Attention Environmentally Injured, Please Sign Petition To Obama To Restore Law In U.S. Courts

Dear U.S. Environmentally Injured and All, 
Your help is needed to bring justice to the environmentally injured and to all citizens of California and the United States. Please sign and forward the below Petition to the White House that was created by Dr. Emad Tadros of San Diego, California. 

Please Sign the Petition to White House HERE

Dr. Tadros exposed that the San Diego county courts are using bogus expert opinion in family court by an “expert” psychologist who lacks education and credentials but has been certified by the American College of Forensic Examiners International (ACFEi).  Many children have been taken from parents for fun and profit in the county based on the bogus opinion with the local courts, particularly the local appellate court, and local District Attorney (DA) concealing their role in aiding and abetting the unlawful matter. 
Not only did they not stop the fraud on the court that Dr. Tadros exposed; they have tried to shoot the messenger, Dr. Tadros, in order to keep the profitable game going and to conceal the local courts’/DA’s role in aiding and abetting it.  Dr. Tadros has been ordered by the courts to pay over $200K for asking that they stop the scientific fraud on the court.

Please Sign the Petition to White House HERE

It is basically the same method of using scientific fraud in the courts that these same compromised judges and justices are aiding and abetting to harm YOU while shielding bogus court expert opinions over the mold issue that is used to deny liability for causation of illness. The scientific fraud that harms you was legitimized by the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) in 2002 and mass marketed to the courts by the US Chamber of Commerce in 2003.
This same little band of corrupt San Diego judiciaries are trying to shoot your messenger, Sharon Kramer, of fraud on the court by questionable experts who have been unduly legitimized by questionable means, and by the compromised officers of the courts and their clerks, themselves.  They framed this whistle blower for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements” in the first public writing of how the scientific fraud came to be policy for the purpose of misleading courts, thereby casting doubt on all her words.  They put her in jail when she refused to be coerced into signing a false confession of libel to aid them to conceal their role in defrauding the public.  They falsified her Sheriff Department and FBI record to conceal what they have done.

Please Sign the Petition to White House HERE 

These judiciaries and clerks, some of whom sit in leadership roles for the entire California judicial branch, need to be taken off the bench, out of office and put behind bars themselves for their collusive criminal misconduct. 
The local DA also needs to be held accountable for her role in concealing, aiding and gaining unfair advantage in San Diego courts over county citizens she chooses to prosecute – by her cover up of the local courts’ defrauding the public in San Diego county and thus nationwide via her concealment of known fraud on the court by officers of the court. This, while elected and appointed officials locally and from coast to coast turn a blind eye in deliberate indifference.
Please sign the following petition to the White House and forward to friends and groups.  We need 25,000 signatures by January 26, 2013. This is so Dr. Tadros and associates may meet in person with President Obama in February when they attend Lawless America’s “Meet Me In DC“  conference:
We Petition the Obama Administration to: Establish a Commission, by Executive Order, to Investigate the Widespread Corruption In and About the U.S. Legal System

“As this nation’s ultimate Protector of the Peace, the President is authorized to investigate any harm- foreign and domestic- to our system of law. The corruption of legal ethics and its oversight has resulted in wholesale Crimes Against US Families- at all levels of Federal Courts, Bankruptcy and State, Family, Probate, Criminal, Local Courts and  in Law Enforcement.

We must address widespread Fraud Upon the Court, Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct, Immunity and legal-related elections. Every citizen- including respected judges, lawyers and federal/state/local government workers- deserve Due Process and a System of Law that is void of fraud, manipulation, cover-up and corruption. Oversight is non-existent, as it is now corrupted. Please help us restore our faith in our government.”  

Please Sign the Petition to White House HERE

Thank you!
 (Correction: Dr. Tadros did not write the petition. Kevin K. did. We would still like to use it and the many supporting signatures to assist Dr. Tadros to garner a meeting with the White House)

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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