Surviving Mold~ Truthout of what a disaster Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN) has been to the Mold Issue

Surviving Mold (2010) *NEW*Finally!  The truth comes to light of what a disaster GIHN has been to the mold issue on many fronts. This includes how they have made it a thousand times harder on me to get the truthout of what the CA courts have done to me by criminal means in eight years worth of viscous Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, aiding and abetting the scientific fraud of US DOJ contractors, Veritox, Inc., to remain in US policy and US courts….
Dr. Shoemaker writes: “I joined the group at Sharon’s urging as did a lot of experts from medicine, toxicology, industrial hygiene and more. The group grew quickly, adding patients (I encouraged many to join) even though it was never incorporated or had much structure… Sharon Kramer was the first and as I recall, she was forced out.  She has documented her complaints on the, along with her concerns for the direction of the group and the impact on the mold community as a whole.  Not a pleasant story, but unfortunately, true…”
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About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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4 Responses to Surviving Mold~ Truthout of what a disaster Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN) has been to the Mold Issue

  1. Mich says:

    Thank you so much Kathy for your reply. It is greatly appreciated. I will try to post to the Iequality site and see what suggestions I receive. Although, I do know the consultant lurks on that group- i am tired of living in fear. I am just worn from all of this ( i do not think anyone has a story similar to mine) The leadership of GIHN sent me an email a few years ago that I was so lucky having this person ‘help’ me through all the insurance issues. I felt a false sense of security in their statement when all of this started a few years ago. I am not as naive now and eyes were opened to the world of corruption. Its funny about that disclaimer- it is false as i have email proof that they refer out. Also the leadership has personal relationships with the consultants (the one that worked my job is an example and they talk frequently, so much they know personal info about me they have no business knowing) The consultant befriended me- so it is difficult being betrayed by a ‘friend’ although it was not sincere and I now believe it was all for a payday. Corruption and greed run rampant it seems. I will keep you posted.

  2. katy says:

    We’re really sorry to hear this has happened to you. In GIHN’s defense, they started out as a group whose intent was to join professionals from many aspects of this issue together to call for change in a collective voice.

    However, via inept leadership, they overlooked the aspect that many would join for the purpose of self promotion of their own business ventures; and use the group as a means to finding potential clients in need of help.

    They have now added a disclaimer to their website that membership in the 501(c)3, GIHN, is not an implied endorsement of the individual members. What we find most concerning about what you are stating (besides the devastation you are experiencing) is that the organization’s leadership would interject to advise you not to sue one of their members.

    They have no standing to provide any legal advice to clients of their members. This is where the potential for liability for GIHN BOD members could occur.

    We would hate to see that as there are many people in the org who are there because they are trying to do the right thing. However, what you are stating is not the first time this encouragement not to file suit against its members has been reported to us.

    As added danger, there is a track record of inability to admit error and even trying to cover them up; even when the damages from error and attempted concealment of error are known to be ever mounting.

    What you report is one more example of why GIHN should fold up their tent and go home. They don’t know what they are doing from many different aspects and as a result are causing some very serious problems in this issue on many levels.

    As the saying goes, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. We are very sorry to hear that you feel GIHN’s “good intentions” have helped to put you on that road.

    Our advice to you would be to post your concerns on a group called “” and ask what they think you should do. Its made up of IAQ pros from around the country. See what kind of feedback and suggestions you may receive (most will probably come to you off board).

    We are not IAQ pros or attorneys. So take our advice of where we would go to look for further help with that understanding in mind.

    Please keep us posted and best of success to you.

  3. Mich says:

    this is what happens when you trust the group. This video shows what one of their consultants did to my home. When I contacted this group for help they suggested I give them one more try and convinced me not to sue. All that got me was more abuse and my home still not finished. Ive been too sick to try and figure this out.. its just so wrecked.

  4. AND DON’T FORGET THE MONEY. That they are making to suppress one of the most vital data to save lives!

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