Board Members of GIHN, Thank you for correcting erred statistics regarding illness from poor IAQ exposures.

Dear Global Indoor Health Network BOD Members,
Thank you for correcting the erred statistic within the information your organization, (GIHN), is promoting to the public and to policy makers that it is scientifically established poor indoor air quality (IAQ) causes 50% of illnesses, globally.  Poor IAQ is no doubt a massive health problem. Better public and worker health policies need to be implemented to protect the health and safety of US citizens and workers; and the population around the globe.
Correctly stating statistics is of the utmost importance so as not to give the “naysayers of causation” a discrediting weapon to be used against the environmentally injureds’ advocates, physicians and scientists in courts and when setting policies.  Providing decision makers with accurate statistics and information will aid to cause appropriate changes in policies.
The new video that GIHN has released, “Global Burden of Indoor Air Contaminants“, with now accurate statistics and accurate source references is beautiful work.  It will now add to, rather than detract from, the credibility and Calls to Action of the environmentally injured and their medical, scientific and lay proponents.
On behalf of the environmentally injured and their proponents, thank you for the needed corrections and for compiling the alarming data that may be cited by all with confidence in accuracy when calling for change over this issue. 
Sharon Noonan Kramer 
Advocate for Integrity in Health Marketing
P.S. Please sign the Petition to the White House to stop the corruption in California and U.S. courts which has aided the naysayers of causation of environmental injury to harm us all. We are intending to help Dr. Emad Tadros from San Diego, CA and associates from Lawless America have a face to face meeting with President Obama in February 2013.  Your support would be greatly appreciated to help shut down the Big Lie of ACOEM and the U.S. Chamber over the mold issue, once and for all.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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