Call for Senate HELP & Congress Oversight To Investigate ~ Conflicts of Interest in the Mold Issue ~ Please Support!

Dear John and Jane Voter,
           If you would like the US Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pension (HELP) Committee and the Congressional Oversight & Government Reform (OGR) Committee to investigate for conflicts of interest (COI) in the creation of US medical and legal standards over the Mold Issue and for the damage caused by the COI; then send an email to stating so.  We’ll tell you how you can help to cause one.  Also, please send this message to your friends, family and colleagues so they may help, too.
          In 2006, we at Katy’s Exposure Blog caused a Federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit regarding the health effects of mold as it relates to US public health policy, medical practices, public awareness and the courts.  Unfortunately, the following is the verbatim quote of what Senate HELP deleted  from the scope of the GAO audit in February 2007:
US Senate HELP“What medical and scientific standards are used in determining the admissibility of evidence of both acute and persistent health consequences resulting from exposure to mold?  Which individuals and organizations have promulgated these standards and what, if any, conflicts of interest [COI] exist regarding these standards?”
          The following is the link to the original GAO audit request that the late Senator Edward Kennedy ordered in October of 2006 at our urging and that of other US citizens.  See the last paragraphs on page 2 for the above noted deletion from the scope of the federal audit and for Senator Kennedy’s signature on the original scope of the audit request. 
           Original GAO Audit Scope, October 2006  
          Based on the compilation of over a decade of evidence including legal documents and canceled checks to federal contractors for promulgating scientifically fraudulent policy over the Mold Issue; I, Sharon Noonan Kramer, am now alleging this Senate HELP deletion from the GAO investigation has aided and abetted COI and false science over the Mold Issue to continue to the detriment of the health, safety and welfare of the American public. This promulgation of false science has been deliberately caused by acts of federal contractors and their clients, et al.  (Did we mention the think-tank canceled checks we have in our possession and the legal transcripts containing altering under oath statements of who promulgated and mass marketed the political and sectarian standards?)
         At the direction and by way of introduction from Senate HELP in 2007, we turned to the Congressional OGR for hearings and investigations of the COI. The general counsel of the then Chairman of OGR was provided requests for investigations and public hearings. The multiple requests came from organizations that represent well over 10,000 US citizens.  Chaired at the time by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA), no efforts were made to hold hearings or to address the conflicts of interest of federal contractors, et al, and the continuing damage caused to the public by the COI. OGR is now chaired by Congressman Darryl Issa (R-CA) North San Diego County, California.
          We now know that among the fraudulent policy promulgators’ clients are the US Department of Justice (US DOJ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); with even  Congressional members using them to avoid personal liability for causation of debilitating illness. The conflicted, pseudo-scientific standards promulgated by the US DOJ/EPA contractors, who are also prolific expert defense witnesses in mold litigations, are being used to set state and federal workman’s compensation medical practices; used in US private sector medical insurer controlled practices; used in US medical school teachings that are funded by the CDC ATSDR & NIOSH; and used in US state and federal courts to deny liability for causation of debilitating environmental illnesses and deaths.          
           I do not allege this was Senate HELP’s or Senator Kennedy’s deliberately indifferent intent when deleting investigation for COI in the promulgation of standards from federal audit. Yet, because the investigation for COI was deleted from the taxpayer-funded GAO audit and not addressed by Congressional OGR, the final outcome was fruitless.  Little to nothing was accomplished to rectify the problem.
          This holds true even now, five years after the GAO report and recommendations were released; with the GAO claiming their recommendations to federal inter-agencies to send accurate, consistent information from the federal government to private sector medical professionals and to the public have somehow been “implemented” and the matter “closed”.  People still unable to obtain viable medical treatment from America’s physicians or US health departments would beg to differ.
          Contrary to the GAO’s claim, virtually no scientific information is being disseminated to private sector medical professionals, to health departments or to the public regarding the potential for debilitating, multi-organ, Chronic Inflammatory Response Symptoms (CIRS) from exposure to excessive mold, its toxins and other biocontaminants which are often found in Water Damaged Buildings (CIRS-WDB, ICD-9 Code 995.93) and via exposure to excessive mold toxins in crops. It is still being fraudulently mass marketed to professionals that debilitating and sometimes deadly fungal infections never occur in immunocompetent individuals.  Pseudo-science that it is proven by federal contractors that these illnesses are not plausibly occurring (“Could not be” to quote two of the promulgators under oath) – based on what could only be deemed financially motivated scientific fraud in policy to abet fraud upon the court – continues to harm the lives of thousands for now over a decade.
         As such, I am alleging the above noted Senate HELP deletion from investigation of COI in the promugation of standards and Congressional OGR’s refusal to investigate and hold hearings, are causing the continuance of multi-billions of dollars in cost shifting for the burden of care of the environmentally disabled and dying, while creating more disabled by lack of awareness of potentially hazardous environmental exposures. I am alleging that these costs are being shifted to US taxpayers and away from liable workers’ comp insurers, property casualty insurers and other financial stakeholders of WDB; along with producers of mycotoxin laden crops.
         I allege that tax-payer funded social service programs are being misused to compensate for illness causers’ skating from liability and that government backed policies which encourage the prescribing of useless and sometimes harmful drugs to the environmentally injured, disabled and dying are  masking causation of illness and concealing responsibility for the causation. The taxpayers is being stuck with the ever growing tab for “idiopathic” disability and “inexplicable”  mental illness. (One out of five US children have emotional and/or neurocognitive problems because of stress in their lives???  C’mon CDC!)
          I am alleging the above noted Senate HELP deletion of investigation and Congressional OGR’s refusal to investigate  “What medical and scientific standards are used in determining the admissibility of evidence of both acute and persistent health consequences resulting from exposure to mold?  Which individuals and organizations have promulgated these standards and what, if any, conflicts of interest exist regarding these standards?” are causing mass discrimination of the environmentally disabled in US government and private sector medical practices and in US state and federal courts.
          I allege these actions and lack of actions of Senate HELP and Congressional OGR are aiding and abetting the numbers of US environmentally disabled citizens to grow directly because of its aiding and abetting the continuance of systemic lack of informed medical care; and immoral lack of acknowledgment of financial responsibility for the causation of environmental illnesses and deaths over the Mold Issue. I allege the deletion from audit and refusals to investigate have aided and abetted the continuance of undue influence and conflicted interests by numerous federal contractors, their private sector clients and multiple branches, agencies and employees of both state and federal governments.  (Did I mention that Senators and Congressmen have the think-tank canceled checks and the legal transcripts containing altering under oath statements of who promulgated and mass marketed the political and sectarian standards?)  
          I allege the situation will be worsened by ObamaCare without Senate HELP and Congressional OGR interventions, investigations and public hearings of COI among those federal contractors who are continuing to promulgate and disseminate never vetted and self-professed “Evidence Based Medicine” over the Mold Issue, founded solely upon the mass marketing of and the concealment of scientific fraud, with results being frauds upon the court, in medical practices and in government backed policies. 
         These are extremely serious accusations I am making on behalf of the public with broad implications for the future of  environmental and occupational medicine worldwide and ObamaCare in this country.  If I am wrong, then completion of the investigation that the late Senator Edward Kennedy, former Democrat Chairman of the Senate HELP Committee, ordered in 2006 at my urging would prove me wrong.  I am armed to the hilt with the direct evidence that I am NOT wrong and that major monkey business straight out of the Big Tobacco playbook and beyond has been occurring over the Mold Issue for now over a decade!!!
          If you are one who desires industry friendly pseudo-science to be removed from US environmental and occupational health policies, from medical practices, from medical schools, from government-funded “non-profit” organizations, from cost shifting schemes and from US courts over environmental illnesses; please don’t sit back and think that someone else is going to change erred, conflict ridden policies and practices for you — without your help.  There are mass amounts of dollars involved.  Politics and protection of well connected, special interests in the Mold Issue runs deep. Senate HELP and Congressional OGR need to hear from YOU, the voting public. Midterm elections are right around the corner.


           If you would like US Senate HELP and Congressional OGR to complete the investigation of the Mold Issue that they started in 2006 to now include investigation for conflicts of interest by medical policy promulgating federal contractors and their federal, state & private sector clients, et al.; then send an email to 
          We’ll put your name/email on the privately held list of those interested in supporting. We’ll send you back the requests for the US Senate HELP and Congressional OGR investigations. They are currently being written in properly respectful verbiage and tone. We hope to mail them to HELP and OGR by August 31, 2013, with many names included as supporting the dire need for these investigations.   You can decide if you want your name sent to the elected officials in support of the letters once you have the opportunity to read them. 
           Additionally, it is widely known that there is much justified fear of retaliation in the US for directly speaking of the conflicted interests driving the unscientific doubt selling of mold and other causes of environmental illnesses. To alleviate the fear of retaliation for speaking the truth in America and to assure signatory confidence via safety in numbers, the letters will not be sent to the 23 Senators of HELP and the 40 Representatives of OGR unless 100 or more people sign on requesting the investigations.  No one’s name will be included on the letters to be sent without their express written concent upon reading the actual request letters. 
          Please forward this message to others and put it on your Facebook, Linked In, and YahooGroups, etc., to help provide others with the opportunity to be heard (we’re intending to include your brief personal messages).  Simply cut, paste, post and/or forward the following link:  and write “Call for US Senate HELP Investigation of the Mold Issue, Please Help!”

Together, WE CAN and WILL make the difference.  Tell DC that change over the Mold Issue is looooong overdue!

             So….send that email to and forward this message to others.  We’ll do the rest to assure your voice is heard. We’re known for being tenacious and we never take “No” for an answer when lives are at stake! (One does not have to live the US to voice your support  for the need of HELP & OGR legislative investigations of federal contractors’, et al’s, conflicts of interest over the Mold Issue)
Thank you for your help,                                                                                                                                 
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer,  Advocate for Integrity in Health Marketing,  2031 Arborwood Place,  Escondido, CA 92029  (760) 746-8026
July 17, 2013, Tenth Anniversary~Deadly Marketing~US Chamber’s “Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”
July 22, 2013, New York Times, “Mold Toxins Tied to AIDS Epidemic”

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