One Step Closer To Boxing In The Corrupt Courts Of San Diego, California & The Local DA Who Shields Them.

“Did officers of the Appellate Court commit fraud on the court in a September 2010 appellate opinion by falsely stating a judgment that was never entered – or – does the Appellate Court not have jurisdiction now to hear an appeal under C.C.P. 664 because the sole foundational document to this case, the judgment from the prior case, is known to the officers of this court to be a void judgment? Just answer the damn question!

Fourth District Division One Appellate Court Administrative Presiding Justice

Next blog post will be regarding the compromised San Diego District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis.  It is the direct evidence of her shielding local officers of the courts’ criminal misconduct. 

Intertwined in the incestuously corrupt problem, these same officers shield the DA’s  role in aiding and abetting the continuance of a multi-billion dollar cost shifting scheme onto taxpayers  on behalf of the affiliates of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the burden of cost of environmental disability and death.  God only knows what unfair advantage this cross protection for mutually collusive misconduct gives the DA in other cases she is prosecuting before these officers of the courts – who have say over all cases in San Diego county.

The above are Fourth District Division One Appellate Justices who falsified appellate opinions to frame a whistleblower of scientific fraud in public health policy for libel — as they suppressed the evidence the fraudsters committed criminal perjury to establish libel law required theme for malice, thereby willfully aiding the fraud to continue. 
They also concealed that a retired U.S. Assistant Surgeon General with close ties to CDC’s National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is an undisclosed party to the litigation on two Certificates of Interested Persons.  These certificates are required to be accurately completed under California law to disclose parties on appeal.  Their purpose is to assure that California justices have no conflicts of interest in cases they are overseeing. 
And THAT is just the tip of the iceberg of collusive criminal misconduct occurring in the San Diego courts and what they have been willing to do to conceal their role in defrauding the taxpayer of billions of dollars while lives continue to be devastated daily — and while the local DA shields those who shield her.
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