Call For Senate & Congressional Hearings ~ Alleged Fraud In Mold Issue By Federal Contractors

Dear John and Jane Voter,
           Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer, who caused a federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit of the Mold Issue to be ordered by the late Senator Edward Kennedy in 2006, is alleging that there is systemic fraud in the Mold Issue that was first promulgated by US federal contractors over a decade ago. She alleges this fraud has caused systematic, financially motivated, discrimination of the environmentally injured, disabled and dying in medical practices, government backed policies and courts for now over a decade.          
          She alleges it is a cost shifting scheme that was ignored by GAO in their partial audit.  She claims the scheme is based on scientific fraud by federal contractors and their clients to deflect the financial burden for care of the environmentally ill away from those financially liable for causation onto the American taxpayer via social service disability programs. 
           She alleges that only an idiot could believe that expert defense witnesses for the US Department of Justice, armed solely with a calculator and think-tank money, scientifically proved, “Thus the notion that toxic mold is an insidious secret killer as so many media reports and trial lawyers would claim, is Junk Science unsupported by actual scientific study.”  
          That which can be destroyed by the truth should be. – Quotes LoverShe alleges that federal contractors took a no less than $25,000 payment (bribe) from a think-tank in 2003 to promulgate the known scientific fraud for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform, et al; and that she has copies of canceled checks and legal transcripts of altering under oath statements to prove it.   
          She says she has the direct evidence that this was paid to be written for the express purpose to influence the courts in mold litigation and that the US DOJ contractors, the think-tank, and the ILR fraudulently put a university affiliated physician’s name on it as co-author to lend false credibility.  But the physician, who is also a prolific expert defense witness in mold litigations, stated under oath in 2006 — three years after the publication of the scientific fraud — that he had not even read it, let alone wrote it.         
          She alleges that the scam is one of the most intricately planned and carried out, dirtiest tricks ever played on the American public.
          She alleges that she has the direct evidence to prove that federal and state government officials are heavily involved along with numerous federal contractors. She alleges that people have died because of the mass marketed scientific fraud and efforts to conceal that it is fraud; and that President Obama and Attorney General Holder know of the sordid matter along with deliberately indifferent (at best) politicians from California to Washington, DC.
          If you would like the United States Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pension (HELP) Committee and the Congressional Oversight & Government Reform (OGR) Committee to investigate for the alleged conflicts of interest (COI) in the creation of US medical and legal standards over the Mold Issue and for the alleged damage caused by the alleged COI causing promulgation and mass marketing of scientific fraud; then send an email to stating so.  We’ll tell you how YOU can help to cause investigation without having to fear retaliation for speaking the truth in America.  Also, please send this message to your friends, family and colleagues so they may help, too. Ten years of defrauding the public is enough!
           For details of why Mrs. Kramer is now making these serious allegations and is claiming the need for Senate and Congressional intervention to stop fraud — please read the blog  Call for Senate HELP & Congress Oversight To Investigate ~ Conflicts of Interest in the Mold Issue ~ Please Support!  Short link:
          To reiterate, if you would like Senate HELP and the Congressional OGR to investigate these allegations made by someone who has already caused a partial federal audit of the issue, then send an email to stating so.  Also, please send this message to your friends, family and colleagues so they may help, too. 
          To share on Facebook, Linked In, YahooGroups, Twitter, Blogs, Emails, etc., the short link for this message is:
Thank you for your help,
Sharon Noonan Kramer, Advocate for Integrity in Health Marketing

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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5 Responses to Call For Senate & Congressional Hearings ~ Alleged Fraud In Mold Issue By Federal Contractors

  1. Help please. I have sick with candida or thrush for 3 years. I have a law suit against the builder who caused the mold exposure. I need to know who get as an expert witness. My doctors will not get involved. Still sick. Please reply to

  2. Sharon, WHAT A GREAT JOB in messaging & I too will do what I can to get your message out.

  3. Linda Delp says:

    For over a decade many Americans have tried to get help or educate our leaders regarding the serious illness, financial hardship, and discrimination to people young and old that are dealing with water damage/indoor mold. So many Americans sick or from homes, schools, or work places and most of the time are left to deal with these issues on their own.

    This has become a big enough problem all over that it is time for a Senate and Congressional intervention to stop this fraud and lack of concern for such a large portion of our citizens.

    There is no acceptable reason that people have had to beg and wait for an intervention for years and years when it is clear this is becomming a major health threat mainly because no one is doing anything about it.

  4. katy says:

    Thank you, Bill, and thanks for all your hard work to stop the injustice, too.

  5. william vanderbilt says:

    I commend you on your dedication to this cause Sharon.. I will certainly encourage everyone in my mold groups to support this action… This injustice has to stop now and accountability is the only deterrant to prevent it from happening in the future..

    Sincerely,,, William Vanderbilt ( Billdaddy )

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