New Release: Textbook of Children’s Environmental Health

Phil Landrigan and Ruth Etzel have compiled an authoritative review of pediatric environmental health information that moves the field ahead clinically and in the policy arena. This book provides the fundamental information in environmental health for the early 21st century.” — Judith Palfrey, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

 Textbook of Children's Environmental Health

A new book was released this weekend titled “TEXTBOOK OF CHILDREN’S ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH“. It is edited by Dr. Phil Landrigan and Dr. Ruth Etzel.  Both have earned their reputations as gentle warriors for protection of children’s environmental health in public policies.
Philip J. Landrigan, MD, MSc, is “a pediatrician,epidemiologist, and internationally recognized pioneer in children’s environmental health. His studies of childhood lead poisoning catalyzed the removal of lead from gasoline—an action that reduced childhood lead poisoning by 95% and has raised the IQ of children around the world. His studies on children’s vulnerability to pesticides triggered passage of the Food Quality Protection Act, the only US environmental law with explicit standards protecting the health of children. He has been a leader in the US National Children’s Study. He has consulted to the World Health Organization, published seven books, and written over 600 scientific articles.”
Ruth A. Etzel, MD, PhD, is “an internationally recognized pediatrician, environmental epidemiologist,and preventive medicine specialist. She performed the first study to document that children with secondhand exposure to tobacco smoke had measurable exposure to nicotine. Her pioneering work led to nationwide efforts to reduce indoor exposures to tobacco, including the ban on smoking in US airliners. She also produced the first research to show that exposures to toxigenic molds in the home could be dangerous to infants’ health. From 2009-2012 she led the World Health Organization’s activities to protect children from environmental hazards. She is the editor of Pediatric Environmental Health, a handbook for doctors who care for children.”
To find direction of how to order the textbook published by Oxford University Press, simply click on this link: Textbook of Children’s Environmental Health

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