If YOU Could Stop Corruption in US Courts with ONE Email to Congress, Would YOU Do It?

Dear All,

The theme of Katy’s Exposure Blog is “Exposing environmental health threats and those responsible”.  Sadly, among those largely responsible for unbridled environmental health threats who are not being held accountable, are courts of law all across America.

Corruption, ineptitude and abuses of power are rampant in the courts. This perverse situation is not just impacting those harmed by environmental exposures, it is harming every United States citizen and taxpayer. The problem is systemic.  It may be found in civil courts, family courts, criminal courts and every type of legal proceeding in America.

Meet Me in DC will be Standing Room Only - February 5-6, 2013PLEASE HELP US and affiliated organizations to stop this, by sending a message to Congress loud and clear on February 4th and 5th.  We want them to hold public hearings holding the compromised courts of America accountable for forsaking their oaths of office to uphold the law and federal & state Constitutions.

Please send one quick email to YOUR elected officials in Washington, D.C. urging they support public hearings.

1. Go to Congress.Org

2. Enter your Zip Code

3. Choose “Send By Mail” to ALL of your federal elected officials.

4. Title of your message, “Hold Courts Accountable, Hold U.S. Congressional Public Hearings

5. Select “JUDICIARY” as the issue.

6. Cut & Paste the following message into the body of the text:

“Honorable United States Legislator and President Obama,

Over the past year, Mr. William Windsor of LAWLESS AMERICA has traveled the country filming people who have been harmed by corruption in our courts. Upon compiling thousands of video testimonials from citizens from all across the United States for a documentary film, it has become glaringly apparent that the Constitution and laws written by the Legislative Branch are being disregarded by the Judicial Branch of government. This rampant disregard for the laws is captured in the video testimonials from every state in the nation.

The evidence is overwhelming. Compliance with the Rule of Law and the Constitution are not even considerations within countless judicial proceedings all across the United States. Blatant and often collusive abuses of power by these government officials to dictate outcomes of peoples lives unjustly, makes this a crisis situation. Legislative representatives who have been elected by the People and empowered to write the laws can serve no purpose when the Judicial Branch ignores these laws.

As your constituent and a United States citizen, I am urging you to support my plea to stop corruption within the courts. In conjunction with Lawless America and fellow citizens from across the nation, we want you to endorse House and Senate Committees holding public hearings regarding the mass devastation being caused by alarmingly compromised judicial systems throughout the United States.

The justice systems established by our government must comply with the United States and State Constitutions and the Rule of Law. Otherwise, the laws written by our elected representatives, the United States Constitution and State Constitutions are legal documents unlawfully rendered void by government officials and officers of the courts.

The problem can only be solved by the leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate recognizing these unconstitutional acts by the Judicial Branch, then calling upon the legislature’s delegated powers to terminate these abusive practices. Measures implemented by the legislature to assure accountability within the Judicial Branch will curtail these travesties of justice. Congress, working together with the People, can restore a legitimate government that complies with the Constitutions and assures legal systems that apply the Rules of Law.

Lawless America has prepared abbreviated video presentations of horrendous cases that have devastated the lives of people by unlawful judicial proceedings. Your office is being provided a copy by one of the hundreds of people currently in DC seeking the legislature’s help to stop the systemic court corruption. The intent of delivering the videos is to show you what is occurring all across the country and why U.S. Congressional public hearings are the most effective means to implement the change required.

Public hearing must be held in the appropriate subcommittees within the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and Homeland Security/Government Accountability Committees as soon as possible. Congressional committees working with the People to prepare a series of Congressional public hearings on this critical issue are the most effective utilization of resources possible.

The Congressional public hearings and live testimonies are needed for decision makers to obtain the information required to identify these abuses and to implement effective solutions that will restore a legitimate government in accordance with laws established by the Legislative Branch.

As my elected representiative, please tell the Chairs and Ranking Members of the House and Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security/Government Accountability Committees that you support and endorse the need for public hearings on corruption and conflicts of interest in the judiciary. You support that those who are to protect the law must be held accountable when they disobey the law. You, as an elected official of the government of United States, support the need for Congressional public hearings.

Thank you. Your cooperation and participation addressing these gravely serious matters are greatly appreciated by me and my fellow citizens of the United States.”

7. Enter Your “Contact Information

8. Then hit “Send

THANK YOU! for your help.  To view some of the video testimonials that are being hand delivered to every member of the US House and US Senate on February 5th & 6th, please go to LawlessAmerica.Com

imagesCA3Y4WGTPlease share this message far and wide with those who cherish the United States of America being a country Of the People, By the People and For the People.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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2 Responses to If YOU Could Stop Corruption in US Courts with ONE Email to Congress, Would YOU Do It?

  1. My message was sent to:
    President Barack Obama (D)
    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
    Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY)
    Representative Bill Owens (D-NY 21st)

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