold.
JC Website Written Comments Received  See pdf pages 3-9 for the public’s comments:
“Hon. Chairperson Cantil-Sayauke, Director Jahr, Justice Kaufman & Counselor Roberts,
           You hold the key to stop those responsible for causation of much U.S. environmental disabilities, from being able to shift their liability costs onto Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). To turn that key, you must admit that AOC employees falsified documents in SLAPP; and that AOC supervisors, JC members, court officers and plaintiffs concealed the falsifications as they continued to use the legally invalid documents ….
          The key to stopping Veritox’s scientific fraud lays with your acknowledgment that AOC employee falsified documents have been concealed by AOC supervisors, court officers – including Veritox’s attorney, and JC members, in SLAPP over my writing exposing how the scientific fraud became policy to mislead U.S. courts – rather than the environmentally injureds’ counsels needing to know how to discredit the fraud, one mold case at a time, when used by defense witnesses as false proof of lack of causation of illness and death,…
Public’s Comments
1.      Judicial Council Chairperson Cantil-Sayauke and Director of the Administrative Offices of the Courts Jahr, TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the U.S. public.
2.      This fraud is wasting billions in untreated, misdiagnosed illness in the United States
4.      Its time the law stops ignoring the issue of toxic mold. If its used in chemical weapons…why isn’t the medical community taught about this in college? I shouldn’t know more about mold than my doctor!!!!
5.      We cannot allow ignorance and corruption to stand in the way of what very well could be one of America’s greatest health problems.
6.      This deceit has cost us our lives. It needs to end and the criminals held accountable. Restitution to the injured is a right we all have.
7.      Go Sharon!
8.      I lived in a HUD apartment complex for over ten years. The buildings are very old, and were built in swampy, marsh area. I did not know this, but when my unit was built, a vent for the dryer was never put in, so the dryer vented inside the walls for decades. My daughter came ill, and moved in with my brother, and her symptoms improved. I had no where to go, and not knowing what was happening, I stayed for years longer…before I moved in I was working full time, going to college and raising my daughter. Not long after I moved into the Meadow Road apartments in Keene, NH I became ill. More than a decade later, and many different diagnosis, a mold inspector, hired privately, came in and did surface and air testing, which both came back with high levels of many types of toxic molds. I had to move and throw away all of my daughter’s and my own belongings. I was homeless for a while, I am still sick, haven’t been able to afford to replace my bed yet, that had to be thrown away too. I pray and wish that the People with the power to do something to help will. Children are suffering, please stop this unfair and cruel treatment. God Bless,
9.      My whole family was sick from toxic mold. We lived in it for almost 5 years, all the time getting sicker and sicker while doctors prescribed various drugs and did performed surgeries that were not needed. All they had to do was admit that mold can make people sick. VERY sick. .
10.  The impact of toxic mould on the lives of us sufferers and those around us are horrendous. If you walk out of your home thinking what a great day it is, remember us who have lost loved ones, who are are sick every day, who have lost the ability to work, lost our possessions and home, all due to the known effects of mycotoxins. If it now feels less of a great day, then let us use honesty to confirm publicly and legally the truth behind the dangers and consequences of exposure to toxic mould. Health and life is ALWAYS more important than money or pride.
11.  My children were poisoned by 50k toxic mold spores for 7 weeks, even after 5 1\2 years or trying to recover they are still tainted by the stain it left on their 3 main systems……… All bc of greed, negligence, and ignorance.
12.  If you wish to see what toxic mold can do to nearly killed both me and my husband..
13.  Our Government Don’t Care.
14.  I would like to know this as well because I have been denied disability more than once for Mycotoxicosis, ME/CFS, +ANA (Lupus), MCS all due to toxic mold exposure yet it’s very evident how sick I am!
15.  I [Crystal Stuckey] am the owner of Katy’s Exposure. I started the blog because of the fraud involved in my lawsuit to keep it out of court. The retaliation I have suffered and will continue to suffer has been unimaginable. This retaliation includes intentional changes to Katy’s Exposure to limit it’s placement in search results. [It should also be noted that Administrator Jahr and Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke are aware that Veritox and their “legal” counsel, Mr. Keith Scheuer, mailed AOC employee falsified court documents to Ms. Stuckey, interstate, in May of 2011. The void legal documents were enclosed in a threat that should Ms. Stuckey continue to blog of this matter in the California courts and its continued adverse impact on the public; Veritox and Mr. Scheuer would sue her.]
16.  JC Chair Cantil-Sayauke, AOC Director Jahr, AOC/JC Chief Legal Counsel Roberts, and JC/AOC Chair of Litigation Management Kaufmann,  already have this piece of information, along with directions of where they can read it on the Internet with the links corroborating the statements made of their obfuscating from addressing extrinsic fraud causing the continuance of federal contractors’ scientific fraud, adverse to the public’s best interest:
by Sharon Noonan Kramer  
Sharon N. Kramer's photo.To those harmed by the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s (ILR) & the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy’s (CLP) “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”; and by California Judicial Council (JC) members’ concealment of administrative court employee (AOC) falsified documents in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) to retaliate for exposing how and why it became a false concept in U.S. public health policy that mold toxins are proven not to harm;
And harmed by the Silence of All Those Who Know!  
If you’re poisoned by microbe toxins and no one will listen, think of the largest lobbyist and coins which glisten. Know why elected officials will not give them a di$$in’, as the fleeced public continues to feel it.
A retired Assistant Surgeon General took a think-tank’s bribe. His written words and true science do not jibe. They’re spewed in U.S. courts as false denial diatribe, and U.S. Senate HELPed to conceal it.                          
A Citizen exposed how policy fraud came to be. She named those involved as she blogged of the fee. Cal courts framed her for libel so no one would see, and repeatedly refused to repeal it.
They jailed her and hurt her and falsified docs. She was terrorized for example so no one else balks. Excuses abound of why no one talks, CAUSING environmental injuries til a Loud Voice squeals it.
JC/AOC Heads seem political to the core. They shield court employee crimes hiding frauds of more. They may need to be shown the jailhouse door! and the Citizen knows how to reveal it:
Bryan D. Hardin, PhD ATS | LinkedInUSDOJ’s witness Veritox took Manhattan Institute’s  bribe. They forged UCLA doctor authorship as the US Chamber lied.  Feds, Politicians, Regents, Cal Court leaders came along for the ride; and mass silence as defense can’t conceal it.
SharonKramer-WhatADifferenceADayMakesPart4Of7793-324.jpgVeritox’s extrapolations alone are not scientific proof. Expert witnessing that they are, causes cost-shifting by spoof. Falsifying court docs in Cal SLAPP puts culpability through the roof!! The admission of AOC’s frauds will seal it.
Uncontradicted evidence are considered as truths. Feigning they’re not are lies, court fraud and abuse. JC/AOC Heads’ refuting evidence would prove its not ruse. Since there is none, Mea Culpa to the defrauded public must heal it!!!”
Will somebody PLEASE STOP Bruce Kelman, Bryan Hardin, Veritox
See Veritox’s recently updated website
For greater detail of the problem of extrinsic fraud in the California legal system, aiding the federal contractors of Veritox, Inc., to fleece the public; and that the JC members & AOC Director are aware they must address the extrinsic fraud for the sake of the health and saftey of the American public and worker, see TOXIC MOLD! CA Judicial Council Updates Website W/Evidence of Extrinsic Fraud


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1 Response to People’s Comments on CA Judicial Council Website Re: What THEY Know THEY Must Do to STOP Public Fleecing over TOXIC MOLD

  1. Linda Delp says:

    It is really getting disturbing that this case has dragged on for so long while families, people working in court houses, Social Security office, military housing, policemen, firemen, victims of floods or hurricanes, victims from landlords not addressing water leaks, children and teachers in too many schools to even count, and many living in HUD’s, etc. wait for the court to stop this deceit.

    With the new Obamacare starting wonder what will happen when all these people have health insurance but not many doctors know how to treat this illness.

    It is time to do right by the the people and stop this nonsence There are too many people all over the country sick and tired of being discriminated against because of their illness. It is a very painful illness– but it makes it so much worse knowing what is really going on.

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