Ya say ya want a peaceful revolution in the U.S.? Then please support the worthy cause of Lawless America.

Lawless America...The Movie - Alabama Filming - November 9, 2012 - Please come expose corruption There’s a big problem in this great country of ours’ and it is the root cause of many more big problems. That problem is lack of accountability for wrong doing among those whose sole function is to protect U.S. citizens from devastation caused by corruption, ineptitude, cronyism and bias, i.e., officers of the third branch of government, the state and federal courts.
For the past 159 days, Mr. William Windsor, Chief Activist for Lawless America, has driven over 21,000 miles across the United States. He and a small crew of volunteers have been filming personal accounts of those victimized by officers of the courts for the documentary, Lawless America the Movie.
A critical condition in this country, many court officers have forgotten their sole job function is to protect the exact same people of the United States whom they have chosen to abuse.  As a result, those victimized now need protection from their designated, yet perverted, protectors.
The tragic tales being reported from all corners of the U.S. range from self proclaimed “Nobodies” whose lives have been devastated by these elected and appointed officers of the courts, to Officers of the courts themselves describing unbridled abuses by their peers and superiors. 
Federal and all states have three branches of government: the executive office, the legislature and the judicial branch.  Mr. Windsor and countless other citizens, who are sick and tired of U.S. judicial branches that are out of control with Machiavellian egos, conflicted interests, biases, ineptitude and cronyism; will be delivering the testimonies of those victimized by the courts to our nation’s elected in the legislative and executive branches in Washington, DC. 
If one branch of government is so eroded by systemic misconduct that it cannot govern itself, then the other two branches have a fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of their state and all United States to overhaul the broken branches and to hold those responsible, accountable for the systemic misconduct within the broken branches.
Lawless America...The Movie - Important MessageIf you would like to help Mr. Windsor, the Nobodies and honest Officers of the courts help the legislative and executive branches hold accountable the compromised officers in U.S. judicial branches; here is what YOU can do:
1. Watch this VIDEO and click “Like”.  The more who click “Like” the more widely it will come up in search engines and be viewed by others, thereby helping to spread the word with a simple click of a button.
2. If you have a tale to be told that will help to relay the greater message of corruption, ineptitude, bias and cronyism in U.S. judicial branches, please contact Mr. Windsor at Bill@Nobodies.us  Because of the massive amounts of people reporting abuses by the courts in all states and on a federal level, not all filmed can be included in the documentary. Regardless if your personal tale makes the cut for the movie, the shear magnitude of the problems being reported will aid to relay the message. Your voice counts whether you become a Movie Star or not!
3. If you would like to connect with those who have first hand experiences of the devastating chaos caused by compromised officers of the court and have the school of hard knocks advice of what some have done to combat it, collectively and on an individual basis, please follow Lawless America on Facebook. Click “Like” to follow. (This is a new page as the last one rapidly exceeded it’s 5000 friend limit.)
4. If you would like to become a walking bill board for the movement to restore integrity in the courts — or would like to lend some financial support for the endeavor — or just want a cool hat that has the words “Lawless America” on it!, please visit the Lawless America Merchandise page. The movement generates a little bit of money off each item and that money is used for movie expenses. The expenses far exceed the donations received so buy something if you are able, or ask your loved ones to buy some Lawless America memorabilia for you in the coming holiday season. Here’s another holiday idea; $30 gets a high definition web cam that will enable you to record videos for yourself and Lawless America.
5. The date of the upcoming Lawless America “Meet Me in DC” will be announced in the coming days. This planned event is where U.S. citizens will have the opportunity to explain to their legislators, in person, that government officials practicing deliberate indifference to the blight on society caused by the biggest problem plaguing America, compromised court officers, will no longer be acceptable to the legislators’ constituents. Like minded individuals will be able to meet in person and share ideas of how to help the broken judicial branches again become functional government entities Of the People, By the People and For the People. Check the Lawless America web site for updates and details of the “Meet Me In DC” event.
6. If you are able and willing to volunteer to help on Lawless America projects, please email Bill@Nobodies.us  with VOLUNTEER in caps in the subject line.
Thank you for your help to support this peaceful revolutionary movement.  Rich, poor, black, white, yellow, purple, green or chartruse, WE ALL WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!
Sharon Noonan Kramer
(Katy’s Exposure Blog supports the efforts of Lawless America to restore integrity in the courts. We receive no compensation from the proceeds of sale of merchandise or donations. We have no say in decisions made or policies established by the organization. We just think Bill Windsor is one heck of a good guy to undertake this monumental task for the sake of his fellow man and deserves our help and support!  We hope you feel the same.) 

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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