TOXIC MOLD! Why is FACEBOOK Censoring Questions of Extrinsic Fraud in Cal Courts Fleecing the Public?

Why is Facebook censoring information from coming to light of the fleecing of the U.S. public by federal contractors?  Who caused Facebook to do this and why is further information being blocked?  (See letter mailed to Mark Zuckerberg, President of Facebook (FB), on October 25, 2013,  a few paragraphs down). 
The post FB cited as abusive: is benign and is a cut and paste of someone’s attempted stealth message to stop the public from aiding to ask questions of extrinsic fraud in the Cal Courts over the TOXIC MOLD issue. This post on Katy’s regarding the censoring of truth, is brutally direct and names names of those aiding federal contractor in numerous ways to fleece the public .
Please know that it not directed at those who really have tried to stop the fleecing of the public over TOXIC MOLD which continues by the concealed felonies committed in the California courts. These felonies have aided and abetted federal contractors with Strategic Litigation Against Public Particiation (SLAPP) for now eight and one half years; over a writing exposing a massive public fleecing via scientific fraud in policy and courts.
Veritox, Inc, is a corporation owned by no less that six people: Bruce J. Kelman, Bryan D. Hardin, Coreen Robbins, Lonie Swenson, Robert Scheibe and Robert Clark.  They are federal contractors – toxic tort expert defense witnesses for the U.S. Department of Justice.  See their newly updated website, Veritox, Inc., for evidence of them lying about how they have been fleecing the U.S. public by collusively criminal acts of themselves, their SLAPP attorney Keith Scheuer, and employees of the California courts.
I, Sharon Noonan Kramer, (one hour video) am directly accusing and providng direct evidence of the six Veritox owners being well connected criminals who have profited  for years off the backs of the environmentally sick, injured, and dying – while aiding their clients to escape liability for the injuries.  They have done this by the use of mass marketed scientific fraud, academic fraud, and fraudulent court documents in SLAPP in San Diego, California — concealed as such by the members of the California Judicial Council.
Question posed by me to Ms. Coreen Robbins, one of the six owners of Veritox, Inc., on the AIHA IEQ Linked In Group on October 23, 2013:
“Don’t you think that is academic and scientific fraud for the owners of Veritox to forge university affiliated physician authorship on a policy paper that Mr. Kelman and Mr. Hardin were paid by a think-tank to write for the express purpose to influence the courts?”
Mr. Hardin and Mr. Kelman of Veritox accepted money from the Manhattan Institute think-tank as they forged UCLA physician, Andrew Saxon’s, name on the US Chamber’s “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold” – subject paper of my 2005 writing for which Veritox sued me for the words, “altered his under oath statements”. Stated authors of Bruce Kelman, Bryan Hardin and Coreen Robbins of Veritox; along with Andrew Saxon MD. UCLA, on the scientific and academic fraud of the U.S. Chamber.  Oh wait!!! Andrew Saxon says under oath that he did not author the U.S Chamber of Commerce’s “Scientific View”
I am accusing that employees of the Administrative Offices of the California Courts (AOC) falsified documents, concealed that documents are fraudulent, and aided judicial court officers to use the void legal documents to harass me and character assasinate me for exposing a massive fraud — without the courts having subject matter jurisdiction because of the continued usage of the falsified court documents.
In May of 2005, the Veritox owners sued me for libel the words, “altered his under oath statements” found in my 100% accurate, March 2005 writing exposing how it became a scientific fraud in U.S. public health policy that it was proven by Mr. Hardin and Mr. Kelman of Veritox, that mold toxins could never reach a level indoors to harm or kill anyone.
I named those involved in mass marketing this scientific fraud into policy for the purpose of misleading U.S courts: Bruce J. Kelman, Veritox (formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc.), the Manhattan Institute think-tank, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Congressman Gary Miller (R-Ca), and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) . ACOEM and many of its members are also federal contractors. ACOEM writes workman’s compensation policies for the Department of Defense and the State of California, some of which are used by work comp insurers to deny liability for causation of illness and to shift their expenses for care of the disabled onto Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – aka the taxpayer. 
I am accusing leading employees of the California courts of framing me for libel for the words “altered his under oath statements” to conceal that I exposed a massive public fleecing and who was involved. I am accusing them of concealing that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to manufacture a reason for malice. (video of Bruce Kelman deposition). 
I am accusing them of collusively hiding that Mr. Hardin – a retired U.S. Assistant Surgeon General – was concealed by court officers, Veritox, and their attorney Keith Scheuer, as being an owner of Veritox and thus an undisclosed party to SLAPP with close ties to the federal government — via the falsification of court documents. 
I am accusing Justice Judith McConnell directly of knowing that she was aiding to fleece the public with scientific fraud when she framed me for libel in the 2006 anti-SLAPP OpinionShe concealed the evidence that Veritox’s nonsense had been thrown out of a California court earlier that year and that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to manufacture reason for malice in in SLAPP suit – as she willfully framed me for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements”. 
I am accusing that all judicial officers of the courts followed suit.  Justice McConnell was the Chair of the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) – the “independant state agency” which is to police ethics of judicial officers.  Many judicial officers receiving an email of this post, know that what the CJP was really all about under McConnell, was to cause fear in them should they refuse to “Speak With One Voice” while concealing massive ethics violations in the California court.  
I am accusing employees of the Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC) of falsifying material court documents in 2008, with judiciaries continuing to use the void legal documents to harass me for five additional years – including jailing me and causing me bodily harm in 2012, for refusing to be coerced to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel – for a sentence I never even wrote. This, while knowing their courts had no subject matter jurisdiction because of the AOC employee falsified documents; and thus no judicial immunity for their role in fleecing the public by criminal means. No fear for the crimes.  They know that no one will punish them for committing criminal acts aiding federal contractors to fleece the public. 
I am accusing some self professed advocates for the sick and for justice (plaintiff attorneys, remediators, indoor air quality consultants, non-profit leaders, plaintiff expert witnesses, private sector policy setters, and government employees) of working with Veritox to keep the frauds going, by working in concert to keep the criminality in Veritox’s SLAPP suit allegedly over my words, “altered his under oath statments” hidden from public light. This has been done by spreading lies and trying to suppress information that they are lies, from coming to public light.
I am accusing mass collusion to fleece the U.S. taxpayer of billions of dollars in a cost shifting scheme for the burden of care of the environmentally disabled onto SSDI, while many profit on both sides of the issue via the cottage industries of toxic tort litigation; and the handling of property casualty & workers comp insurance claims.  I am accusing some, who know of what is occurring, of remaining silent of Veritox’s and the Cal Courts fraud in SLAPP because they value the worth of their own businesses over the health and safety of those their businesses are allegedly here to help.
If you want to know if I am telling the truth of calling a lot of people no better than whores as others are losing all, then help tell Judge Stephen Jahr, who is the Director of the Administrative Offices of the California Courts (AOC), and the California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sayauke  “TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the U.S. public” Make them prove it is not extrinsic fraud – or mitigate the damage to the public.
If you can’t take two seconds to ask that question to help make the AOC Director and Chief Justice prove me wrong about my allegations of criminality fleecing the U.S. public (which they cannot do) or mitigate the damge; then I don’t want to hear any of you ever again profess that you are working as hard as you can to help those injured by contaminants in water damaged buildings; to stop frauds in public health policy; to promote freedom of speech; to stop undue censorship on the Internet; to restore integrity to the California Courts; to restore integrity in the U.S. government and private sector industries; or working as hard as you can to advance the understanding of environmental illnesses in policy, medical practices, claims handling practices and the courts. 
Many of you have relied upon the fruits of my and others’ research of conflicts of interest which I have gathered and shared with you. If you think that I am wrong that the federal contractors/owners of Veritox/SLAPP plaintiffs are criminals who are aided and abetted to fleece the U.S. public by more criminals in the California legal system and by retaliation/censorship of true speech in America; — then take two seconds to make the AOC Director and California Chief Justice prove me wrong if they can – or – Sit down and shut the f**k up about what you do to work so hard to “help” people.  This is Ground Zero of much of what you profess to be working to help, while my family suffers horrendous retaliation for my speaking the truth to help you.  
Its one of the biggest fleecing of the U.S. public by criminal means EVER.  If you don’t believe me, prove me wrong if you can while I am giving you this opportunity to ask the question, “Director of the Administrative Offices of the California Courts (AOC), and the California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sayauke  “TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the U.S. public“.
And for those claiming to be harmed by scientific fraud and/or fraud upon the court, I don’t want to hear any of you ever whine again that no one is trying to help stop you from being fleeced, if you won’t even take two seconds to help yourself by signing a simple sixteen word petition to force the truth to the surface. “Director of the Administrative Offices of the California Courts (AOC), and the California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sayauke  “TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the U.S. public”  IF one takes compromised leaders out of the courts over the mold issue, then one also takes them out of ALL issues.
And the group that irks me the most: If you have been spreading gossip that Veritox’s SLAPP suit against me, is just a personal matter that has nothing to do with the fleecing of the U.S. public – then put your John Hancock where your gossipy mouth is, and make the Cal court leaders prove me wrong that they have committed felonies via concealment of AOC employee falsified court documents in SLAPP by federal contractors.  Because I am alleging that YOUR stupid, self-serving, mean-spirited gossip is maiming and killing people while aiding some very bad people to stay in control of California’s courts. 
If you ninny gossipers are so damn smart, then prove me wrong if you dare to try, while I am giving you an opportunity to do so. Ask, “Director of the Administrative Offices of the California Courts (AOC), and the California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sayauke  “TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the U.S. public” if you are not afraid to know the answer to that question!
“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” George Orwell.  And the feeling is mutual by those who speak the truth whose families suffer horrendous fall out of relentless retaliation for their speaking it;  while pompous asses, gossipers, whiners and cowards at best, stand by in silence causing the injured to continue to suffer.
See the direct evidence below of who is know to be helping Veritox carry on with the public fleecing by trying to stop the California Chief Justice and AOC Director being made to answer the public’s question,  “TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the U.S. public
October 25, 2013
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer
TO:  Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, President, Facebook, 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Re: Please unblock my account tied to the email address, ASAP.  I use Facebook (FB) to communicate of a matter impacting public health policies and U.S. courts.  
Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,  
This is a matter which could aid to adversely impact the health and safety of thousands via undue blocking of accurate information on FB.  I am shocked that this could occur without verification of the facts or notification of the intended blocking before it occurred.
I tried to log-in to Facebook and received a message that I am blocked for 12 hours.  It has now been over 36 hours and I am still blocked.  There is nothing inaccurate or malicious of the post I made which FB cited as a reason to block me. I am posting of a matter concerning public health and safety and the right to speak the truth of a massive fleecing of the public without censorship or retaliation. You may need to ask the person who requested the below post to be taken down and that I be blocked; what was the purpose, why now, and why they do not want a simple sixteen word petition shared via FB to obtain signatures.
The post FB cited as abusive:
“And yet another GIHN member seeks to stop the truth from coming to light of how criminal acts in my case aid to harm the lives of thousands. Apparently, they don’t want the Petition shared. Got this message today: LinkedIn XXXX AIHA Fellow has sent you a message. Date: 10/17/2013 Subject: RE: Moderator of the AIHA IEQ LinkedIn Group Thursday, October 17, 2013 Hello Scott! I am not sure who is the Moderator of AIHA IEQ Group (on LinkedIn). Perhaps xxxx may know. Is it possible that you discuss (resolve) your differences with Sharon (Kramer) in person? I had not seen her post so I cannot comment. I took the liberty and copied her on your note. Best regards, XXXXXX ——————– XXXXX
Who is the moderator for the linkedin AIHA IEQ group? I want to flag a post I think is unacceptable to the group’s rules. The sharon kramer petition is personal and has nothing to do with the AIHA goals or purpose. Please pass this on or send me the info on how to privately challenge to have this removed. Thanx. Scott Armour
The subject petition to California’s Chief Justice and the Director of the Administrative Offices of the Courts that Mr. Armour has tried to stop from being shared simply says, “TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public.”   This is hardly a question that the public should be censored from being able to ask of the leaders of the California judicial branch. Why would anyone have an interest in stopping the public from being able to ask that question?
The AIHA IEQ LinkedIn group referenced above, is made up of professionals in the Indoor Air Quality issue. They first censored and then decided to let threads run [and have since taken all down], regarding the information that Mr. Armour tried to stealthily have removed. Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN) is a self-professed advocacy group for those injured by microbes and toxins in water damaged buildings (WDB). Mr. Armour is a member of GIHN.  It would be my well founded opinion that they have done more damage to the injured than any naysayer could ever hope to do, via promotion of misinformation. 
As merely one example while “advocating” for the sick, GIHN put out overblown, false statistic, which makes the injured appear to be hysterical liars for saying they are sick from exposure to contaminants in WDB. When challenged on the validity of the source for this statistic, they tried to hide that they had quoted a flawed news article title from Ghana, Africa as the source.  They have since reworded their position statement and source references, while still attempting to promote the unproven concept that poor indoor air quality causes 50% of all the world’s illnesses – a concept sure to get one laughed out of court, if parroted.  
Unbeknownst to many of their members, they have actively worked to keep the information from coming to public light, of extrinsic fraud in the California courts causing scientific fraud (that these illnesses are proven not to be) to continue.  In other words, they appear to be a compromised [or just plain ignorant] group at the helm, whose purpose appears to be to confuse the issue and stop legitimate information from coming to public light as they present themselves as advocates for the sick and injured.
Three comments as example of what AIHA IEQ let run: Subj: New comment on “There comes a point where censorship on a chatboard is not a benign matter” Date: 10/23/2013 4:13:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time   Guest AIHA Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Posted by Ms. Coreen Robbins, co-owner of Veritox, Inc.
“Hey guys, I’ve never before posted on a “chat board”, but I am jumping in here with both feet. I hope I am doing this posting thing correctly! Thanks Mr. Havics for your attempt to bring some rational points up in this discussion. In response to Ms. Kramer’s posts, I would like to add the following information which will also be available shortly on our website.
On August 26, 2008, a San Diego County Superior Court trial jury found that Sharon Kramer had libeled Dr. Bruce Kelman of Veritox, Inc. when she published a press release in March 2005. In her press release, Mrs. Kramer stated that Dr. Kelman had altered his under-oath statements on the witness stand when he testified as a witness in an Oregon lawsuit. The jury found that Mrs. Kramer’s statement was false and defamatory and that she had published it with malice. The Court of Appeal affirmed the judgment on behalf of Dr. Kelman.
Nevertheless, Mrs. Kramer persisted in spreading the defamation. Accordingly, in November, 2010, Dr. Kelman filed a second lawsuit against her, to enjoin her from republishing the libel. The San Diego Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction against her in May 2011. She willfully disobeyed the injunction on several occasions, and as a consequence was incarcerated for civil contempt of court for two days in March 2012, and was fined $3,000 in July 2012. The Court entered judgment in Dr. Kelman’s favor in July 2012, permanently enjoining Mrs. Kramer from republishing the libel. Mrs. Kramer’s appeal from the judgment was dismissed in March, 2013, when she failed to file an opening brief. [I refused to file an opening brief in a court where its presiding justice refused to prove her court had subject matter jurisdiction – because she could not]
Mrs. Kramer continues to post false information and accusations maligning Veritox and its employees, as well as California justices, judges, court clerks and administrators, members of Congress and other elected officials. In the interest of saving time and minimizing annoyance, we currently ignore her posts regarding this matter. If you are a current or prospective client and have any questions about this, please call us for additional information and documentation.”
[Ms. Robbins, the five additional owners of Veritox, and their attorney were given NOTICE on October 16, 2013, that they are going to be sued in Federal court, if Cal court leaders do not address the extrinsic fraud in the Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) of Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, San Diego California, causing Veritox’s ability to continue to fleece the public with scientific and academic fraud. What they cannot refute is the direct evidence that a Void Judgment, falsified by a court clerk in 2008, was continued to be used by Veritox, their attorney and numerous judiciaries in five additional years of harassing litigation for my exposing Veritox’s fraud in 2005, how it was mass marketed into policy, and WHO was involved.  That’s a felony under California Penal Code 134 to falsify, conceal and continue to use falsified legal documents – and a HUGE one, when it is used to fleece the U.S. public and with officers of the courts having no judicial immunity.]
Greg Weatherman Chief Techical Officer at AeroSolver
“Ms. Robbins, I attended the Surgeon General’s meeting a few years back and stood behind you and Bryan Hardin talking about how to convince the Surgeon General Carmona. I also sat behind Ed Light talking to Brian Hardin during their conversation. It was amazing how they bolted the room when Dr. Michael Hodgson started to speak. In short, I get around.
I’m curious if your firm considers the Manfred Gareis paper for ochratoxin A in guttate (exudate) published in “Mycopathologia” in 2007 AND referenced by John Pitt in the 3rd Edition of “Fungi and Food Spoilage”? What does that do to your firm’s opinions about mycotoxins? What study done by anyone took exudates into consideration? I’m a little more skilled with the questions any attorney may want to know when they read some strange science.
Mrs. Kramer is just exercising her 1st Amendment rights and the subject matter just happens to relate to an area traditional to industrial hygiene.”  
Sharon Kramer Advocate For Truth In Environmental Health Marketing at Public Service
“Ms. Robbins,
I’m so glad you jumped in here to bring up the libelously false concept on the Veritox website that I was lawfully found guilty of libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements” – as used in the sentence, “Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.”
Why do you not mention on your website, the false hearsay documents which somehow got past the court clerk into the jury room and caused the verdict for Mr. Kelman? See declaration of Juror Shelby Stuntz: 
[and declarations of Lincoln Bandlow, Esq, William Brown III Esq. , John Richards, Esq., Dr. Harriet Ammann, and Jury Foreman Roy Litzenberg ]
Or that the judgment, void on its face, did not reflect that I prevailed over you in trial until 3 years later, Oct 28, 2011? See current face of the Void Judgment, which is inconsistent w/the abstract of judgment because of court clerk ante-dating of a legal document:
And the REAL biggie: Mr. Hardin and Mr. Kelman of Veritox accepted money from the Manhattan Institute think-tank as they forged UCLA physician, Andrew Saxon’s, name on the US Chamber’s “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold” – subject paper of my 2005 writing for which you all sued me for the words, “altered his under oath statements”.
Stated authors [of Bruce Kelman, Bryan Hardin and Coreen Robbins of Veritox;] along with Andrew Saxon MD. UCLA:
Andrew Saxon saying under oath that he did not author it:
Don’t you think that is academic and scientific fraud for the owners of Veritox to forge university affiliated physician authorship on a policy paper that Mr. Kelman and Mr. Hardin were paid by a think-tank to write for the express purpose to influence the courts? Testimony of Bruce Kelman:   Testimony of Bryan Hardin:
Noticed your name is on there, too, as the only CIH co-author, but no billable hours or checks for your work appear to exist. Billable hours for US Chamber’s “Scientific View”
Canceled Checks for only Mr. Kelman’s and Mr. Hardin’s billable hours:
Why is that? If you really co-authored this paper as the only CIH named, which promotes the false concept that you all proved, “Thus the notion toxic mold is an insidious secret killer… is junk science unsupported by actual scientific study” – then why weren’t you paid for your contribution as co-author like your co-owners of Veritox?
What do you think would happen in this issue and your ability to use the US Chamber paper in court to corroborate your expert opinion, if the uncontroverted evidence of Mr. Kelman committing perjury in SLAPP to manufacture a reason for my malice, was acknowledged by the courts as being concealed by officers of the courts for eight years?
Or what would happen to your credibility if the fact that the 2008 Judgment, sole foundational document to the second case, is void on its face, as proven by the contradictory liens you all recorded on my property?
Did you know that a Void Judgment cannot be used for any purpose – including as the sole foundational document to a second case for the purpose of gagging someone of what occurred in the first case which has aided scientific fraud to continue in policy and courts? Did you know that’s a felony to submit known fraudulent documents to the courts? You may want to ask Mr. Scheuer how that works.”
Below is some of the communication from the California court headquarters regarding people’s comments that I submitted on their behalves on October 23, 2013, becoming public record. Many of these people are FB clients and were able to add comment via access to the petition, being on FB. [before I was blocked for exposing Mr. Armour of GIHN aiding Veritox to fleece the public].
“Ms. Kramer, 
Justice Douglas P. Miller, chair of the Judicial Council’s Executive and Planning Committee (E&P), has asked me to inform you that ….and E&P has exercised its discretion to accept your second letter and have it distributed to members of the Judicial Council as written materials for this meeting. 
This means that your letter will become part of the public record of this council meeting, will be posted on the public website with the other materials for this meeting, and will also be made an attachment to this meeting agenda as “written comments received”. Thank you for your interest in the Judicial Council and its mission to advance the consistent, independent, impartial, and accessible administration of justice.”
Nancy E. Spero  Senior Attorney, Judicial Council Support Services [see end of this post of how they stopped people’s comments from becoming public record or going to the Judicial Council members]  
Key aspects of the “second letter” requesting that the California Judicial Council & Director of Administrative Offices of the Courts address AOC employee document falsifications in SLAPP while aiding federal contractors, Veritox, Inc. to fleece the public with scientific fraud.
“Hon. Chairperson Cantil-Sayauke, Director Jahr, Justice Kaufman & Counselor Roberts,
           You hold the key to stop those responsible for causation of much U.S. environmental disabilities, from being able to shift their liability costs onto Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). To turn that key, you must admit that AOC employees falsified documents in SLAPP; and that AOC supervisors, JC members, court officers and plaintiffs concealed the falsifications as they continued to use the legally invalid documents to harass me.
          As such, I was stunned when I received a form letter from JC/AOC Legal Services dated 7/11/13.[1] It was in response to direct evidence that I sent on 6/2713[2] to the JC Chair and AOC Director. A San Diego AOC employee mailed a document to me from a non-existent “The Court” on 6/12/13 [3] This, while abusing the court to aid a judge to obfuscate from answering questions about misuse of prior AOC falsified documents, coram non judice.[4] A form reply to direct evidence of yet another AOC employee Penal Code 134 violation is not an acceptable response.           
         Deflecting your responsibilities to address AOC employee document falsifications onto complicit San Diego Superior Court supervisors, must surely be an oversight. And as you know, contrary to your directive to me, the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) does not discipline AOC employees and complicit AOC supervisors for AOC document falsifications. This key aspect of the sordid matter is the responsibility of AOC’s Director
         The fact is, Chairperson Cantil-Sayauke, Director Jahr, Chief Counsel Roberts, and Justice Kaufmann; upon your personal acknowledgements of the AOC falsified documents in two SLAPP suits; the false concept that it has been scientifically proven by Veritox’s Mr. Bryan Hardin and Mr. Bruce Kelman that microbial toxins could never reach a level indoors to harm anyone, will cease to exist in public health policies, courts, medical schools, medical practices, and in workers’ comp, property/casualty insurer cost shifting schemes. U.S. physicians and policy setters will no longer be mislead to parrot the false proof of lack of causation. 
          The key to stopping Veritox’s scientific fraud lays with your acknowledgment that AOC employee falsified documents have been concealed by AOC supervisors, court officers – including Veritox’s attorney, and JC members, in SLAPP over my writing exposing how the scientific fraud became policy to mislead U.S. courts – rather than the environmentally injureds’ counsels needing to know how to discredit the fraud, one mold case at a time, when used by defense witnesses as false proof of lack of causation of illness and death,…
1.                The December 2008 Void Judgment in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, Case No. GIN044539. (Attached as Exhibit) Void on its face, it states a date of cost award not possible to have occurred to conceal it was ante-dated, twice. California Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke and Director of the Administrative Offices of the California Courts Judge Jahr, admitting that this one court document is fraudulent and void to be used for any purpose; will cause the fleecing of the public by Veritox,, to immediately cease….
          Now that you have once again been shown the massive damage occurring by the concealment of falsified AOC employee documents in SLAPP suits over a matter impacting thousands of your fellow human beings:
Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke, Judge Jahr, Justice Kaufman, and Counselor Roberts: You will be unable to prove that Judicial Council (JC) members, court officers and Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC) supervisors did not commit felony concealment of AOC employee falsified material court documents in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation; with the SLAPP suits being initiated by federal contractors of the US DOJ, and their California counsel against an advocate for truth in U.S. health marketing. Therefore under Penal Code 134, as JC/AOC governors, it is your legal responsibilities to not also commit felonies by concealment of your subordinates’ concealments; and to mitigate the damage to the truth advocate and to the United States public for whom she advocates.”  
As such, I respectfully request that FB let accurate, freedom of speech flow. There is a meeting of the leaders of the California Courts today. [which was Friday, October 25th] The information that Mr. Armour and other conflicted souls would prefer not come to light via a simple little petition shared on FB and LinkedIn is part of the public comment.  Please unblock me ASAP.  The request to block me appears to have ulterior motivation of stopping information which impacts the lives of many from coming to public light – just like they tried to do on the AIHA IEQ Linked In board.  
I am also aware that Ms. Elaine Kelly, who has a FB support group for those injured by Hurricane Sandy and has recently had problems with GIHN leading members, has also recently been attacked. As I understand it, FB is asking questions if they should shut down her group. To my knowledge, the answer is “No. Her group has helped many.”
So you know, I am a published author on the subject of how false concepts become and remain in U.S. public health policies for the purpose of misleading U.S. courts to deny liability for causation of environmental illnesses.[1]  In the past, Facebook has proved invaluable at helping to expose the deceptions for the sake of promoting accurate public health policies.  
For ease of reading the documents referenced, this letter and links may be read online at Katy’s Exposure under the blog title, “TOXIC MOLD! Why is Facebook Censoring Questions of Extrinsic Fraud Fleecing the Public?” Short link:
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.                     
                                                                                        Sharon Noonan Kramer

[1]  Int J Occup Environ Health. 2007 Oct-Dec;13(4):404-26.American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM): a professional association in service to industry. LaDou J, Teitelbaum DT, Egilman DS, Frank AL, Kramer SN, Huff J.
Below are People’s Comments which were sent via my October 23, 2013 “second letter” to the Judicial Council and Director of the Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC), (that GIHN affiliate Mr. Armour, did not want them to receive by trying to block people’s access to sign a petition and send comment).
These comments SHOULD now be public record as being known what is happening to people by the Judicial Council and AOC obfuscating from addressing extrinsic fraud in their courts in SLAPP, aiding federal contractors, Veritox, Inc. to fleece the public with scientific fraud.
However, the JC/AOC omitted these public comments from their website, by cutting my letter off.  I have emails to prove they got them, in their entirety; and GOT THE MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR OF WHAT THEY MUST DO TO STOP THE PUBLIC FLEECING!
People’s Comments:
Judicial Council Chairperson Cantil-Sayauke and Director of the Administrative Offices of the Courts Jahr, TOXIC MOLD! I want to know if extrinsic fraud is fleecing the U.S. public.
This fraud is wasting billions in untreated, misdiagnosed illness in the United States
Its time the law stops ignoring the issue of toxic mold. If its used in chemical weapons…why isn’t the medical community taught about this in college? I shouldn’t know more about mold than my doctor!!!!
We cannot allow ignorance and corruption to stand in the way of what very well could be one of America’s greatest health problems.
This deceit has cost us our lives. It needs to end and the criminals held accountable. Restitution to the injured is a right we all have.
Go Sharon!
I lived in a HUD apartment complex for over ten years. The buildings are very old, and were built in swampy, marsh area. I did not know this, but when my unit was built, a vent for the dryer was never put in, so the dryer vented inside the walls for decades. My daughter came ill, and moved in with my brother, and her symptoms improved. I had no where to go, and not knowing what was happening, I stayed for years longer…before I moved in I was working full time, going to college and raising my daughter. Not long after I moved into the Meadow Road apartments in Keene, NH I became ill. More than a decade later, and many different diagnosis, a mold inspector, hired privately, came in and did surface and air testing, which both came back with high levels of many types of toxic molds. I had to move and throw away all of my daughter’s and my own belongings. I was homeless for a while, I am still sick, haven’t been able to afford to replace my bed yet, that had to be thrown away too. I pray and wish that the People with the power to do something to help will. Children are suffering, please stop this unfair and cruel treatment. God Bless,
My whole family was sick from toxic mold. We lived in it for almost 5 years, all the time getting sicker and sicker while doctors prescribed various drugs and did performed surgeries that were not needed. All they had to do was admit that mold can make people sick. VERY sick.  .
The impact of toxic mould on the lives of us sufferers and those around us are horrendous. If you walk out of your home thinking what a great day it is, remember us who have lost loved ones, who are are sick every day, who have lost the ability to work, lost our possessions and home, all due to the known effects of mycotoxins. If it now feels less of a great day, then let us use honesty to confirm publicly and legally the truth behind the dangers and consequences of exposure to toxic mould. Health and life is ALWAYS more important than money or pride.
My children were poisoned by 50k toxic mold spores for 7 weeks, even after 5 1\2 years or trying to recover they are still tainted by the stain it left on their 3 main systems……… All bc of greed, negligence, and ignorance.
If you wish to see what toxic mold can do to nearly killed both me and my husband..
Our Government Don’t Care.
I would like to know this as well because I have been denied disability more than once for Mycotoxicosis, ME/CFS, +ANA (Lupus), MCS all due to toxic mold exposure yet it’s very evident how sick I am!
I [Crystal Stuckey] am the owner of Katy’s Exposure. I started the blog because of the fraud involved in my lawsuit to keep it out of court. The retaliation I have suffered and will continue to suffer has been unimaginable. This retaliation includes intentional changes to Katy’s Exposure to limit it’s placement in search results. [It should also be noted that Administrator Jahr and Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke are aware that Veritox and their “legal” counsel, Mr. Keith Scheuer, mailed AOC employee falsified court documents to Ms. Stuckey, interstate, in May of 2011. The void legal documents were enclosed in a threat that should Ms. Stuckey continue to blog of this matter in the California courts and its continued adverse impact on the public; Veritox and Mr. Scheuer would sue her.]
 JC Chair Cantil-Sayauke, AOC Director Jahr, AOC/JC Chief Legal Counsel Roberts, and JC/AOC Chair of Litigation Management Kaufmann,  already have the following piece of information, along with directions of where they can read it on the Internet with the links corroborating the statements made of their obfuscating from addressing extrinsic fraud causing the continuance of federal contractors’ scientific fraud, adverse to the public’s best interest:
ODE TO TOXIC MOLD SUFFERERS by Sharon Noonan Kramer   
To those harmed by the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s (ILR) & the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy’s (CLP) “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”; and by California Judicial Council (JC) members’ concealment of administrative court employee (AOC) falsified documents in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) to retaliate for exposing how and why it became a false concept in U.S. public health policy that mold toxins are proven not to harm; And harmed by the Silence of All Those Who Know!  
If you’re poisoned by microbe toxins and no one will listen, think of the largest lobbyist and coins which glisten. Know why elected officials will not give them a di$$in’, as the fleeced public continues to feel it.
A retired Assistant Surgeon General took a think-tank’s bribe. His written words and true science do not jibe. They’re spewed in U.S. courts as false denial diatribe, and U.S. Senate HELPed to conceal it.                          
A Citizen exposed how policy fraud came to be. She named those involved as she blogged of the fee. Cal courts framed her for libel so no one would see, and repeatedly refused to repeal it.
They jailed her and hurt her and falsified docs. She was terrorized for example so no one else balks. Excuses abound of why no one talks, CAUSING environmental injuries til a Loud Voice squeals it.
JC/AOC Heads seem political to the core. They shield court employee crimes hiding frauds of more. They may need to be shown the jailhouse door! and the Citizen knows how to reveal it:
USDOJ’s witness Veritox took Manhattan Institute’s  bribe. They forged UCLA doctor authorship as the US Chamber lied. Feds, Politicians, Regents, Cal Court leaders came along for the ride, and mass silence as defense can’t conceal it.
Veritox’s extrapolations alone are not scientific proof. Expert witnessing that they are, causes cost-shifting by spoof. Falsifying court docs in Cal SLAPP puts culpability through the roof!! The admission of AOC’s frauds will seal it.
Uncontradicted evidence are considered as truths. Feigning they’re not are lies, court fraud and abuse. JC/AOC Heads’ refuting evidence would prove its not ruse. Since there is none, Mea Culpa to the defrauded public must heal it!!!                     
This email was sent to AOC/JC Senior Staff and Legal Services on October 25, 2013 regarding the deleting of people’s comments of the California Judicial Council’s website:
Dear Ms. Cheadle and Ms. Spero,
I just went on the Judicial Council website.  My public comment that you all told me would be part of the public record via the direction of Justice Douglas Miller, Chair of the Executive and Planning Committee, is not there in its entirety. 
My written communication, “second letter” is cut off on your website.  Missing are the public comments I relayed on behalf of many others regarding how extrinsic fraud and AOC employee document falsifications in SLAPP, are aiding federal contractors, Veritox, Inc. to fleece and devastate the public with scientific fraud. – and what act is necessary by AOC Director, Judge Stephen Jahr to stop the public fleecing.
Please update your website to reflect the entire second letter that was sent by me to be read by the Judicial Council members and the Director of the AOC, Jahr. My “second letter” is attached to an email, again, for you be able to print and share with the California Court leaders.
Please send me confirmation, signed by Justice Miller, to verify that my correspondence has been shared with the Judicial Council members and AOC Director Jahr, in its entirety. 
These games must cease. There is no way around it. Until the Judicial Council and Director Jahr acknowledge the felonious falsifications of material court documents by AOC employees in the matter of Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc. v Sharon Kramer, San Diego Superior Court, many lives will continue to be unnecessarily devastated by the scientific fraud that the document falsifications are aiding to continue.  
This email may be read online at the link:  
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,
Sharon Kramer
And THAT is how and why the public continues to be fleeced over illnesses caused by TOXIC MOLD!  Now that you know, what are YOU going to do about it? 
And THANK YOU! to those who signed the Petition because you have tried to help stop the public fleecing against the tall odds of many well connected, compromised and down right stupid souls who walk among us.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to TOXIC MOLD! Why is FACEBOOK Censoring Questions of Extrinsic Fraud in Cal Courts Fleecing the Public?

  1. william vanderbilt says:

    Sharon,,, I must say that you seem to have this issue covered from every conceivable angle and I do not see how they could possibly continue to defraud the public under such circumstances… After all,, A lie is a lie and by any other name it is still a lie… I want you to know that i will continue to support your efforts both in my group and on my personal FB page… I wish you the best of luck with this and i want,, more than anything,, to see justice in this matter.. If there is anything I can do to help you,, just let me know…

    Sincerely,,, Bill Vanderbilt.

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