Public urges Obama and government to personally use mental-health programs


This spoof written solely by Sharon Noonan Kramer is of the Daily Caller’s “Obama urges public to use government mental health programs” by Mr. Niel Munro, White House Correspondent.  It is written for the purpose of stingingly illustrating the lunacy, hypocracy and massive damage to the public as a whole from the United States government, their private sector industry partners and influential medical proponents continuing to feign ignorance of the ever increasing neurocognitive problems being caused in this country by the misuse of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and unbridled amounts of increasing chemicals and toxins in our environment and food supplies.

Many of the quotes in this spoof have, in reality, not been made by President Obama (although they should be). This spoof is in no way meant to downplay the hardship and plight of those who have mental disorders of psychological origin or to imply that Mr. Munro is inaccurately reporting news. To my knowledge, he has not. The actual article by Mr. Munro may be read at the link above and again at the end of this spoof.

                                           ********Begin Spoof*************

Daily Liar  Public urges Obama and government to use mental-health programs  By Kneel Myway , White House Propagandist, 1:30 PM 06/03/2013

President Barack Obama urged depressed, stressed, disturbed, lied to and pissed off Americans to depend on the U.S. government’s growing corps of taxpayer-funded mental health professionals; rather than insist that the government stop ignoring evidence of neurotoxic effects of too many vaccines in too short of period of time, chronic lyme disease from tics, biotoxins in water damaged buildings, chemicals in foods, and the over dosing of America’s children and military veterans with frontal lobe damaging, depression, volatility and suicide causing psychotropic drugs.

“We’re here for you… If you’re struggling, seek help to get drugs to pacify you into oblivion. But don’t expect to get real help from us if it means there would be proven liability for your chemical or toxin caused neurocognitive disorders. We’re busy using Obama Care to shift the cost of those onto the taxpayer by deeming you idiopathically crazy,” Obama said Monday. The comments were greeted amid cheers from industry lobbyists, and their expert defense witness toxicologists and psychologists who have infiltrated government agencies’ public health policy decision making processes.

“In any given year, one in five adults will experience mental illness — one in five,” Obama claimed during a June 3 event held at the White House. “Indications are that the percentage is greatly higher in certain areas of the country such as on Capitol Hill and in the White House, which is leading to a crisis situation for the mental, physical and financial stability of the entire country.”

Bar chart versus time. The graph rises steadily from 1996 to 2007, from about 0.7 to about 5.3. The trend curves slightly upward.[Obama really did say 1 in 5 U.S citizens have mental illness and the following additional statistics are, unfortunately, not spoofs] The same percentage of one in five being diagnosed with mental disorders holds true for U.S. children according to the CDC.  For some government unexplained reason, one out of every fifty children in the United States is now reported to be diagnosed with autism. That number is up a whopping approximate fifteen fold since the 1960’s and is continuing to climb.

While true psychologically caused mental illness is tragic and deserves attention, this nonsense of stress being the primary cause of the alarming increase in mental illness in United States –with the answer being more tax dollars for drugs and psycho therapy –does not ring as even close to true to addressing the underlying causative problems.  There are strong indications that many of the causes creating government deemed “loonies” are the ignored; or worse, the systematically denied physiological causes. The United States government has been bastardizing exposure risk assessment science for the purpose of denying private sector and government liability for causation of environmentally induced neurocognitive difficulties.

The broad definition of “mental illness” is set by the professionals and colleagues who provide government-funded services to America’s private sector industries when serving as professional defense witnesses and are simultaneously setting policies for exposure limits.  Industries such as property/casualty insurers, workers comp insurers, drug manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, engineers of genetically modified foods and the United States government itself are financially benefiting at the expense of the public.

In recent decades, the professionals have broadened their influence and the definition from severe, distinct and rare ailments, such as schizophrenia and compulsive behavior, to include a much wider set of personal troubles brought on by the United States government’s feigning ignorance that they are poisoning the public via too many toxins permitted in and added to daily life.

Those broader problems include stress and sadness over seeing industry interests have far too much influence over public health policy, which are medically misdubbed “anxiety” and “depression” by the professional defense *&%^%s who shield the government and private sector industries for causation of the alarming increase in cognitive difficulties in the United States.

Government funded industry has also claimed to be able to help parents rear their children by taking them away to garner more misuse of tax dollars through Child Protective Services.  Many of these children are under pressure to perform well in schools full of lead, asbestos and mold causing them difficulty to think; and to cope with difficult circumstances at home, such as more lead, more asbestos, more mold and genetically modified foods. Currently, 20 million people are unemployable or are underemployed because they can’t think straight as the government throws more psychotropic drugs and tax dollars that are being miused in part to conceal the environmental roots of the growing problem.

Americans have typically responded to stress and sadness by urging stoicism, hard work, marriage, prayer and personal initiative, while being increasely stigmatized as mentally ill and unemployable directly because the United States government refuses to acknowledge the environmental roots of the ever increasing mental health crisis.

The industry’s professionals have long opposed those traditional responses of logically stopping the causation of the problems, urged greater federal funding of their industry to defraud the public and sought to increase public stigma and retaliation against those who know of the misuse of their services, resultant wasted tax dollars and forever devastated lives.

“There should be no shame or retaliation for discussing or seeking help for treatable environmental illnesses… But, we’ve got to get rid of that embarrassment that we have been systematically abusing the science of toxicology to deny liability for causation of environmental illness.  We’ve got to avoid that stigma and deeming 20% of the public just plain nuts while giving them drugs to placate them seems a good way to do it,” Obama told his supporters from the insurance, pharmaceutical and pesticide/GMO producing industries.

Because of growing public skepticism about conflicted, uneducated and unprofessional mental-health and social services practices, “it begins to feel as if not only are you alone in concealing environmental causation of neurocognitive illness, but in your flawed thinking that you shouldn’t let industry be burdened by those who challenge,” he said.  “It’s no wonder the public is calling for mental health interventions for this country’s leaders.”

Parents who should seek professional help for their children’s environmentally caused neurocognitive disorders are “justifiably afraid that reaching out would somehow end badly for their children and they will be given harmful psychotropic drugs or taken away”, Obama said.

But “the main goal of this conference is … [to bring] bring mental illness out of the shadows and sell a bunch of drugs funded by tax dollars via Obamacare while keeping the environmental causes and liability for the increased physiological illnesses hidden,” he said.

“The 2010 Obamacare law provides taxpayers’ funds to treat a broad set of mental conditions in the same way it funds treatment of cancer and diabetes. We have the opportunity with this new claim of unknown cause of increasing mental illness to do a whole lot more cost shifting for the burden of care of environmental illnesses onto the taxpayer”, Obama said.

However, both cancer and diabetes are diseases that can be reliably detected using laboratory equipment, and their causes can be reliably treated with drugs or changes in behavior as we avoid acknowledging much is what is known of the toxic environmental causation of cancer in the first place.

In contrast, except for the severe mental ailments, most ailments are diagnosed after a trial  judgment whereby evidence of causation of environmentally caused neurocognitive disorders are not permitted to be discussed in front of the jury.

With government aid, “recovery is impossible. … We know help is available, we just don’t care if it means stopping the flow of lobbying dollars,” he said.

“In many cases, treatment is available and effective. We just don’t want you to know about it because even the U.S. Department of Justice’s private sector partners uses bogus science and courtroom tricks to deny liability of causation of environmental illness in our troops’ children and we’ve been doing it for years.” Obama exclaimed. “Oh, and we’ll put you in jail if you refuse to say under penalty of perjury that you don’t believe our environmental experts have not committed perjury to keep the game going.”

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The actual Daily Caller article by Mr. Munro may be read at :

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