Environmental Advocate, Sharon Kramer, knows how the CA courts willfully aid false science of U.S. DOJ contractors to remain in U.S. policy over the Mold Issue – not a pretty story!

522945_500542959989756_964167932_aAdvocate for Integrity in Health Marketing and Environmental Public Health Policy, Sharon Noonan Kramer, cannot rest until it is acknowledged that the California courts framed her for libel with actual malice over her 2005 writing. Sharon has a degree in marketing. The writing exposes how the false concept was collusively mass marketed into public health policy that it was scientifically proven mold toxins in water damaged buildings could never reach a level to harm – for the purpose of misleading U.S. courts to deny liability for causation of illness.

She named names and described how they were connected to influence policy and the courts with “controversial” science. Those she named are: toxicologist, Bruce J. Kelman, his corporation Veritox (formerly known as GlobalTox), the Manhattan Institute think-tank, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Congressman Gary Miller (R-Ca) and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).

Watch ConflictedScienceMold Episodes | Videos | BlipThe courts framed her for libel with actual malice over the words “altered his under oath statements”. They concealed that U.S. Department of Justice contractor, a.k.a. their expert toxic tort defense witness, a.k.a. think-tank paid environmental policy author for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a.k.a toxicologist Bruce J. Kelman, a.k.a. plaintiff in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, committed perjury to manufacture a reason for Sharon’s alleged personal malice for him. (See detailed evidence of the Mr. Kelman’s perjury concealed by the California courts for now eight years in last link of this blog)

Judith McConnell - San Diego Magazine - May 1997 - San DiegoThis was done while trying to intimidate, silence and discredit Sharon by making her appear to be a malicious liar for exposing scientific fraud. They wanted to cast doubt on her accurate 2005 writing exposing the mass marketing scheme and Mr. Kelman’s obsfucating to  hide the marketing trail of it from the eyes of an Oregon jury.  Now they want it kept hidden of what the California courts, including some leaders of the judicial branch, have done to aid the scientific fraud to continue by criminal means.

The courts, Mr. Kelman and his attorney went so far as jailing Sharon for her for refusal to be coerced to say, in writing under penalty of perjury, that she does not believe this has happened in the California courts for the purposes of defrauding the public over the mold issue and for concealing what the courts have done to aid it. (They jailed her (Moi!) for refusing to commit criminal perjury to defraud the public with them!)

Sharon Kramer can’t rest until it is acknowledged that they concealed Mr. Kelman’s business partner in Veritox, Inc., a retired Deputy Director of CDC NIOSH and Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, Bryan Hardin, is a hidden party to the litigations; and the courts falsified documents to conceal it while using additional falsified court documents to feign subject matter jurisdiction to continue to harass her in a second case.  The second case was all about trying to stop her from exposing the fraud upon the court in the first and the continued adverse impact on the public because of it.

She can’t rest until the direct evidence of the fraud upon the court is acknowledged so that the courts, Veritox and their attorney, Keith Scheuer, stop harassing and libeling her. When the extrensic fraud upon the court and harassment of Sharon to conceal the fraud is stopped, so will the scientific fraud be removed from policy and the courts.  True science will flow freely in public health policy regarding serious illnesses and sometimes even death caused by biotoxins in moldy buildings.

Justice Richard Huffman | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Ethically compromised judiciaries, who forgot their jobs are to uphold the Constitution – not to commit criminal acts for political favor – will be removed from the helm of California’s judicial branch for the good of the public.

Too many lives are at stake to let this massive fraud upon the court continue to go unpunished while the massive scientific fraud plays on in U.S. policy and U.S. courts — directly because of the criminal acts of officers of the California courts and contractors for the U.S. Department of Justice in eight years worth of malicious, Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation.

Mr. Kelman, Mr. Hardin, Veritox, Inc., their “legal” counsel, Keith Scheuer Esq., the California courts and the California Commission on Judicial Performance know that when the fraud upon the court is acknowledged the scientific fraud will cease. Thousands of Lives Will Be Saved.

Yet they still conceal and suborn the criminal perjury to keep the fraud going and conceal hidden parties to the litigations with strong ties to D.C. as they have for eight years — while no one does anything to stop them from conspiring to defraud the United States public. 


Eighteen California judges and justices have concealed the evidence.  Will they be punished by the California Commission on Judicial Permance?

See links, By June 20, 2013 Justice Judith McConnell et al. prove you have not been suborning perjury of US DOJ contractor, Bruce Kelman, to vex & harass environmental advocate, Sharon Kramer, coram non judice – or she will sue you in federal court for defrauding the public over the Mold Issue.

Direct evidence of Bruce J. Kelman’s court rewarded criminal perjury to manufacture reason for personal malice and how it was used to frame Sharon Kramer for libel with actual malice….along with false hearsay documents not discussed in trial getting into the jury room w/the clerk of the court failing to stop it.  This is same clerk who falsified the 2008 judgment making it void to be used for any purpose – with it then being used as the sole foundational document to the second case….and other utterly amazing tricks in the California courts to keep the defrauding of the public going via the character assasination of environmental advocate, Sharon Kramer, by criminal means.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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3 Responses to Environmental Advocate, Sharon Kramer, knows how the CA courts willfully aid false science of U.S. DOJ contractors to remain in U.S. policy over the Mold Issue – not a pretty story!

  1. katy says:

    If the California Commission on Judicial Performance does not discipline these judges for conspiring with U.S. DOJ contractors to defraud the public by aiding false science to remain in policy and courts via the use of perjury and suborning of perjury — I feel quite certain there are grounds for a class action against the State of California for Deliberate Indifference.

    Injured parties being those harmed by the ACOEM/US Chamber/Veritox nonsense remaining in public health polices & workers comp policies & used in litigations directly because of conspiratory criminal acts in the matters of Kelman v. Kramer and Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer.

  2. katy says:

    Thank you, Heather, that is exactly what I need. People to start speaking out that they know what the courts have done to me harms us all by aiding false science to stay in policy and courts.

  3. I have started a mold forum where anyone can post about mold related topics. I just added the forum on “News” so I could start sharing links to what Sharon is doing for the mold injured. Her dedication to this advocacy is beyond measure. I am so grateful for her persistence in this matter and pray that the policy that remains on record is removed with apologies.

    Here is a link to the topic:

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