Whistleblowers & The Dangers Of Willful Blindness

Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagreeMargaret Heffernan, Management Thinker and author, recently gave a powerful presentation for TED.  In her presentation, “The Dangers Of Willful Blindness” (this is the link to the 15 minute presentation), she profiles the mindset of what drives whistleblowers, what drives “willful blindness” and the vast damage caused by deliberate indifference. She discusses the vested interests of even those harmed to practice willful blindness rather than admit error when they spoke poorly of the whistleblower, prior to understanding that what they heard was the sound of a whistle.  It’s a fascinating video and study of society.
She speaks of Gayla Benefield of Libby, Montana. “Gayla Benefield was just doing her job — until she uncovered an awful secret about her hometown that meant its mortality rate was 80 times higher than anywhere else in the U.S. But when she tried to tell people about it, she learned an even more shocking truth: People didn’t want to know.”
I can completely identify with the whistleblower profile, but I will never understand willful blindness when frauds play on and retaliation of whistleblowers are known to be occurring.  Besides the scientific fraud that continues in policy and courts over the mold issue aided and abetted by unpunished criminal acts in the CA courts; I find this video to be extremely relevant in an era where federal whistleblowers are being jailed and harassed for exposing unlawful acts, at a rate never seen before in the history of this country.
If a whistle blows in the forest and no one claims to hear it, does it still make a sound? If government employees are intimidated not to speak of frauds and mismanagement of their superiors and peers and even those being harmed practice willful blindness, who is left to hear the whistles? Who protects the public and those who dare to speak of wrongs on the public’s behalf?
Please watch this VIDEO.  I am deeply concerned of where we are headed in this country. When whistleblowers are openly retaliated against in both government and the private sector and the fraudsters they have exposed go unpunished, willful blindness appears to be becoming dangerously encouraged as acceptable societal behavior in the US.
Thanks goes out to Dwight Hines for sending me this video with the subject title, “dangers of willful blindness on target for you”.
Sharon Noonan Kramer
Also see ContemptOfCourtFor.ME for the latest in a series of fraudulent court documents by California Administration of the Court employees in the ongoing saga of Bruce J. Kelman and Veritox, Inc. (federal contractors) vs. Sharon Noonan Kramer (advocate for truth in health marketing); and (some of) who knows about it from California to Washington, DC.
Also see: Call For Senate & Congressional Hearings ~ Alleged Fraud In Mold Issue By Federal Contractors

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1 Response to Whistleblowers & The Dangers Of Willful Blindness

  1. Jim H. White says:

    It is only when you undrestand that 85% of human now living (45% of US citizens) believe that The Lie is the intelligent way to go that you start to understand how such things happen. Teh US figures have dropped precipitously in the last few decades, while ther rest of the world has risen slightly. For the first time we North Americans are seeing more people who purposefully live The Lie tan we used to see regularly. It used to be that only a few percent of those in snall town America were persistent liars, but not they are the majority of Americans.

    I am, personally, convinced that this is a blip that will shortly disapear, but not until most folks understand what is happening and raise their loving voices to say “This is not the American way! (we Canadians are American too, just not US Amercans).

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