Congress, Please remove scientific fraud from policy that moldy buildings do not harm ~ and while you are at it remove corrupt officers of the California courts who aid this fraud to continue nationwide.

RE: Congressman Nadler’s November 27, 2012 request for EPA assistance in the protection of health and safety of victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Honorable Administrators and Legislators Jackson, Fugate, Nadler, Feinstein, Harkins, Enzi, Waxman, Miller, Issa and Buchanan and President Obama,

This letter is best read online at Katy’s Exposure Blog, short link because of links to the documents referenced within the letter.

2012-11-28T190147Z_383960245_GM1E8BT08BK01_RTRMADP_3_STORM-SANDY.JPG It is under the blog title of  “Congress, Please remove scientific fraud from policy that moldy buildings do not harm ~ and while you are at it remove corrupt officers of the California courts who aid this fraud to continue, nationwide.”

I read with great interest Congressman Nadler’s request for assistance from the EPA for protection of health and safety of the victims of Hurricane Sandy via mass testing for “mold and toxins”.  In 2006, the late Senator Edward Kennedy and the Senate HELP Committee ordered a Federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit into the health effects of mold, its toxins and their impact on public health, at my urging.  

Also in 2006, Justice Judith McConnell, Chair of the California Commission on Judicial Performance framed me for libel over the first public writing, mine in 2005, of how it became a scientifically fraudulent concept in policy via the Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Congressman Gary Miller (R-CA) and an expert defense witnesses corporation, Veritox, Inc., (formerly GlobalTox, Inc.) that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm. 

In March of 2012, I was jailed in Congressman Issa’s district, Vista, CA,  for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel over the writing, which would have concealed seven years of collusive misconduct in the CA courts that has aided this fraud in policy to continue.  The judge who jailed me, caused me bodily harm and emotional distress for refusing to commit criminal perjury/sign a false confession to aid to defraud the public while concealing officer of the courts aiding and abetting fraud, Judge Thomas Nugent, has since lost his courtroom – no explanation given and no punishment for misconduct. The games play on in the Vista courts with a new judge up to bat to try to silence me, Judge Robert Dahlquist.

In February of 2007, the United States Senate Democrat Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee specifically deleted from the Federal GAO audit investigation that Senator Kennedy had initiated in 2006, who had the conflicts of interest when setting standards and policies over the mold issue. This has allowed the scientific fraud to continue to be able to sell doubt of causation of illness in claims handling practices, in U.S. courts and in public health policies.  This fraud continues today with the military’s private sector housing partner, Lincoln Military Housing, using it to deny liability for causation of illnesses in military families.

Needless to say, attempting to solve a problem while sweeping collusive wrong doing under the rug never works to completely rid the conflicted interests from rearing their ugly heads in continued gamesmanship.  Without removing the fraud from policy, the 2008 GAO Audit Report gave the directive of federal agencies needing to send accurate, consistent health advisories in its report titled INDOOR MOLD  Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts”. 

In early 2009, the Federal Interagency Mold Working Group (MWG) was formed by directive from the Federal GAO to the Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ), which is overseen by the EPA. 

The Federal Interagency MWG was charged with only two tasks to protect the public from illnesses that are caused by contamination growth in water damaged buildings caused by leaks, floods, hurricanes, substandard construction and poor maintenance. 

1. Send consistent messaging among all federal agencies regarding the potential for illness.

2. Distribute an accurate health advisory to private sector physicians, the public, and relevant agencies.

In December of 2011, after three years of working with the CIAQ/MWG to encourage they disseminate accurate information regarding the potential for illness to physicians, the public and state health departments; citizens sent LETTERS to key decision makers at EPA CIAQ and OSHA.  Again, the request was reiterated that the joint federal agencies adhere to the directive of the GAO and issue a viable health advisory to the private sector.  In accordance with the GAO directive, three actions were requested by US citizens:

Action Request  #1   

     We urge the CIAQ MWG to compose and issue a public advisory regarding the potential adverse health effects caused by exposure to mold and other  biological contaminants that are known to be present in water-damaged US homes, schools and work environments. This includes the known potential for respiratory and pulmonary illness, infection, irritant reaction, perturbing of the immune system and chronic organ inflammation caused or worsened by the biological contaminants. Some of these contaminants are known to be infectious agents. Some are known to have toxic properties.

Action Request  #2 

     Because of the potential adverse impact on occupational safety and adverse impact on the economy as a whole when injured workers are denied compensation for on-the-job injury; we, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States (and England & Canada), are also requesting that OSHA designate a member to the CIAQ MWG to contribute to the writing and distributing of the federal interagency public health advisory in 2012.  

Action Request  #3   

     Upon completion of the federal interagency public health advisory in 2012; we, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States, request that the advisory be distributed to all state and federal health agencies and to all US private sector medical associations. This, with the understanding theses agencies and associations will make the CIAQ MWG public health advisory readily available to US physicians and to the general public.

Action Is Needed For Public & Worker Safety   

     This federal interagency public health advisory is needed because state health departments and private sector medical associations are sending mixed and inconsistent information to the general public, to physicians, to employers and to insurers.  The mixed messaging is contributing to the confusion and lack of a protection for public and worker safety and health. This is contributing to those injured by exposure to contaminants found in WDB to be unable to receive appropriate medical treatments. Their physicians are misinformed or uninformed.Further, it is contributing to lack of an awareness of the importance to properly maintain and repair occupied structures.”        

In January and February 2012, we received an EPA letter and OSHA letter stating that no public health advisory will be forthcoming from the Federal Interagencies charged with raising awareness among physicians, health departments and the private sector in general, to protect the US public and US workers from the biocontaminants found in water damaged buildings.         

With all due respect regarding the EPA providing testing of the buildings, Congressman Nadler, the federal mechanism is already in place to assure that your constituents, their physicians and health departments are informed of the potential health hazards of Hurricane Sandy aftermath and how to address them.  However, Congress never funded the CIAQ MWG to be able to do what it needs to do issue advisories to protect the public in accordance to the directive of the Federal GAO.                  

If you truly wish to protect your constituents from the health hazards of the aftermath of Sandy and protect U.S. taxpayers from absorbing the cost of unnecessary illnesses, it would be my suggestion that Congress first fund the Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality so that those federal agencies which are members of the CIAQ Mold Work Group could perform their joint assigned task of sending consistent health advisories to the public, physicians and health departments.  Train the medical community how to recognize, diagnose and treat illnesses caused by contaminants and toxins found in water damaged buildings.

As it stands today, it will do no good to fund testing for molds and toxins in the aftermath of Sandy if private sector professionals are not trained to know what to do with the results of the tests.  Federal funding for testing is a waste of money and a wild goose chase toward problem solving until Congress and Senate acknowledge and remove the scientific fraud from federal and state policies that mold and toxin injured people are hysterical liars who rely on media hype to overstate the problem, as promoted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, and the Manhattan Institute think-tank for the purpose of misleading U.S. courts to deny liability for causation of illness from water damaged buildings. 

If legislators do not force the acknowledgement of causation and severity of illness in policy and do not train the doctors to recognize, diagnose and treat them; then what good will testing for safety of these medical community unrecognized illnesses do? Safety from what?

Congress and Senate have the responsibility to the public to remove the political bottleneck that thwarts this information from reaching the public and the medical community; a responsibility to punish the compromised California judicial system which has aided the scientific fraud to continue to harm the lives of thousands of citizens throughout the U.S.; and to fund the EPA CIAQ federal interagencies to be able to send accurate, consistent health hazard advisories to the private sector, to physicians and to health departments for the sake of public health.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these gravely serious matters that have needed to be addressed by our nation’s leaders for now, years – scientific fraud in public health policy over the mold issue and compromised leadership of the California judicial branch adversely impacting the health and safety of the entire United States, including the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer

Read more at our sister blogs Contempt Of Court For Me and Just Answer The Damn Question! of how the corrupt courts of California have aided to defraud the public by framing a whistleblower of fraud in policy for libel, then jailing her for refusing to sign a false confession – while politicians and government agencies from California to Washington DC turn a blind eye to the continued misery caused for the lives of thousands.

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  1. Dana says:

    One word: YES!… ok two words, PLEASE!

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