Senator Steinberg, please keep me out of jail & stop corruption among the judicial branch leadership. Allow AB1208 to be heard by Senate members.

February 1, 2012, Sent by FAX  (916) 323-2263 to California Senator Darryl Steinberg, Senate as President pro Tempore

Honorable Senator Steinberg,

     I was extremely dismayed today to learn that you have  SHELVED AB1208 in the Senate.  I am a never impeached US citizen who has been instrumental in reshaping US public health policy. I am to be incarcerated on February 10, 2012 in San Diego for Civil Contempt of Court, for refusing silence of  CORRUPTION among the leadership of California’s judicial branch.

     In order to seek help of the Chief Justice & Judicial Council to stop the harassment, I had to violate an unlawful COURT ORDER that is in place for the purpose of trying to keep me quiet of how the courts framed me for libel in one case, then gagged me from writing of it in another. This, while knowing they were aiding a science fraud to continue in public health policy and US courts.

      See COMPLAINT for Contempt of Court, pdf pages 15 & 16. My impending incarceration is for placing the DIRECT EVIDENCE on the Internet on September 13, 2011, that the Chief Justice of California, Senator Noreen Evans, Assemblyman Mike Feuer and several Judicial Council members were provided  DIRECT EVIDENCE on September 11, 2011, that there are literally criminal actions taking place by members of the inner circle of the leadership of the judicial branch.      

     They have been using their courts and CCMS to practice politics from the bench favorable to the interest of insurance industry and others.  This, while suppressing uncontroverted and direct evidence that they have been trashing the Constitution and ignoring the harm to the people by their continued criminal actions that are aiding other criminal actions of others. 

     I know from personal experience and can prove that these people are severely compromised. As such, they have no business controlling the purse strings for the entire California judicial branch. I literally fear for my physical safety because of their desire to keep control of the money and keep it quiet of what they have done to me for now seven years and thus continue to do that is harmful to the public

     I fear for the future of justice in California when those would commit criminal acts are allowed to control our judicial system. That they would even go so far as to jail an honest citizen who dared to evidence the truth of their actions on the Internet, makes them involved in exactly the type of organized crime that judicial systems are meant to protect citizens against.

     Please directly ask Judicial Council member, SENATOR NOREEN EVANS to support the bill and that it be allowed to be brought to the Senate floor for vote.  She was a recipient of my September 2011 LETTER seeking her help while providing evidence of CRIMINAL falsification of court documents & CCMS entries by the Clerk of the Appellate Court along with the fixing of Appellate Opinions by inner circle justices.  

     The Clerk, who is a member of the Judicial Council, called me on October 5, 2011 after the letters were received and THREATENED me that the Presiding Judge of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court would simply deem me vexatious if I pursued legal action for the GOVERNMENT CODE 6200 violations. Falsifying court documents is criminal and punishable by up to four years in prison.

     So why am I going to jail instead of Senator Evan’s & ASSEMBLYMAN FEUER’s  fellow Judicial Council member, who is Clerk of the San Diego Appellate Court and the inner circle justices who fixed appellate opinions?

    You may listen (and I hope you do) to my January 20, 2012 radio INTERVIEW to understand why.  You may find this fax and the link to listen to the interview at Katy’s Exposure Blog under the post title of,

“Senator Steinberg, please keep me out of jail & stop corruption among the judicial branch leadership.  Allow AB1208 to be heard by Senate members”. 

    Words that are capitalized in this fax are the linked evidence within the newest Internet post on Katy’s Exposure Blog.

      I urge you to reconsider your decision of not permitting your fellow Senators to vote on AB1208. Please help remove control of our tax dollars and control of the judicial branch finances from those who have proven themselves not trustworthy and have proven themselves to be a danger to society. Please allow a Vote on AB1208 to come to the Senate floor. 

     For the sake of my personal safety and for the welfare of the people, please recognize that this is a critical situation of compromised ethics among the leadership of the judicial branch reaching a criminal level. Thank you for your prompt attention to this gravely serious matter.


Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer

Fax Copy To:

My Senator, Mark Wyland (916) 446-7382

My Assemblyman, Marty Block (916) 319-2178

Senator Noreen Evans (916)-323-6958

Assemblyman Mike Feuer (916) 319-2142

Assemblyman Charles Calderon (916) 319-2158

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher (916)-319-2175

Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke (415)-865-4586

AOC Director, Ron Overholt (415)-865-4205

Enclosure: 9.11.11 Letter to Senator Evans, Assemblyman Feuer, Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke, et. al.

(Bruce Kelman wanted me sent to jail for 5 days for requesting a health advisory of the potential for serious illness from water damaged buildings, to the private sector from the Federal government.  This Post he wanted off the Internet and me jailed for, does not even mention anything of the lawsuit or the five words for which the courts framed me for libel and then gagged me from writing of it.)

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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8 Responses to Senator Steinberg, please keep me out of jail & stop corruption among the judicial branch leadership. Allow AB1208 to be heard by Senate members.

  1. It is high time that these injustices need to be dealt with via a national RICO case. We, who have been injured by knowing corporate entities and left by the wayside to slowly die, must have situations like Sharon’s addressed NOW. To add to the suffering is more than a minimal crime – it’s intentional willingness to commit murder.

  2. Dana says:

    This is a travesty to shelve AB1208. It’s also a travesty what is happening to Sharon Kramer, myself and thousands of others who are in similar situations. I have been directly affected negatively by all the political red tape and drama playing out in the CA courts over this matter and that of the ACOEM’s position paper regarding toxic mold exposure. Ten years of suffering is ten years too long! It’s time for people to stand up for what is right instead of trying to save their own *@$$&$! Sharon Kramer does not deserve to be jailed for doing what is right and speaking the truth and people don’t deserve to be dying because some person or corporation decided to put a price tag on their lives! Enough is Enough!! It’s time to stop the madness! SILENCE is a CANCER and it corrupts absolutely!

  3. I live in Connecticut and am quite appreciative of Sharon Kramer’s advocacy for us that have suffered serious illness, surgery, chronic disabilities, almost death and other poor souls – death due to mold exposure due to buildings – residences, private and public businesses. Not a day goes by that I don’t read about illness of people due to buildings that have or have had eater damage/indoor mold and I have the permanent facial disfigurement of my battle with indoor water damaged buildings and mold.

    Despite the risk, she has stepped up to the plate to speak for all of us, the politics of this issue in the United States is nauseating, embarrassing, unethical and I would argue greatly illegal. To support a bill and then withdraw the support speaks volume to corruption in the California govermental system – shame on you and your fellow politicians.

    This not the time for politics, but for honest, ethical and legal support of a bill and not to send Ms. Kramer to jail for being a US citizen, voicing her factual information to help change policy to accuratly reflect current science and practices that other coutries have already adopted. Other countries are leap years ahead of the United States on this issue. I hope the Federal Government steps in to correct this horrible misdeed – if they are not involved.

    I parallet Sharon Kramer to Erin Brockovich. Sharon is to mold as Erin is to EPA related chemical pollutants. One could actually argue that they serve the same purpose in regards to the health issue of citizens in the US where the government…whether local, state or Federal have wither turned their back or covered up real health issues.

    So Senator Steinberg…what will it be? Doing the right thing or scumb to corrupt politics, coverups and what else has turned your decision….what will it be Senator?!

  4. Nikee Byrdsong says:

    Please keep Mrs. Kramer from going to jail! Enough is Enough! Please do not shelve this case. It deserves attention!

  5. Helen Noonan says:

    Dear Senator Steinberg, Why would you shelve a bill that is so important to so many people? This needs imediate attention!!!

  6. Penny Webb says:

    Hi All
    I’m from England and even I have heard of Sharon Noona Kramer!! She has worked tirelessly for the cause of others, at least let her be heard!!
    She stands for the people who have no voice and at times at a great cost to herself and her family.
    Please please hear this case its the right thing to do!
    Penny Webb

  7. william vanderbilt says:

    There are thousands of us who have faced the same bias in the courts that Sharon has. Thousands of us who have been injured by toxic mold and other environmental toxins. Sharon just happens to be more outspoken than some of us but this is no reason to incarcerate her. Silencing Sharon will not stop her cause or her message because there are plenty of us willing to take up this fight where she leaves off. Sure,, you have scared some of us to the point of silence but not all of us.. We will bring this issue before the people of California and let them decide what is just through the voting process. It has been proven that there is toxic mold in nearly half of all buildings in the U.S..That is a whole bunch of sick people,,,,and a lot of voters. It is time to start basing legal opinion on facts rather than corporate wants and needs. This is not justice. It is a travesty of justice. Sharon’s fate should be weighed on the merits of her statements and not some Judges biased opinion. If you are not contributing to a solution, you are a part of the problem and everyone knows that these problems exist. I have referred to our 3 biggest problems as the. Big 3. Social injustice,, political bias and corporate corruption. Surely you can see where all three of these play a role in Sharon’s future.

    Sincerely William E. Vanderbilt

  8. Linda says:

    Where are the rights of our citizens when a person can go to jail for helping the sick and exposing the politics involved that are preventing people all over the country from getting proper care or information. I know I will be contacting many news agencies if Sharon has to go to jail. Have already contacted a few about this case.

    From what I read regarding this AB1208 there are problems going on with the funds and these problems should stop. Very sad situation in California. Judges have even died because of the water damage/indoor mold situation that Sharon has worked on for so long. I hope there are some ethics left regarding this issue. It has gone on for far too long and now the main stream media is finally exposing the dangers of water damage/indoor mold. History will tell this story and the people involved that prevented so many that are sick including our schools, police stations, fire houses, court houses, traffic control centers, private homes, apartments, HUD, etc. from the truth.


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