July 17, 2013~Tenth Anniversary Of US Chamber Deadly Marketing Campaign Launch In DC~”A Scientific View of the Health Effects of MOLD” Its’ science fraud!!!!

Assessing the State of America's Mental Health SystemJuly 17, 2013 is the Tenth Anniversary of US Chamber of Commerce’s Deadly Marketing Campaign Launch in Washington DC.  The US Chamber’s paid for hire ”Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold” by US DOJ contractors, Mr. Kelman and Mr. Hardin of Veritox, Inc. falsely claims University of California physician authorship. It promotes the absurd scientific fraud that Mr. Kelman and Mr. Hardin scientifically proved, “Thus the notion that toxic mold is an insidious secret killer as so many media reports and trial lawyers would claim is junk science unsupported by actual scientific study” by applying mathematical extrapolations to data taken from a single rodent study of mold. Many people have lost everything they own, including their health and sometimes life, from politicians allowing this to continue for now tens years and by criminal means.

In 2007, the United States Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee (HELP) specifically deleted the following from the scope of a Federal Government Accountability Office audit while giving the US Chamber and US DOJ contractors of Veritox Inc, and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) a stay out of jail card for defrauding the United States public with scientific fraud over the mold issue:

“What medical and scientific standards are used in determining the admissibility of evidence of both acute and persistent health consequences resulting from exposure to mold?  Which individuals and organizations have promulgated these standards and what, if any, conflicts of interest exist regarding these standards?”

This blog is about faxes and mailings sent last week to twenty-five members of the United States Senate, one US Congressman and one California Senator, along with the California Commission on Judicial Performance and the CA State Auditor.  It is a demand on behalf of the United States public that US and CA politicians and agencies get off their political arses and stop the defrauding of the public with scientific fraud over the mold issue by US DOJ contractors & affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce; and stop the relentless, criminal retaliation in the Ca courts of an environmental advocate for exposing it.  EIGHT YEARS harassment under the color of law, for the purpose of aiding scientific fraud to continue to harm the public by criminal means is ENOUGH!

Read More at our sister blog ContemptOfCourtFor.ME of the devastation caused when politics and cronyism are allowed to trump science, laws and truth in the United States of America.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to July 17, 2013~Tenth Anniversary Of US Chamber Deadly Marketing Campaign Launch In DC~”A Scientific View of the Health Effects of MOLD” Its’ science fraud!!!!

  1. gsgrl2000 says:

    Enough is enough! Eight yrs of fighting disability, being denied because of the ACOEM’s position paper stating mold can’t make you sick but yet the millitary classifies mycotoxins that come from mold as a bio-weapon! I am deathly sick and no one in government gives a damn! Too many people are suffering and dying because it’s more profitable to cover up what is already known that toxic mold/mycotoxins can and does make people sick! Shame to all who continue to lie or turn a blinds eye to this epidemic! Karma will get you I hope sooner than later!

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