U.S. Environmentally Disabled Endorse Strategic Strike To Stop Government Backed Poisoning

Sharon Noonan Kramer, 2031 Arborwood Place Escondido, CA 92029 760-746-8026
September 5, 2013
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) (202) 228-3954    Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)(202) 224-0454
RE: A Vote to Bomb Syria for Citizen Poisonings is a SLAPP in the Face to Me & to U.S. Environmentally Disabled & Dying (in pdf format)
Honorable Senator Feinstein & Senator Boxer,
          The American public is tired of feeling manipulated, including to start wars in the Middle East. Evidence that any new governors of Syria would be any more kind to the people than the current government is non-existent. Evidence that thousands more will be harmed in the region should the U.S. ignite the flame via a bomb strike, is strong.
          Bombing Syria at this point in time may not be the wisest battle to pick in the best interest of the American public to stop government endorsed poisonings.  In fact, it is a slap in the face to the American public and to me personally that the U.S. government would bomb for alleged chemical poisonings in another country. I and the citizens of this country have been begging our leaders for years to stop the scientific fraud in U.S. policy that it is proven the toxins of mold could never reach a level to poison us.  Do you even realize how many people are being poisoned here at home because the U.S. Senate HELP chose to turn a blind eye to federal contractors publishing scientific fraud on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2003 to influence policy and courts? I think you do.
          I have met with your legislative assistants on numerous occasions over the years. As you are well aware I was jailed last year, coram non judice, in California with documents falsified by the courts themselves to try to conceal the scientific fraud in policy. I.e. The U.S. government, its private sector contractors and influential lobbyists have been using a never vetted risk assessment model to claim false proof of safe levels of biocontaminants in water damaged buildings (WDB).  This is to stave off liability for causation of illness and death from debilitating poisonings by biocontaminants in WDB — by the use of the mass marketed, U.S. Congress backed, scientific fraud.
          As you are aware, along with the Senate turning a blind eye to mass marketed scientific fraud endorsed by members of Congress; falsified court documents — used to frame me for libel in California Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) to make me falsely appear to be a liar for daring to expose in 2005 of how the scientific fraud became policy — aid the slow poisoning of U.S. citizens to continue and to remain concealed from public light.  
          As you know, the California courts falsified documents to conceal that a retired U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Bryan Hardin, was an undisclosed party to the eight years of malicious litigations. They concealed that his business partner in VeriTox, Inc., Bruce Kelman, committed perjury to manufacture a needed reason for my alleged maliciousness of exposing the fraud — while collusively framing me to defraud the public.
          As you know, Veritox and their principals are federal contractors with Mr. Hardin and Mr. Kelman being the authors of the scientific fraud. Last year, the California courts along with Veritox’s “legal” counsel were trying to terrorize me into signing a false confession of being guilty of libel for a sentence I never even wrote – to conceal that they KNOW how many U.S. people are being slowly poisoned by the collusive corruption of government and its contractors via the usage of Veritox’s never vetted science in U.S. policy and U.S. courts.
        jobsanger: Government Liars  As you know, when I refused to be coerced to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel, I was incarcerated in San Diego, physically harmed and given a false FBI record to conceal the true reason I was jailed, all coram non judice. That is a felony committed against me by those whose sole function is to assure laws are upheld. 
       As you are aware, not one judiciary or clerk or US DOJ contractor or federal lobbyist has been punished for the defrauding of the U.S. public by feloneous means – as U.S. citizens continue to be debilitated and poisoned by the microbial toxins to this very day.  
         It is not just the mold issue in which the scientific fraud is being employed. Never vetted assumptive extrapolations are being allowed to be used to claim false proof of safety of chemicals by many factions of the U.S. government.  (See August 14, 2013 NRDC Switchboard, “USFDA Allows Chemicals in Food Despite Lack of Toxicity Testing”)
        As my elected U.S. Senators how can you, in good conscience, endorse bombing Syria for poisoning its people when the U.S. government’s private sector contractors have been permitted to resort to criminal means in the U.S. to conceal that people here at home are being slowly poisoned? It does not make sense that you could be so altruistically concerned of a corrupt government causing fourteen hundred chemical poisonings in the Middle East; yet be so callus to show no concern for thousands of people who are being poisoned in the United States and that it is being concealed by criminal acts of the courts in your home state of California, at the highest level.
        So please, do not insult me and those environmentally disabled in the U.S. by encouraging the public to become enraged at a government who allegedly used criminal means to poison its people, to sway U.S. public opinion toward the need to bomb — unless you are also intending to advocate bombing those who have employed criminal means in the U.S. to conceal government aided slow poisonings right here at home.
        Rather than Syria, a more effective strategic strike for the greater benefit of the U.S. public to stop criminals in government causing poisonings would be 455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA. In the public’s best interest, I suggest that you bomb your home state court leaders with demands for production of the (impossible) evidence that they are not concealing falsified material court documents in SLAPP — which is aiding the scientific fraud of the U.S. Chamber and U.S. Department of Justice toxic tort expert defense witnesses, Veritox, Inc., to continue to stealthily poison thousands in the U.S.
          Please let me know when the bombings of demands for production of documents from California Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke, the California Judicial Council (JC), the Administration of the Courts (AOC) and the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) are set to commence at 455 Golden Gate Avenue. I feel certain that you will meet with no public resistance to commence this bombing to stop government backed poisonings. No U.N. authorization or other country endorsement is required for you to act. Only troops of lawyers will need to be deployed to California. (and while you are at it, please ask the California court leaders what happened to the $500M in missing court construction funds)
        The President of the United States and Congress have the power and the moral responsibility to the American public to immediately put an end to the government poison of never vetted science being used to deny causation of environmental illnesses and deaths, concealed by criminal acts in the California courts. On behalf of the American public, I thank you in advance for your prompt and properly directed strategic strike at 455 Golden Gate Avenue, SF, CA, to stop a government’s criminal acts of poisoning its people.
                                                                            Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer
Fc: Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Senator Lamar Alexander(R-TN), Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), Congressman Darryl Issa (R-CA),Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA), Secretary John Kerry, President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder

[1] July 2013 letter faxed to Senators Boxer & Feinstein et al, regarding US Senate & California Court willful concealment of scientific fraud in U.S. environmental public health policies on behalf of the U.S. Chamber http://freepdfhosting.com/98a65b9bc6.pdf

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6 Responses to U.S. Environmentally Disabled Endorse Strategic Strike To Stop Government Backed Poisoning

  1. ellen says:

    How IRONIC, the agency in San Diego, that is responsible for safeguarding the righs of disabled clients, is SUED and fined for VIOLATING the rights of disabled employees in their employment. NO WONDER San Diego REgional Center is the most ABUSIVE and CORRUPT Regional Center agenc in California! Time to FIRE the people in top positions at San DIego Regional Center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!http://www.bigclassaction.com/lawsuit/sdrc_employee_classaction.php

  2. Heather says:

    Great letter, Sharon. I pray that they listen. Our government has no right to fight a was in another country when this country is falling to pieces. I see families, men, women, children… all sick from mold and environmental toxins. What is the government doing to help these people? There was no help for us when my son went from well to wheelchair in 9 months. If we had not figured it out that toxic mold was making us all sick, we might be dead. Government agencies like the Department of Health tried to steer us away from mold… telling us that mold can only cause allergies and asthma and condescendingly asking if we had the sniffles. Get real. Toxic mold produces mycotoxins which are used in Bio Warfare. They can kill… and worse than that, they are making millions of people sick and these people have nowhere to turn. Most doctors are not helping and the ones who are helping are losing their licenses because the OPMC is on a witch hunt to shut them down.

  3. I need help. I am in litigation from mold exposure. No doctor will testify for me and yet I am being treated for mold. I am short on money and do not want to let this contractor who caused the mold conditions get off. I have been sick for three years. Help please, I have a fifteen year old. I agree that the US needs to take care of its own problems.

  4. Elaine Hipple says:

    I led a normal life before I got sick from toxic mold. I lost my health, home, pets, clothes, furniture & ability to come and go as I please. Because of the government’s denial and no guidelines, I also contaminated my daughters home.

  5. linda young says:

    I DO NOT UNDERSTAND …How can the U.S. DENY THE TREMENDOUS TOXICITY OF MOLDS/MYCOTOXINS WHEN RIGHT NOW THEIR FOCUS IN BIOLOGIC WARFARE CENTERS AROUND MYCOTOXINS AS A VERY EFFECTIVE & DIFFUSE TOOL OF WAR this is what the government is developing NOW. They too are using Anthrax. It is absolutely effective in destroying peoples lives because Mycotoxins symptoms are difficult to pinpoint It is the “smallpox” of this corrupt government!

  6. gsgrl2000 says:

    I am one of those environmentally disabled who can’t get disability because of the false public policy stating “mold can’t make you sick”! It is a direct slap in the face to me and my child who is also sick from mold exposure that you would be more willing to protect other children and not your own! Don’t get me wrong I want all children protected but bombing any country has never protected any child! And I would hope that if you wanted to protect other children you would also want to protect your own children! I would like to see the hypocrisy in government end so I can protect my own child from the dangers of toxic mold exposure! Mycotoxins are deadly!

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