TOXIC MOLD! CA Judicial Council Updates Website W/Evidence of Extrinsic Fraud

For those of you who received my haranguing message this morning:
TOXIC MOLD! Why is FACEBOOK Censoring Questions of Extrinsic Fraud in Cal Courts Fleecing the Public?
Its about self- professed “advocates” for integrity in science and medicine over the Mold Issue; aiding and abetting criminals to practice scientific fraud which harms people, and aiding the ability of the scientific fraud to continue in public health policies, claims handling practices, mainstream medical practices and U.S. courts.  Here’s an update:
BACKGROUND (skip this part if you already understand it)
Bruce Kelman & Bryan Hardin, toxicologists with PhD’s of Veritox, Inc., forged UCLA MD Andrew Saxon’s name on the U.S. Chamber Instititute for Legal Reform’s 2003 “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”. 
The Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy paid them to do it, while telling Bruce that they wanted something that judges could understand.  So Bruce and Bryan took the money and wrote “Thus the notion that toxic mold is an insidious secret killer as so many trial lawyers and media reports would claim is Junk Science unsupported by actual scientific study.” And they put a university affiliated physician’s, Andrew Saxon, and an CIH’s, Coreen Robbins, (also a co-owner of Veritox), names on it to give an aire of credibility as they lied to the courts.
So that’s scientific fraud and academic fraud for the purpose of misleading U.S. courts to deny liability for causation of illness from mold toxins.  Throw some workers comp insurer and property & casualty insurer fraud in the equation, too,  for fleecing the taxpayer by making money off of aiding their clients’ cost shifting onto SSDI via the use of scientific fraud to deny responsibility for the expense of disabling people.
I wrote about it in 2005 of how they got this nonsense mass marketed into U.S. public health policies for the purpose of misleading U.S. courts, while I named the names of those involved in the fraudulent mass marketing scheme.  Veritox sued me for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements” in the writing.
Bruce committed perjury to manufacture a reason for malice while trying to deflect attention that I was writing of a major public fleecing.  They all hid that retired US Asst Surgeon General, Bryan, was an owner of Veritox and an undisclosed party to the Strategic Litigation Against Public Particpation (SLAPP). And the USDOJ was using these criminals as expert witnesses to defeat claims of illness in military families, while relying upon the fraud I exposed as their defense – and while the Cal Courts were aiding them to do so, by framing me for libel so the USDOJ could fleece a sick military living in moldy military housing (a ton of other people have also gotten fleeced by the fraud.
Officers of the California courts framed me for libel, concealed Bruce’s perjury, concealed that Bryan was a party to SLAPP, concealed their science had been thrown out of court….AND AOC employees falsified material court documents, including the 2008 judgment.  
Making it void on its face, a deputy clerk changed it once without initialing or dating.  He then added his initials and a back-date over two months later, next to the change he made earlier to make it falsely appear “$7,252.65 mgarland 12/18/08”.  Bruce  and his “legal counsel” Keith Scheuer, recorded a fraudulent lien on my property ($7,253.65 awarded on 9/24/08), based on the document before its second change which is contradictory to the current face of the void judgment “$7,252.65 mgarland 12/18/08”. The abstract of judgment and lien prove the ante-dating of the judgment, twice, by an employee of the Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC), making it a known fraudulent and invalid legal instrument. (there is much additional evidence that it is fraudulent)
That makes it void to be used for any purpose. But officers of the courts, including Scheuer and Appellate Justices, continued to use the void judgment while concealing that it was void.  One judge lost his courtroom of many years over the fiasco. He is now a mediator. Several more have questions to answer of the use of feloniously falsified legal documents to harass a U.S. citizen for exposing fraud, with known lack of subject matter jurisdiction.  As does, AOC employee, Michael Roddy CEO of the San Diego Superior Court, for concealing it is void via a bogus forensic audit of the file in 2011.
The statutes are still tolling for my time to sue until at least mid 2015 under California Code.  They all know that I am going to sue them, most likely right before mid-term elections in 2014 — IF– AOC Director Judge Jahr and Chief Justice/Jucicial Council Chair Cantil-Sayauke commit felonies of concealing that suborndinate AOC employees and Judicial Council members concealed that deputy clerks falsified material court document; and judges & justices continued to use fraudulent court documents (that’s documents with an “s”) without subject matter jurisdiction – to try to terrorize me into silence of what they did to me, to aid Veritox and the USDOJ,, to continue to fleece the public with scientific fraud penned by Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin of Veritox, Inc.
In spite of the efforts of some major asses who profess to work for the injured in this issue, but in reality worked in conjunction with Coreen Robbins of Veritox this past week to try to stop the Ca Chief Justice and AOC Director from having to acknowledge the public’s questions of “Toxic Mold! I would like to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public?“; and in spite of AOC employees “accidentally” messing up the public record on the Judicial Council website last week and cutting off my letter;  now the public record of the Judicial Council of California reflects people’s comments of what the extrinsic fraud in Veritox’s SLAPP involving court employees has done to them by aiding Veritox to continue to fleece the public with scientific, academic and insurer fraud.
There can be no doubt that the Chief Justice of California and the Director of the AOC know that they are going to have to address the extrinsic fraud — or be sued themselves for aiding federal contractors, Veritox, Inc., to fleece the public by concealment of legal instruments falsified, and concealed as falsified, by subordinate employees of the AOC and Judicial Council members.
I could be wrong on this and they never cease to amaze me just how far down the rabbit hatch they are willing to travel. But I’m betting they do something to rectify the problem, now that it is proven by clear and convincing evidence via their own website, that the AOC Director and Judicial Council Chair know of the extrinsic fraud; and they know I only have to show one doc is fraudulent, the 2008 Void Judgment, to bring down the MASSIVE extrinsic fraud and public fleecing. 
“They” being the relatively new guard now that George, Vickery, Overholt, Huffman and McConnell no longer rule the roost; and the new guard currently has semi-clean hands, unless they conceal the extrinsic fraud.  (Yes, you guess it. This post is also being made for court insiders and judges)
Check out the link from the Judicial Council website of the “written comments” on record starting at pdf page 3, my letter.
I linked the corroborating evidence of the extrinsic fraud in the letter that they put out for the public to see, and the links work!  People’s comments of how the extrinsic fraud in the Cal Courts have harmed them by aiding the criminals of Veritox, are on pdf pages 6-8.
And to Scott Armour, Tony Havics, and gossiping ninnies at GIHN and Center for School Mold Help, — along with a big time self-professed Christian mold plaintiff attorney in Oregon –who have aided Veritox to fleece the public by falsely promoting that this eight year nightmare SLAPP that my husband and I have been living for my telling the truth of a mass public fleecing — has nothing to do with the greater issue; and that the petition should be censored on many internet sites just like Coreen Robbins of Veritox wanted,  I would like to say,
“F**k you for aiding the horrific harassment of me and my husband to continue; while aiding the lives of the people you profess to be helping, instead to be devastated by your mean-spirited, self-interested, reckless actions.”  And although I have certainly earned the right to say that to you all, I will refrain because that is not a nice word to use. 
Answer this people: What kind of an advocate for the sick would want to stop the public from being made aware that they can ask the Chief Justice of California, “Toxic Mold! I would like to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public?”  And why was Scott Armour of GIHN working to try to stealthily promote the same concept as Coreen Robbins of Veritox and Tony Havics that the petition should be censored from being shared for people to speak of the damage from the extrinsic fraud? And WHY does anyone in their right mind still belong to GIHN, while they use your name to lend credibility to their ignorant acts which harm you and many others ????????????????????????????????????
For those who told the CA Chief Justice and the AOC Director, Toxic Mold! I would like to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public?“, as brilliantly written by Ronald Pierce; the injured and my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to put the Cal court leaders in a position that they can no longer deny that they know what they have to do to stop the public fleecing over Toxic Mold, or be guilty of felony themselves – because the directions are right on their own website.  
We are one major step closer to stopping the frauds! If there is anything else you would like to tell the Chief Justice and AOC Director Jahr, there is still time.  I have not mailed all the signatures and comments.  “Toxic Mold! I would like to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public?
THANK YOU!!! To those who have helped and deserve a big THANK YOU!!

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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  1. Karen Wright says:

    I hope you have the tenacity and energy to continue this fight. I admire you, and share your views.

    Karen Wright
    Toxic Mold Exposure 2013; trying to regain health and fight for my rights against the same obstacles you are describing in Baton Rouge, La

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