Dec 20th~Advocacy Group GIHN Again! Promotes False Science “50% of all illness is due to poor indoor air quality”

Utterly amazing! We just acknowledged yesterday that Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN) modified their position statement regarding overblown, statistical misinformation of illnesses caused by poor indoor air quality.  They removed a scientific fraud from the theme of the paper that it is statistically proven “indoor air pollutants cause 50% of illnesses globally“.
So what did they do today? They put it back out there again! The title of new document the president of GIHN emailed out today is 50% of all illness is due to poor indoor air quality
Now, this statistic no longer comes from Ghana, Africa or from a US EPA spokesman (after those were exposed as two false sources for the outrageous statistic).  Now this “hard statistic” allegedly comes from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1989. 
The GIHN paper emailed today,  50% of all illness is due to poor indoor air quality“, links to many Internet sites which attribute the source of this statistic in error of the 1989 Massachusetts paper.  However, the GIHN email glaringly does not link to the actual 1989 misquoted source for the statistic that all of these websites cite for reference.  Nor does the new GIHN paper emailed today, quote from the actual 1989 source which in reality states,
Indoor air pollution is a growing problem in the United States and accounts for up to 50% of all illnesses.”
So how is above statement a hard statistic which proves  “50% of all illness is due to poor indoor air quality” worldwide?  Answer:  It’s not!  Its puffery just like the prior false references that were removed by the authors and Board of Directors via a revised version of the 2012 GIHN position paper.
Why does the president of this organization keep promoting the false concept that is it statistically proven poor IAQ causes half the world’s illnesses?  Is GIHN trying to help those who say severe illnesses are overstated and imaginary while trying to aid affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce to stave off liability for illnesses?  We don’t think they are, but they could not do a better job of helping the naysayers to discredit the sick and their proponents if they were trying to do so. 
As used by the defense in toxic torts to character assasinate the sick, injured, their proponents and treating physicians, the US Chamber of Commerce’s “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold” (2003) states,
“Thus the notion toxic mold is an insidious secret killer as so many trial lawyers and media reports would claim is Junk Science unsupported by actual scientific study.” 
It IS Junk Science based on media reports unsupported by actual scientific study to promote it is statistically proven poor IAQ causes half of all illnesses in the the entire world (50%).  We have been trying to warn people not to quote this known false statistic because it will lessen their credibility as they state and provide documentation of how sick they are from biocontaminants in water damaged buildings.  
After several received GIHN’s latest email today with the false 50% statistic again being promoted; below are some of the messages we received from scientists, who are working to advance the understanding that poor IAQ is a cause serious illness –but not proven to be the No. 1 cause of illness in the entire world as GIHN’s president is again attempting to promote and based solely on media hype.  
“It may fool laypersons but has no standing in the scientific community.”
“…imbalances swamp any pathetic achieve any significance in the community of people who actually know something about indoor mold illnesses.” 
“There is no link to any Massachusetts study. ?”

“They should know better.”

It is a crying shame that the President of GIHN cannot resist using puffery, scientific fraud and media hype to promote her position, even after her Board of Directors and position statement authors took direct effort to remove it from their revised position paper.  By doing so, she is casting doubt on the validity of years of research and toil of many who have worked diligently to remove the concept from policy and from the courts that those claiming illness from poor IAQ are hysterical liars who are just out to scam insurers and employers.  This would include years of work by her own BOD members and authors of the GIHN position paper.

The vast majority of the research in the Revised GIHN Position Paper appears to be valid science that is supported by legitimate reference. Yet, GIHN’s president’s unexplained need to repeatedly spin the science based on known unfounded statistics and media hype is harming the credibility of the environmentally sick, their treating physicians and countless researchers, NOT helping them!

Someone needs to ask the President of GIHN why she keeps doing this! 

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2 Responses to Dec 20th~Advocacy Group GIHN Again! Promotes False Science “50% of all illness is due to poor indoor air quality”

  1. katy says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that. They have got some ethics challenges going of their approach of how to fight this issue. They are not always forthright in their replies when questioned. But this is the first time I have ever heard anyone state there are scammers for profit in the org.

  2. this group allows known scammers and abusers that prey on cognitively challenged women. when asked to remove t .hem or issue warnings..emails went ignored. beware of those in this group they are not vetted….GIHN will not remove a member who preyed on me..bliked me out of thousands.

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