New book raises awareness of environmental neuroimmune illnesses

Lisa Petrison, PhD, has published a book which chronicles the trials, tribulations and journey to renewed health of a man, Erik Johnson.  Mr. Johnson acquired Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) from an environmental exposure in Lake Tahoe, Nevada over a quarter of a century ago. Virtually nothing was known of CFS within the medical community at the time. Mr Johnson’s choice was to remain disabled or find his own path to wellness. The name of the book is, “Back From the Edge: How One Man’s Discovery Took Him From Desperately Sick with CFS to the Top of Mt. Whitney in Six Months.”
According to the website of the not for profit org, Paradigm Change, “More recently, a different sort of illness has emerged, one that disables people for extended periods of time but is not usually immediately deadly (though it may shorten life expectancy significantly). Illnesses in this category all have a strong neurological component, affecting cognition, the nervous system and mood. Many of these illnesses have been found to be associated with immune problems and the proliferation of pathogens, but efforts to identify and eradicate a specific causal pathogen have thus far been unsuccessful with all of them.”
“Paradigm Change is a new organization with a primary goal of encouraging the exploration of the hypothesis that some or all of these diseases may be ones of toxicity. While we are interested in all kinds of toxins (including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fire retardants and other chemicals), a particular focus is on the biotoxins made by molds, cyanobacteria and other microorganisms.” 
To learn more of how to obtain a copy of the book and of Dr. Petrison’s, Mr. Johnson’s and their associates’ efforts to increase understanding of environmentally induced neuroimmune illnesses, please visit the website of Paradigm Change.  One may also subscribe to their new blog “Paradigm Change, Exploring the Connection Between Environmental Toxicity and Chronic Neuroimmune Illness” where discussions take place.

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1 Response to New book raises awareness of environmental neuroimmune illnesses

  1. Thanks so much for sharing information about Paradigm Change and about the new book, Sharon!

    We are hoping to get a bunch of Amazon reviews of the book during its introduction so that a broader audience will learn about the possible role of toxic mold in CFS and other neuroimmune illness. A PDF version of the book (readable on a computer) is available free for those willing to write reviews — if you are interested, please write and let me know!

    To submit a review to Amazon or purchase the Kindle version of the book ($2.99), here is the address.

    A blog written by Erik and me (with future contributions by guest authors) is here:

    Thanks for your help in spreading the word!

    Lisa Petrison

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